Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sugasm #56

I do like Sugasm for supplying a list of interesting, sexy blogs to peruse. I like it even better when I'm the Editors' choice :)

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants.

This Week’s Picks
Same Time Next Year (http://nocloudnine.blogspot.com)
“She nodded again, grabbing the doorframe as she pushed against the finger.”

Fuck me- it’s friday. (http://dirtylittlecockslut.blogspot.com)
“I won’t pretend to be coy- because I know what I want.”

Sexual Things You Don’t Know About Me (http://www.taratainton.com)
“My own erotic inner self has been piqued these last few days by a wonderful fantasy; maybe I can help pique yours by sharing.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Happy Thanksgiving (http://sugarbank.com)

Editors’ Choice
Fast and Furious (http://edinerotica.blogspot.com)

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Q: Can non nude porn be hot? (http://ylovesporn.com)
Remote Control Wireless Vibrating Egg Review (http://stilettodiaries.blogspot.com)

BDSM and Fetish
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Instruction And Advice For The Young Bride (http://bratmaster.co.uk)

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Sex & Politics
A National Addiction to Porn? (http://fullfrontalpolitics.com)
Sex Positive Feminism: A Statement of Beliefs (http://sexualevolution.blogspot.com)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Fast and Furious

I've been trying to come up with a way to describe a new sensation. Obviously, given the tenor of this blog it is a sensation of a sexual nature, but it's one that has been completely new to me and has taken me by surprise. It's a sensation that I haven't experience before and that took me by surprise when it happened.

To put things in context I, like many, if not most, men experience what is colloquially know as "morning wood". In other words, I wake often up with a raging hard on. Occasionally, if I'm in bed alone, I may choose to make use of the erection and exercise my right arm with a little bit of self abuse. A nice way to start the day you may say and you'd be right. Other times I may perform a similar act when I'm in the shower, much easier to clean up afterwards.

I also like to get my cock sucked. Cock sucking is an integral part of my love-making with M. She enjoys sucking on my cock when I'm licking her pussy or when I'm playing with her ass, I've described these situations in great detail in previous posts and, hopefully, you've enjoyed reading about those as much as I've enjoyed reminiscing about them. Indeed, I believed that there was very little better than a long, slow, sensuous blow job.

And finally, I get round to the point of this missive. Since my waxing, M and I haven't had a chance to be together. She hadn't had the opportunity to run her tongue over my perfectly smooth balls, she hadn't had the chance to slip her mouth over my smooth shaft or slip a finger round my smooth, but still puckered bum hole.

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to get a lift to work and M, who works nearby, volunteered. She arrived at my place just before 9, thankfully everyone else had left for school or other stuff. I was on the phone when she arrived so she parked and came in to the house. Just as the door closed, my call finished and I enveloped her in my arms to give her a long sensuous kiss, my hands sliding down to cup her lovely backside. We didn't have much time so I dragged her through to my study and started to try to undress her. Just my luck, it was the time of the month and so sex was out. This didn't stop her though and she squeezed my cock through my jeans before tearing them off to admire my tackle. OK, it had been a couple of weeks since the waxing but everything was still smooth.

I stood there as she dropped to her knees and started to furiously fellate me. Her mouth sucking on my head, her hands moving up and down the shaft lubricated with her saliva. I could only watch with awe as she stared up up me, a smile twisting the corners of her mouth as she sucked and nibbled away at my cock.

This wasn't a long, slow, sensuous blow job. This was a fast, furious, "you are going to cum now" blow job. This was for my pleasure. I was moving my hips backwards and forwards, fucking her face as her head bobbed up and down. After only a few minutes I felt the pressure growing in my balls as I got ready to blow.

And then I came, my hot cum spurting into her mouth, her sucking harder to get the last drop out of me, swallowing each and every drop apart from the few bits that dribbled out and slid down her chin. I grabbed her arms and pulled her up to me, planting my mouth firmly over hers to express my thanks with a long hard kiss, the taste of my cum heavy on her breath and skin.

My knees were almost buckling with pleasure. I felt as if every drop of energy had been sapped from me. My skin tingled from the tips of my toes to the top of my head. I felt as if I had no energy and masses of energy at the same time. It was one of the most fantastic, satisfying and erotic sexual experiences I have ever had. So totally different to anything I'd experienced before. Magical.

Even then, we had to hurry if we weren't to both be too late for work. I quickly pulled my clothes back on and M adjusted her make-up to cover up the effect of my cock on her face. We both grabbed a couple of breath mints and headed out.

For the rest of the day I continued to feel the exhilaration of that morning. Even now, writing this, I can recall the sensations of that quickie.

It was a shame that we didn't get a chance to actually make love on that occasion. M told me that she was just repaying me for the times over the last couple of months when she has cum when we have met in semi-public but I hadn't. I assured her that she had more than made up.

We are finally going to get to spend some "quality" time together later this week. I've just been re-waxed, the hotel is booked, the champagne is chilling and the lube is warming :) I can't wait.



Tuesday, November 21, 2006

In case of....

Caught these on a Russian funnies site the other day. I especially liked the wheelchairs and the water fountain :)



Friday, November 10, 2006

Man and Woman Share a Double Dildo

I was having a look around the Porkolt site the other night and came across this delightful little flick.

I've never posted an actual embedded thingy before so I hope this works.

[EDIT] Sorted the video.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I did.



Thursday, November 09, 2006


There is no doubt that a nice tight bottom enclosed in a pair of jeans is a sight to stir the loins.

A girl walking in front of you with her bum softly undulating inside tight blue material while you're eyes devour her shapeliness is one of the delights of having two sexes.

When she bends over and the jeans are pulled even tighter and her underwear peaks out over the top I can feel my blood pressure beginning to rise.

I'm not a big fan of "whale tail", I just don't find it sexy, but if a girl has got the low riders just right and there is a lacy band from the top of her knickers just peaking over the top of her jeans, I just can't help staring. The promise of the delights hidden within rubbing against the smooth material, the imagination conjuring up images of the sites that await when the jeans are slowly removed.

There is something just so feminine about lace panties that a thong just can't match. Seeing the tight globes of a bum encased in white, black or red lace is so much more sexy than seeing them bare with a bit of string hiding between the cheeks. It's comparable to seeing a girl naked or seeing her partially clothed. In the right circumstances, and pose, the partially clothed figure is far, far sexier than the naked one. Many times I think that plain cotton panties are sexier than a thong for this very reason.

It's also nicer (and easier) to slip your hand down the back of a pair or "proper" pants to caress a bum then it is if with a thong. OK, the bum is exposed if a thong is worn but that's not the point. If you slip your hand into a girls pants you want to feel soft, pliant flesh on one side and soft sexy material on the other. You want to be able to run your finger down her bum crack, sliding down to reach her little starfish without the thong pinging back into place pushing your fingers away.

This is not to say that there is no place for a thong in my ideal girls wardrobe, far from it. In the right situation, a thong can be a delight to the horny man. Summer time sunbathing just wouldn't be the same without the sight of tanning bum cheeks.

Being presented with a thong ready to be pulled aside to allow an eager cock entry to an eager pussy justifies their existence any day.

But, what I really like is to look at a beautiful, tight, petite naked bum. Or even better, more than one.