Monday, April 25, 2005

Polite Words

As I review some of the things that I've written over the past few weeks, a thought springs to mind: Am I being a bit derogatory in my naming scheme for bodily parts?

Just what is a polite way to describe those parts of a girl that you want to fondle, kiss, insert object into or just plain stare at? I don't want to be clinical, I don't want to use terms like vagina, mammary glands, penis or rectum, I want something that is colloquial but not offensive (well, not offensive to people who read this sort of thing). There are lots of words to describe those body parts, some of which I've used but I try to stay away from the more extreme.

  • Pussy seems nice and gentle, something to stroke.
  • Cunt is too hard and a bit common.
  • Crotch is a bit old hat.
  • Mound of Venus is good but a bit arty farty.
  • Fanny is confusing to Merkins.
  • Tits is a almost OK
  • Boobs is fine, but a bit British
  • Jugs, Hooters, Bazookas etc are a bit to sexist (hey, I'm trying to be sensual here)
  • Breasts is OK but a bit clinical.
  • Bum is a great word but, again may confuse Merkins. The other issue with a bum is which particular bit does it refer to.
  • Anus is almost OK
  • Ass is too American
  • Arse is too British and, like cunt, can be taken the wrong way.
Not easy. I think I'll just have to watch the context in which I write and try not to be too repetitive.



unfurling said...

just use bum and anus - two fantastic words describing the country and its capital city...

the Wanker said...

Well, I must say, I am American and I understand the meanings of bum and arse. All the terms you've used are fine by me.

the Wanker said...

And thank you for the comments on Kitten's blog.

sexuallyyoung said...

I use words that I don't feel stupid saying

I feel stupid saying:
- Penis
- Dick
- Vagina
- Breast
- bum (unless i'm trying to be cute)
- cunt (rapist word)

I like using:
- Cock
- Pussy
- Ass
- Fuck me
- harder
hahahha sorry

Use anything you are comfortable with!!!

Wendy the Cavewyfe said...

I'm still struggling to find the words I like on my blog...everything sounds too porny to me so I just use whatever word first comes to mind no matter how dumb it sounds.

LOL -- I love Unfurling's comment about country and its capital city.

igor said...

Well, i Brazilian guy. i need sex. i dont speack inglish very well but i like new friends.

Easily Aroused said...

'Cunt' can be a harsh word ... it can also be erotic, even sensual, when used in the right context, for the right person.

DTG xxoo said...

I love "cunt," and I happen to have a lovely and lively one.


DTG xxoo
Pussy Talk

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