Monday, April 11, 2005

Women! Can't live with them..

After a particularly frustrating weekend of shopping with my partner, the old saw "Women! Can't live with them.." came to mind. The normal conclusion of this statement is "Can't live without them". However, I've come up with a couple of more apt alternatives:

  • 'Can't kill them and cut them up in the bathtub because who would clean up the mess'
  • 'Can't bury them in the garden without the neighbours seeing.'
  • 'Can't shoot them because guns are banned in the UK'
  • 'Can't kill them and boil up the remains as that's cooking and women's work'
And, of course,
  • Men: Can't live with why bother!

1 comment:

bondrickbond said...

"Women! Can't live with them.."

..."but then again sheep can not cook...."