Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sugasm #64

Sugasm #64

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them.

This Week’s Picks
Arrogant Penis (http://www.sex-kitten.net)
“When I start to relax, adrift in the warm comfy seas of a powerful orgasm, my body slackening (and lord knows how my face looks), aware of nothing but how fabulous this is and ready to ride the waves into slumber, he doesn’t stop.”

Bewitch Me! (http://perverselypoly.blogspot.com)
“I’m big enough to pin you down while I move my hands up and down the sides of your body, feeling its contours beneath the black fabrics you so favor.”

Unicorn Sighting, Part II (http://loladavid.wordpress.com)
“There was one man in the very front of the theatre who didn’t give a damn who heard him moan as he came.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
The High Definition Porn Problem (http://sugarbank.com)

Editor’s Choice
The Two-Client Day (http://thismuse.blogspot.com)

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've never re-posted an old post of mine before but I was reading through some old entries and came across this posting "In praise of older women".

It's great to think that the excitement expressed in this post still exists in our relationship. We may not be getting the same opportunities to make love to each other as we did before but we still crave each others bodies.

There is a cliché that older men always seek younger women. I've been guilty of this myself over the years. I'm now coming to the opinion that the ideal partner is not the young "trophy" girlfriend but instead the ideal partner is the more mature woman.

It's all well and good to look for the lithe young body, the pert breasts, the tight bum, the long legs but what these women tend to lack is experience both sexually and socially. It might boost the ego of the older man to fuck a younger woman but are they really getting the best experience?

M is older than I am but just by a year or so and she is the most exciting woman I have ever been to bed with. She has a body to die for; full breasts with perky nipples, a wonderful firm bum and a gorgeous, nicely trimmed pussy. Not only that but she loves sex, she loves to cum over and over again, moaning in pleasure as her body shudders with each orgasm.

I had arrived at my brothers flat a little bit before her, just to check that everything was OK and that the heating was on. She was a bit late and I was beginning to wonder if she has lost her nerve. Then the doorbell went. I strolled to the door, not wanting to seem too eager, and there she was. She threw her arms round me and kissed me hard, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, her teeth nibbling mine. She ground her groin into mine, pressing down on me as hard as she could. She was moaning with pleasure already as her gyrations brought her close to climax.

She shirked off her jacket and started pawing at my clothes, running her hands over my chest. I picked her up and carried her through to the bedroom. Taking off her clothes I was amazed at the body that lay beneath them. For a woman in her early forties, her body was superb. Her full breasts with those wonderful full nipples, her flat stomach and, below that, a beautiful pussy that oozed wetness as I ran my tongue over it. She tasted so sweet that I felt I'd died and gone to heaven. I started to lick her clitoris any slid my fingers deep inside her, she gasped in pleasure and moaned my name as her hips came up, forcing herself harder against my face. When she came I could feel the muscles in her thighs judder. I slid up her body and kissed her but left my fingers gently stoking her as she slowly recovered. My hand slowly stroked her, spreading her juices over her pussy and stomach. I slid finger down to stroke her perineum and started to stroke her little bum hole. Now, I wasn't sure how she would take this as it's one thing to let a finger in your ass in the heat of a drunken assignation, but it's another to have it when you are more aware of what's going on. As my finger started to circle her ass she started to moan again, softly kissing me and pressing herself against my hand.

She reached down and took hold of my cock, gently rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, making it harder and harder. She pulled my over her and guided my cock into her waiting wet pussy. A little while later her body was wracked by another orgasm. She slumped in my arms as I slid off her. She lay by my side as I stroked her back, caressing her cheeks, sliding my hand between them and rubbing my finger over her. Her juices had spread all over her and her little hole was well lubricated as I gently slid my finger into her. She gave a sigh of pleasure as I slowly moved my finger tip in and out of her, her hand gently squeezing my balls. She then lowered her head down and started to suck on my, taking me deeply into her mouth, running her teeth over the tip of my cock. Her hand stroked me as she licked my balls and I finally came, squirting cum all over her hand and my legs.

We had both lost count of the number orgasms she had had, but she was definitely well ahead of me. She was well and truly sated, a very satisfied girl. I was amazed that I'd had the chance to experience her exuberance for sex. I was blessed.

Our time soon came to an end and I had to go back to work. We didn't even have a chance to drink much of the champagne nor eat many of the chocolates. We kissed and left, I headed for the gym to have a shower before going to the office, I suspect I smelt of nothing but her.

We met again the next day for more but her husband has now returned from a trip away so I don't know when we can get together again. As to our relationship, we are both very clear on the whys and wherefores. We are just very good friends who quite like to fuck each other. It's not meant to be serious, neither of us intends to leave the partners we love but we can use one another to satisfy a craving. Whether we will ever go back to bed remains to be seen but we both hope so. No matter what, we will remain special friends.

Thankfully, the answer to the second last sentence was a yes and we do still remain special friends.



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sugasm #62

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them.

Sugasm #62

This Week’s Picks
Slut (http://lafillemariee.blogspot.com)
“I fucked one man at the request of another, in exactly the way asked for. Then I reported what happened to the one who requested it.”

When Clients Look Like Relatives (http://radicalvixen.com/blog)
“I walked out the door, saw a man standing there and almost puked.”

Low Class Stripper? Classism and society’s view of adult entertainment
“For a lot of women sex work is a last-ditch option, something we all consider in the back of our minds when we’re growing up; we ask ourselves once or twice, if we needed the money, would we strip?”
Mr. Sugasm Himself
Playboy Soldiers (http://sugarbank.com)
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Where the Wild Things Are (http://kinkyfarmwife.blogspot.com)

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Up and coming babes for 2007 (http://pornhater.com)
You’re All Invited to My Most Erotic Birthday Yet! (http://www.taratainton.com)

Sex Advice
How To Shave My Pussy (http://www.model-chat.com)
Reader Q&A: The Man Who Couldn’t Blow His Load (http://smutandsteff.com)

NSFW Pics (& videos)
Every good student should have a world map… (http://mapgirls.blogspot.com)
Happy HNT - Boxing bondage (http://darkside-journey.blogspot.com)
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New Year (http://hothardcock.blogspot.com)

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Red (http://ellesnovellas.blogspot.com)
Sex Cam Adventures (http://dirtylittlecockslut.blogspot.com)
Take Me (http://nocloudnine.blogspot.com)
That Look (http://junohenry.wordpress.com)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I like my cock

I realised the other day that I hadn't done a Cock Blogging Wednesday post for a while now.

I've recently been setting up a new gallery site for myself as Flickr was imposing limits on what I could do so, as I already pay for a hosting service for other things, I decided to set up a gallery of my own.

You can see it here. I've a lot more to put up and there is some more organising to do. As they say, watch this space.

As part of the exercise in putting more of my pictures online, I came across a lot more naked pictures of myself that I've taken over the last year or so. One or two of these have made it into this blog but the vast majority just sat on my hard drive. These new galleries are a chance to put more of these up for your viewing pleasure.

Looking at these pictures of my cock I realised just what a magnificent beast it is, at least in my humble opinion :) OK, so it may not be the longest cock in the world and it may not be the thickest but it's the only one I have. I gives me immense pleasure and, and this is probably the most important part, it gives my partners immense please as well.

Since I regard the giving of pleasure to be the most important part of a good fuck, this is very important. If your partner doesn't enjoy the experience then you would be just as well having a quick wank. I'm currently very lucky. On the (very) few times M and I have been together over
the last few months, she has enjoyed herself as much as, if not more than, I have. Even when no penetration was involved she has left with a big smile on her face and a wet patch on her panties.

As I have said many times in this blog, even when I'm alone I like my cock. I like to have it harden up as I think of the various ways I can pleasure my partner, I love the feel of my hands as the stroke its length. I love the feeling of release and pleasure I get when I cum.



Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nice Pussy ;)

Happy New Year!!

I've been checking out a few sites and blogs recently that deal with female on male strapon sex. I find it quite annoying that the majority of these sites treat the scenario of a guy being fucked by a girl as a FemDom thing.

BDSM is not something I'm into, I've (gently) tied up M and she has done the same to me, but that's about it. I've never quite got the link between extreme pain and sex. I mean, what's so exciting about having someone stamp on your balls with spiked heals? But, each to their own.

Anyway, this particular cartoon tickled my fancy. I've always been a big Tom & Jerry fan. This just proves that Jerry is a right little bastard.



P.S This photo is hosted at my new gallery, check it out.