Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tasting Cum

In the past when I've received a blow job either the girl hasn't let me cum in her mouth or she is more interested in getting rid of the taste then in kissing me. As such, I've never really had the opportunity to taste a girl after the act, so to speak, or I've not really noticed.

If the girl was just performing a quick bit of fellatio prior to penetration, again there didn't seem to be anything unusual to taste, probably because I already had a mouthful of her pussy juice.

I was very conscious last week of the various tastes being passed back and forth between M and myself. She gets so wet that my face is practically dripping after I go down on her, my fingers are spreading her juices all over her midrift as they stroke her. Some girls don't like their own taste, but M obviously isn't in that category. She greedily kisses me after I've been down on her, not minding the fact that my mouth must taste of her pussy.

On Friday, we fucked and then she went down on me. I didn't cum at that point but as she came up to me I could taste my pre-cum on her lips and tongue. Surprisingly, I found it quite pleasant. Then, later, as I lay back and she finally brought me to that earth-shattering orgasm, my cum spurted straight into her mouth. Very little leaked out that I noticed so I assume she swallowed quiet a bit. Again, as we cuddled and kissed, she kissed me and I tasted myself on her. I'm not talking here about her holding my cum in her mouth and dribbling it into mine, but just the taste of my cum in her mouth. It was an interesting taste, not at all what I'd expected, as I say, very pleasant.

Now, I'm beginning to think that this is a very important part of the whole sexual experience. I've read stories of men who would recoil in horror at the thought of tasting their own cum but, if you are expecting a girl to go down on you, taking your cum, or at least your pre-cum, into her mouth, how can you not share in the experience? If she will kiss you after you go down on her why should you not kiss her after she has been down on you?


Just a glimpse

I like this picture. The revelation of the breast while the face is covered is quite erotic. Her dark eyes just draw you into them.

I've often thought that it's not what you can see but what is hidden and just hinted at that is erotic. A 3:45 shot may please some but I like seeing a girl who is a bit more demure.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

So, was the wait worth it?

The short answer is "yes", it was worth the discomfort and pain.

But, I can tell that you actually want to hear the details of why it was worth the wait and the outcome of my relief!!

I'd hoped to meet up with M on Thursday but she didn't want to have a lunchtime tryst and then have to go back to work, instead we agreed to meet on Friday morning, first thing.

As soon as she came through the door she was in my arms, smothering me with kisses, tearing at my clothes. The scenario that I'd described in my previous posting didn't immediately happen but instead I picked her up and carried he through to the bedroom. She lay back on the bed and we started to kiss and fondle each other. She was wearing a light skirt that immediately road up to he waists revealing a pair of skimpy black lace panties. I kissed her gently between her thighs, licking her mound through the skimpy material. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue ran over her, tasting her sweet wetness.

I listed her up and we quickly removed each others clothes and lay down naked on the bed. My cock was, by this stage, hard as a rock as her hands stroked the full length, her fingers pulling back my foreskin to reveal the glistening head. She pulled me over on top of her and I slid my length straight into her waiting softness.

She soon came and I relaxed, letting myself slip out of her. She slid down my body and took me in her mouth, licking her own juices from my cock. Sucking it hard again. Her hand ran over my ass, a finger brushing against my little arse hole. I almost came at that point but I pulled her up and started kissing her, the slightly salty taste of my pre-cum lingering on her lips.

She straddled me, guiding my still hard cock into her waiting pussy, she ground down on me, rubbing her pubic bone against mine, rubbing her clit against the base of my cock. She came again and again as she slid up and down my cock, eventually collapsing against me chest. After a few minutes to recover, she glances up and me and smiles. She slid down my body and started to sun her tongue up and down my cock, her fingers squeezing my balls. Her mouth encircles the head and this time I know I won't be able to hold back. She takes head in and out of her mouth as her hand strokes up and down the shaft, I can feel the orgasm building inside me, my balls aching to explode. Then it came, one of those earth shattering orgasms that happen very rarely. I could feel my cum spurting into her mouth, M swallowing most of it.

All I could do was lie there, I could barely breath, let alone speak. M came up and snuggled into my arm, kissing me with her wonderful mouth, a huge smile spread across her face mirrored mine.

Yes, it had been worth the wait.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Abstinence makes the balls grow firmer

Forgive the horrible pun :)

I haven't cum now for 3 days. I've decided to abstain from porn and masturbation for a few days to see just how long I can cope.

The first day or so was OK, but today my balls feel like they are going to explode. My lower back hurts, the area around my crotch hurts, my balls ache.

None of this is helped by exchanging sexy emails with M today. I was describing to her exactly how she should blow me on our next tryst.

I was waiting for you in the flat, standing at the door ready for you to come in.
You came through the door and threw your arms around me, smothering me with kisses, pressing your body hard against mine, grinding yourself against my crotch.
My cock was swelling in my jeans, getting harder and harder as you pressed against me, your moans escaping from your throat as your excitement grew.
You undid my belt and buttons and yanked down my jeans and underwear, my cock springing out as it was freed. Your hands wrapped around it, squeezing tightly as you stroked it's full length. You gently pulled back the foreskin, it's head glistening with pre-cum as you lowered you head down. You lifted me up, pressing my cock against my stomach and ran your tongue along the shaft from my balls to the very tip, running your tongue over the head, sliding it between the slit.
You took the head into your mouth, your tongue pressing me against the roof of your mouth as you slowly took more and more of me inside you. Your head gently moving backwards and forwards along the length, one hand cupping my balls, the other stroking my bum.
Your stare up into my eyes as I orgasmed, cum squirting down your throat. Then it was my turn to pleasure you.

Her reply was very promising:
I'll see what I can do ;)
Followed by:
BTW don't know if anyone has ever told you but you're quite a mouthfull ;)
So, all in all, I think the discomfort may be worth it. We shall see.



Sunday, September 18, 2005

In praise of older women

There is a cliché that older men always seek younger women. I've been guilty of this myself over the years. I'm now coming to the opinion that the ideal partner is not the young "trophy" girlfriend but instead the ideal partner is the more mature woman.

It's all well and good to look for the lithe young body, the pert breasts, the tight bum, the long legs but what these women tend to lack is experience both sexually and socially. It might boost the ego of the older man to fuck a younger woman but are they really getting the best experience?

M is older than I am but just by a year or so and she is the most exciting woman I have ever been to bed with. She has a body to die for; full breasts with perky nipples, a wonderful firm bum and a gorgeous, nicely trimmed pussy. Not only that but she loves sex, she loves to cum over and over again, moaning in pleasure as her body shudders with each orgasm.

I had arrived at my brothers flat a little bit before her, just to check that everything was OK and that the heating was on. She was a bit late and I was beginning to wonder if she has lost her nerve. Then the doorbell went. I strolled to the door, not wanting to seem too eager, and there she was. She threw her arms round me and kissed me hard, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, her teeth nibbling mine. She ground her groin into mine, pressing down on me as hard as she could. She was moaning with pleasure already as her gyrations brought her close to climax.

She shirked off her jacket and started pawing at my clothes, running her hands over my chest. I picked her up and carried her through to the bedroom. Taking off her clothes I was amazed at the body that lay beneath them. For a woman in her early forties, her body was superb. Her full breasts with those wonderful full nipples, her flat stomach and, below that, a beautiful pussy that oozed wetness as I ran my tongue over it. She tasted so sweet that I felt I'd died and gone to heaven. I started to lick her clitoris any slid my fingers deep inside her, she gasped in pleasure and moaned my name as her hips came up, forcing herself harder against my face. When she came I could feel the muscles in her thighs judder. I slid up her body and kissed her but left my fingers gently stoking her as she slowly recovered. My hand slowly stroked her, spreading her juices over her pussy and stomach. I slid finger down to stroke her perineum and started to stroke her little bum hole. Now, I wasn't sure how she would take this as it's one thing to let a finger in your ass in the heat of a drunken assignation, but it's another to have it when you are more aware of what's going on. As my finger started to circle her ass she started to moan again, softly kissing me and pressing herself against my hand.

She reached down and took hold of my cock, gently rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, making it harder and harder. She pulled my over her and guided my cock into her waiting wet pussy. A little while later her body was wracked by another orgasm. She slumped in my arms as I slid off her. She lay by my side as I stroked her back, caressing her cheeks, sliding my hand between them and rubbing my finger over her. Her juices had spread all over her and her little hole was well lubricated as I gently slid my finger into her. She gave a sigh of pleasure as I slowly moved my finger tip in and out of her, her hand gently squeezing my balls. She then lowered her head down and started to suck on my, taking me deeply into her mouth, running her teeth over the tip of my cock. Her hand stroked me as she licked my balls and I finally came, squirting cum all over her hand and my legs.

We had both lost count of the number orgasms she had had, but she was definitely well ahead of me. She was well and truly sated, a very satisfied girl. I was amazed that I'd had the chance to experience her exuberance for sex. I was blessed.

Our time soon came to an end and I had to go back to work. We didn't even have a chance to drink much of the champagne nor eat many of the chocolates. We kissed and left, I headed for the gym to have a shower before going to the office, I suspect I smelt of nothing but her.

We met again the next day for more but her husband has now returned from a trip away so I don't know when we can get together again. As to our relationship, we are both very clear on the whys and wherefores. We are just very good friends who quite like to fuck each other. It's not meant to be serious, neither of us intends to leave the partners we love but we can use one another to satisfy a craving. Whether we will ever go back to bed remains to be seen but we both hope so. No matter what, we will remain special friends.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Afternoon Delight

I don't really have time for a full post just now but the following text message I received will let you know how things went today:

"You were sensational! I have never been so satisfied...xxx"



Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fun is difficult

Texting has now moved onto email. I set M up with a Gmail account so that we can email each other without any trail being left on our corporate email networks and without the expense of text messages (which also appear on my work phone bill).

I've seen her quite a bit this week but always in situations where there are other people around who know us so we have had to be very careful not to act any differently than normal. This is getting to be very hard for us both, we are desperate to meet alone in a private place where we can talk without fear of being disturbed or discovered.

This has proven to be extraordinarily difficult. My place is out as my partner is in most of the day, her place is out as her partner works from home. We both have children who are liable to come home from school at random times. What do we do?

luckily, my brother has a flat (apartment) in the centre of town that is empty. He lives abroad and is only back for a few weekends a year. I have the keys as I'm supposed to check on the flat every week or so to make sure everything is OK.

Perfect solution. I, nervously, suggested to M the possibility that we could meet up there and I was very pleased when she immediately said "Yes!!".

So, tomorrow is the day. I popped into the flat today to turn on the heating, make sure that the spare room was made up, bought some chocolates and champagne. I finally made sure that the shutters were closed enough so that we can't be seen by anyone passing by.

We are both quite nervous about the whole thing. Seeing someone naked for the first time can be quite daunting. Being seen naked for the first time is very daunting. Making love with someone else without the excuse of being drunk is a big step to take and there is no guarantee that either of us will b able to "perform" at the time but I intend to give it my best shot.



Monday, September 12, 2005

Fun with food

This is so erotic. I just love the way that the top girls saliva is dripping over the strawberry into the other girls mouth. Yummy.

More feet

Oh! Lovely. While I'm not what might be called a foot fetishist I do like feet and seeing one covered in cum turns me on :)

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Isn't Texting Great

Events seem to be taking on a life of their own.

Over the last week or so M (for that is an easier way to refer to her than just that girl) and I have been texting each other a couple of times a day.

Firstly it just started off as a way of chatting without anyone knowing about it but it lead to some interesting revelations in the way we thought about each other.

I've been getting my emotions under control and realising that the prospect of an actual relationship with M will not be possible and that my feelings for her can be better summed up as lust rather than love. When I said this to her she agreed completely. We really like each other but neither of us wish to separate from our respective partners. This doesn't mean that we are going to drop the matter.

Getting a message stating quite boldly that I was one of the few people that she wanted to shag before she died was quite a pleasant surprise. I, obviously, sent her back a message stating exactly the same thing. What followed was an exchange of messages that got increasingly sexier and sexier as the day went on.

I was sitting at my desk which is, thankfully, in a secluded part of my office waiting for a new message to come through when my phone buzzed to indicate a new message coming in.

M: I want to feel your arms around me. I want to feel them stroking my bum.
EE: I want to feel your arms around me as well. I want to feel your boobs pressing against my chest.
M: My nipples are getting hard just thinking about that. I'm getting damp.
EE: I want to feel their hardness. I can just imagine my fingers playing over them.
M: I want you inside me, I want to fuck you so badly.
EE: Just imagine my hands running over your naked body, touching each and every part of you, my tongue licking you all over.
M: Oh yes please.
EE: My tongue will run down your pussy lips, slipping inside to taste your juices, teasing your clit, sucking on it as it grows stiff with desire.
M: keep going
EE: My fingers will stroke your ass, rubbing your juices around it as my tongue continues to lick you.
EE: Faster and faster as you get nearer and nearer to climax, my fingers slipping in and out of you, you pushing down against my hand and my face.
M: That was lovely, I just had a fantastic orgasm. Thank you.
EE: My cock is so hard just thinking about you cumming.
M: LOL, we must take care of that very soon. XX

Thankfully, I had some time to recover before I left my desk. There was no way that I could walk around the office with the erection that I had. The front of my jeans looked like a tent. It would have been obvious to anyone what was there!!

I love this kind of texting.