Thursday, April 28, 2005

More Bi-curiosity

Having just read the wonderful story posted by Sex Kitten, my potential latent bi-sexuality is again raising it's not-so-ugly head.

I found myself incredibly turned on by the story, especially the parts involving the two guys. The threesome turned me on as well but it was the MM thing that got me started. I have found myself turned on by descriptions of bi-sexuality before, it's even one of the bits of porn I occasionally look at. I even found myself getting turned on by the photo I posted of my own cock!! Not all pictures of cocks have this affect on me. The ones displayed in unfurlings blog for example, do nothing for me (sorry m8:).

I'm almost certain that I don't want to have a physical encounter with another guy. I hope this subject will become a recurring theme.

After writing this I went to look at:

  • lesbian porn, yup that turned me on.
  • gay porn - nope, flacid
  • bi porn - yup, turned on by that
  • boy/girl porn - yup, turned on, came buckets :)
Feeling a bit saner now.


unfurling said...


cowboydude said...

I think it is great that you are turned on by bisexual sex. I think most guys are once they get past the society issues of it being taboo. I used to be like you where it was just a occassional turn on, but now I love looking at dicks and guys sucking. It is all just fun. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy it.
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Scott said...

If we are honest - most of us have some interest in bi-sexuality, we may be reluctant to admit it but it's there in all of us. I enjoy the sight of a dick or two in erotic situations - doesn't mean I want to to go any further - but you never know!

Christine said...

Well you know you were talking about why guys are turned on by lesbian sex... well I'm a gal and I'm turned on by gay sex! LOL figure THAT one out!! :-)