Saturday, April 02, 2005

Bi Curious?

Like most guys (I think) I have at times wondered about my sexuality. Although having been 100% hetro occasionally I thought, when younger, that I may be attracted to guys but I quickly dismissed those thought.

Recently, I've been re-evaluating those opinion and have been beginning to think that there may be a side of me that wouldn't object to an encounter with another man.

This seems a bit weird to me. I mean, I'm married (to a woman), make love to her willingly, have kids all the normal things. To the best of my recollection I have never even seen another guy, in real life, with a hard on.

But, I have been realising that in watching porn, I find myself looking at the guys sometimes. Obviously, a large part of a porn seen is the initial fellatio and it's not always the girl I'm concentrating on. The guys cock starts to grab my attention and I begin to wonder.

For some reason that I can't quite fathom, pictures of she-males turn me on. I quite like the site of them getting fucked. The view of breast and a cock is quite weird but, at the same time, erotic. I also get turned on by MMF encounters where the two guys are into each other as well as the girl. My favorite picture from this sort of set would be a guy fucking a girl while being fucked himself, either by guy or, in a different premise, by a girl with a strap on.

Saying all this, I don't really have a desire for a cock up my arse. The thought of such a large object being inserted into me makes me a bit squeamish. Also I don't fancy sucking a cock. However, having my cock sucked by a pretty guy does turn me on, as does gently anal play. I love having a finger inside me. Maybe it's just the anal thing that is attracting me to these sorts of thoughts, maybe not. I'll wait and see.



Anonymous said...

You may be right on this. I sometime feel similar thought. What do you actually look like, amybe we can trade pics, lol.

Joanne said...

From what I read on your blog, I don't think you have much to worry about.