Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I shaved my balls today, Oh boy!

Not quite true, but I thought it was a snappy title.

About 18 months ago I had an incident that most men dread. While doing up the zip in my jeans I managed to catch some of my pubic hair. The expression "ouch" doesn't come close to describing the excruciating pain that such an act causes. I'm not into pain, I don't find it sexually exciting, indeed I find it the exact opposite.

So I decided to do something about it. Nothing drastic, just a light trim of the longer hairs that had been growing for all my adult life. Not that the hairs were that long. I had a nice busy crotch with the some nice hair showing up to my naval. I've continued to trim the hairs whenever they start to get a bit longer. This trimming has always been done with a pair of scissors, not too close and certainly not shaving. My experience with the scissors was reasonably pleasant except for one time when my hand slipped slightly and I drew blood, which hurt :(

Getting the hairs above my cock trimmed was pretty easy, especially as I trimmed them in the shower. The wetness allowed me to bunch up the hairs for easy removal. Same for the longer ones around my testicles, they could be snipped off quite easily. The problem was always that there were quite a few stragglers left.

I came up with the solution this morning. I first of all used my the beard trimmer attachment on my electric razor to finally tidy up all those remaining hairs on my testicles. This worked like a charm. While I don't want to shave off all my hair, my testicles are now pretty much hairless and feel lovely and smooth. It's quite incredible the difference in feel to the now.

Another interesting side effect was the response to the shaver. It must have been the vibration of the razor on my balls, but I got the most incredible erection as I was doing the trimming. Unfortunately, I was running late and didn't have time to make use of it.

As all you uncircumcised guys will now, cleaning under the foreskin is a vital part of ones daily hygiene routine. This, at least for me, involves pulling back the foreskin to give it good clean while in the shower. This is normally quite easy with a flacid member but is a bit more difficult when you have a rod between your legs. Cleaning in this state also acts as an extra stimulus and the damn thing just refused to go down. I eventually had to turn the cold water on.

Tonight, I think, my partner and I will be having some fun or, failing that, Mrs Palm and her lovely daughters will be getting the lube out.


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