Thursday, March 31, 2005

Lesbian Pics

I was trawling the web the other day just looking at various pics as they appeared pretty much at random. A few clicks in my email showed the normal range of stuff that we all look at. Single girls just posing, single girls spreading their lips and showing off their arses, girls playing with toys, girls giving guys head, girls being fucked, both in the pussy and in the ass. Then there are the girl/girl shots, either with a guy in attendance or by themselves.

I was wondering what the attraction was of these "lesbian" pictures to a normal guy. Sure, the site of two gorgeous beauties playing with each other does tend to turn you on, but from a fantasy fulfillment point of view, surely lesbians are the last place a red blooded male should go.

Let's face it, while there is the possibility that a guy will get a date with a girl, what are the chances of getting a date with a lesbian? Next to zero. That is the whole point. They prefer other girls, not guys. It doesn't matter how big or thick your cock is, that isn't what your normal lesbian is interested in. Obviously, a percentage of the female population are bi-sexual and these girls may be interested in your wedding tackle but would they want to be in a threesome. This does happen, of course, and your author has had such experiences (and very interesting they are too) but it's not your normal encounter.

So back to my original point, why are guys so interested in pictures of lesbians? Well, in my opinion, I think it's to do with the still forbidden nature of the act. You feel more of a voyeur looking at two girls making out than a single girl or a male/female couple. There is also the secret thought that most men have that all the women they know are secretly lesbians and want to catch them in action.

There are probably many other reasons, I'm not a pshrink so I don't know. If anyone would like to share their opinions on this, especially lesbians or bi-sexual girls then please do.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I like seeing feet in porn shots. I don't have a foot fetish as such, but the site of a girls feet wrapped round a stiff cock turns me on, and that cock is very pretty too :)

I bet that tickled :)


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Beautiful Nipple

What a beautiful nipple. This is a fantastic photograph, taken by the model herself. I love the shadow effect and the "just out of focus" view of her pussy. Posted by Hello

Spanish Delight

A couple of years ago I was on holiday with my partner in Southern Spain. We had rented a villa in a secluded spot amongst groves of olive trees.

One evening, my partner and I had a huge row over something quite stupid. I decided to cool off by going for a walk in the olive groves, just to get my head back together before I said something I'd regret. The olive groves looked like they hadn't been tended for a few years. The undergrowth was thick and, apart from a couple of paths, you couldn't see very far. It was still very warm that evening and I could hear insects doing insect things and birds dong birdie

I was walking for about 20 minutes, just enjoying the evening when I heard some noises coming from through the trees. I was intrigued by what I heard and decided to wander over to have a look. Pushing back some of the undergrowth I found myself looking into a small grove containing a girl and a guy lying together on a rug.

They looked like a lot of the other tourists in the area, slightly red from a bit too much sun and wearing rather skimpy clothes. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, she was wearing what looked like a sarong and a camisole. She was a reasonably pretty brunette with a nice body. Her back was to me and I could see the outline of a lovely rounded bum through the material of her sarong. The sarong had fallen open showing her long slim leg right up to her

The guy was lying on his back with one arm around the girl, they had obviously been there for a while as it was plain that he was about to burst out of his shorts. The girl was slowly rubbing her hand up and down the bulge at his waist, a large wet patch was plainly visible at the head where his pre-cum had leaked out.

This continued for another few minutes as I watched, trying to make no sound that might disturb the vision I saw before me. The girl straightened up and knelt over his legs. This gave me a view of her breasts, barley held in check by her silky top. Her nipples were pressing against the material trying to escape, as she bent over him I caught a glimpse of her breast as the camisole parted from her body, the wonderful tan lines showing, just slightly lighter than the
rest of her body showing that she had been sunbathing topless (at least).

I looked on as she undid the zipper on his shorts, freeing up the swollen cock that they had held in check. She pulled down the shorts and his underwear and bent down to kiss the shaft. The cock looked magnificent, at least 7 inches long, the foreskin glistening with his pre-cum. She took the shaft in both hands and started to slide her hands up and down it's length, pausing every few strokes to rub her thumbs over his glans. I could see his back arching as shedid this, his balls starting to retract up into him as if he was about to cum.

The girl then placed a finger in her mouth, licking the pre-cum off. She kept her finger there for a little while, getting it very wet from her saliva. I was amazed as she slid the finger down between her legs and started to pla with herself in time to her had job. Every stroke on that guys dick was matched by a thrust of her finger into her glistening pussy.

She lifted up her hand to his face and I could see her juices glistening in the late afternoon sun. She pulled her camisole off over her head, her pert breasts standing up with no need for support, the nipples standing up like large raisins. Her sarong and panties soon followed and she knelt over her friend naked and ready. From the angle I was watching from I could see the line of her pussy from behind going up to her wonderful puckered starfish. Her juices were practically running down the inside of her thighs as she placed her finger back inside herself. She then withdrew the finger and slowly started to massage her friends perineum. Then the finger was slid slowly into his ass, gently at first then more rapidly as his cock stated to visibly throb in her other hand. Her prostate massage was having an incredible affect on him. He was bucking up and down with one of her hands fondling his ass and the other stroking his cock.

The girl moved round allowing the guy to get his hand on her bum from behind, he slid two fingers into her pussy and another forced it's was into her ass. She gasped as the fingers went in and she bore down on his hand again and again.

I watched this spectacle for another couple of minutes, this orgy of mutual masturbation, the filling of holes with available digits. Suddenly the girl let out a gasp as she came, arching her back and forcing her friend to pull his hand out quickly to avoid a nasty sprain. His own orgasm was obviously on its way. His cock was soaked with his own juices, she bent be head down and took the had in her mouth. I could see her cheeks muscles sucking hard on the head and see her finger push far into his ass. She raised her head just as he came, the torrent of ejaculate falling on her hand and his chest. She lay down by his side and gently kissed his lips, running her hand over his chest, massaging the cum into him, gently stoking his deflating cock.

By this time my own cock was aching for some action so I slowly moved away from the couple to head back to my villa, determined to make it up to my partner in the nicest possible way.

My partner was really turned on later when I told her what I had seen in the woods and the next night she came with me to see what we could see, but that's another story....

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Just look at that arse. I'd love to slide my rampant cock into that gorgeous pussy although the chances of that happening are pretty close to zero :).

I think that Monika/Jo must rate as one of the most beautiful and sexy girls in the porn world. Posted by Hello

This is a picture of a young Monika. She is the star of a number of my favourite lesbian videos where she is often known as Jo. More soon. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The sun has got it's hat on.

It looks like spring has come to Scotland early. The sun is shining,
the birds are tweeting and the girls are starting to re-appear from
under their winter woolies.

I think it's time to get my camera kit out and start finding some new models.

If anyone reading this would like to help me out, please drop me a
note. Obviously it would help if you were local.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Couch Babe

I came across this pic while scouting around the net. I thought I'd preserve it her for posterity.

What a perfect body and a lovely unshaved pussy. I bet it just tastes and smells wonderful.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Spray to boost female sex drive

Now, maybe this is what my partner needs !!

Spray to boost female sex drive

A spray that helps increase women's enjoyment of sex has undergone successful trials.

The spray, developed by Australian company Acrux, contains the male sex hormone testosterone.

It was initially designed with post-menopausal women in mind, but has also been shown to work for young women with a low libido.

Acrux plans to carry out larger trials, and does not expect the spray to come to market for several years.

The spray was tested over four months in three doses on 261 women with a low sex drive and low testosterone levels.

Researchers found a statistically significant rise in the number of satisfying experiences at the end of the fourth month for women taking the second highest dose of the spray.

The only apparent side effect was a small increase in body hair among some of the participants. This prompted two women taking the highest dose of the spray to drop out of the study.

The spray delivers testosterone and a substance to ensure the hormone is held in the skin and absorbed over 24 hours - similar to the way sunscreen remains on the skin.

New focus

Lead researcher Professor Susan Davis, of Monash University, Principal investigator, said previous research had focused on postmenopausal women known to have low testosterone levels.

"But many younger women also report having low sexual interest and enjoyment and traditionally," she said.

"This has been explained away as being caused by relationship issues, depression or other life circumstances.

"But now we know for many women the underlying problem is biological.

"If further studies reconfirm the benefits we have seen, the spray could make an enormous difference to the quality of many women's lives.

"This is not just about sex - it's about having a satisfying home and social life, and having happier relationships and communities all round."

US regulators last year refused to approve a stick-on testosterone patch developed by Procter & Gamble to treat low sex drive in post-menopausal women.

An advisory panel of the Food and Drug Administration said more data were needed on the patch's long-term safety.

Professor Davis said there was a degree of concern about the concept of treating older women with hormone to achieve levels that were more normal for their younger counterparts.

But she said giving young women testosterone to restore to it to the same levels of as other women of a similar age was a different matter.

Not a panacea

Dr Geoff Hackett, of the British Society for Sexual Medicine, said it was important that the spray was only given to women who had been thoroughly assessed, and shown to have low testosterone.

He told the BBC News website "This should not be seen as a panacea. Low female sex drive is a much more complex thing than men not getting an erection, which in 90% of cases is due to organic disease.

"If a woman takes this spray when her low libido is not due to low testosterone levels then it could cause even more problems for her relationship."

Dr Hackett also warned that raising testosterone levels too high was linked to side effects such as beard growth, hair loss, greasy skin and acne.

Friday, March 11, 2005

After Dinner

We finish our dinner and head out to get a cab home. I
hold your hand in mine as we wait, caressing your palm
with my finger. In the cab we cuddle up close and I
let my hand rest on your thigh. You lean over and kiss
me gently on the lips getting more and more passionate
as we drive along. My hand slides further and further
up your thigh until I can feel your heat through your

You press yourself up against my hand, I feel the
contours of mound against my fingers, one finger
gently caresses you, your tongue slips between my lips
and touches mine.

When we get home, I take off your jacket...pulling the
hair away from your neck, I place long wet kisses
along your jaw line and down your neck, my hand begins
to unbutton your blouse - slowly kissing the skin as
it gets exposed. When I get to last button I'm on my
knees in front of you. I run my hands up your legs and
inside your skirt, rucking it up as my hands move
slowly higher exposing your panties which show a small
damp patch on the front. I caress your bum as I move
closer and you can feel my breath on your pussy. I
slowly pull down your panties exposing the joy of your
sex. You unzip your skirt and let it fall to the
ground. You push my head closer to you and I run my
tongue over you, stopping to kiss the swollen clit
peaking out from its hiding place. I slowly suck it,
you press yourself hard against my lips, my mouth
slips down and my tongue slowly enters you, lapping up
the juices streaming down your thigh.

I run my tongue up your belly, past your breasts, past
your neck to your mouth. You taste yourself on me,
your hands reach up and touch my chest, and you feel
my nipple between your fingers getting harder as you
tease it. My hand drops down between your thighs and
my fingers start to work, slipping into your soaking
pussy, first one, then two, then three fingers moving
in and out.

I turn you around, my wet hand moves up your body
squeezing your firm breast, wetting them with your
juices. I run my tongue down your spine bending you
over to expose your red lips glistening in the
moonlight. I kneel down again and run my tongue along
the willing slit. You press back trying to get my
tongue as far inside you as possible, my tongue moves
up, running around your beautiful starfish while my
finger again slips inside you and my thumb plays with
your clit.

Suddenly, you scream with ecstasy as your orgasm hits
you, you rock back on your heals smearing my face with
your juices, I keep my fingers inside you as you cum
again and again until you knees give way and you
collapse beside me. I cradle your head in my lap, bend
down and gently kiss you on the lips.

I smile at you. Now it's my turn.

L & X

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hair today, not gone tomorrow

I've mentioned before that I don't like bald woman. Well, here is an example of near perfect grooming.

I love the wispy hairs left on her lips just catching the light. Notice the razor burn on the right hand side, might be a bit itchy. I wonder if she would let me scratch it :)

Now, these next three are all different. The first shows a pretty girl in all her glory, showing off her natural assets.

Her breasts look pretty natural, that slightly lopsided look, and her pussy is trimmed but not too much.

Next we have something a bit more extreme. This girl has realised that shaving under your armpits is not compulsory, and I love that. The feel of hair under there drives me wild. Not too much mind you, I prefer it a bit more downey than that, but every girl has their own feel.

Her bum could do with a bit of a wax though. I can't imagine her in a normal bikini bottom, let alone anything skimpier.

Last, but not least, we have another example of near perfection.

Here we have a girl who seems very proud of her body. She have obviously been to a beautician for some bikini-line waxing but hasn't gone too far. A bit of careful trimming has also allowed here pussy lips to give that cute little pout we love.

Til later.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Amateur Porn 101

I was having a drink recently with my friend Joe when the subject of photography, porn and the internet came up. She was fascinated by the idea of people looking at her while doing something sexy and she asked me what I thought her chances of being a porn star were. I decided that honesty was the best policy and basically said that while she was cute, I didn't reckon she would make a good porn star. I thought she was just a bit too nice.

Well, she didn't take this very well :) I got her another drink to make up for things and we talked about other things for a while. Then, out of the blue, she turned to me and said that she thought she would make a great porn star and would I be interested in taking some photographs of her. I asked her what sort of photos she was thinking of; topless, totally naked, legs wide, playing with toys, being fucked?

When I mentioned the last, she blushed bright red but I also noticed that her nipples were rock hard, plainly visible through her bra and tee-shirt, so something I'd suggested must have turned her on!!

Now, I had my digital camera with me that evening as I'd been taking some shots around town before I met up with Joe. She took the camera and said, "Well, no time like the present". I was a bit shocked at that, expecting her to want me to go through some different scenarios with her. Instead she just announced that she would like to shoot her giving a hand job. I asked her if she was positive, wanting to make sure that she knew what she was doing. We were both a little drunk (well, maybe a bit more than that) but she was adamant that she wanted to do it.

She started to rub my legs with her hands, moving them slowly from my knees to my crotch. I, of course, couldn't help nature taking it's course and the bulge in my trousers threatened to burst the buttons. I took a couple of photos of her doing this, her smiling up at the camera with her hand on my bulge. Next, she undid the buttons of my fly and slipped her hand inside my jeans. She was rubbing my dick through the material of my underwear, making me get harder and harder. She said she wanted to make sure that I was ready for action (I did say she was a bit drunk).

She then undid my jeans and pulled them off, taking my boxers with them. There was I, camera in hand with my dick at full mast and her hands wrapped round it. Naturally, I took a couple more photographs of this as she moved her hands up and down the length of my shaft, using my pre-cum as a lubricant. She then used one hand to cup my balls, squeezing them tight. I got the distinct impression that she had forgotten about the camera and was interested in my equipment.

I decided that I wanted a less close up shot and stopped her for a bit while I positioned the camera a bit away from us. I set the self timer and got back in position just in time for Joe to grab me. Here is the resulting photo, one of only two that Joe let me keep.

I quite liked the resulting photo but I think it was at this point that Joe began to have second thoughts about having pictures of her appearing on the Internet. I took the camera back and put it to one side. I said that I thought that was enough photos for the moment. I was standing there with my dick starting to wilt a bit, not expecting things to go much further. I even started to look for my clothes. Joe was sitting on the floor in front of me. She smiled up at me and shuffled over. She started to stroke my thighs, moving her hand around to stroke my bum. I reacted as any red blooded man would and my disk started to rise up again, throbbing, the head appearing from my foreskin all by itself. Joe was amazed at this and ran her finger down my length, catching a drop of liquid from my glans and then licking her finger.

I reached down and stroked her breasts, feeling the hardness of her nipples. I reached down further, grabbed the bottom of her tee-shirt and pulled it (and her bra) over her head. The sight of those pert little breasts was more than I could bare. Joe continued t run her hands up and down my shaft, rubbing my glans with her thumbs, tickling the little hole with her finger nail. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. Joe noticed that they were getting ready to blow and said she would like one last photograph, one of me cumming on her. I quickly grabbed the camera and just managed to get a shot off before shooting off :)

I love this photo and I'm really pleased that Joe let me put it up here. Her smile is fantastic, much better than the other photo and I especially like the sight of my cum on her chest. It's only a pity that I didn't get a blow job out of the session. Maybe next time I get drunk with Joe, and there will be a next time.


Monday, March 07, 2005

I found this picture while looking around the net. For some reason I found it very erotic. Posted by Hello

The best aphrodisiac

I'm very pro porn, I believe it gives a useful release to both men and woman.

I prefer the less extreme side of porn. I find pain, scat etc to be a great turnoff. As I've said in a previous post, I like the gentle, more "couple friendly" stuff (although the other half of my couple isn't interested :()

I've been watching a lot of "Classic" porn over the last couple of months. This tends to be stuff filmed in the 80's and 90's, mainly European but some US based stuff. The think I like most about it is that the girls and boys seem much more real in these. The girls tend to not be augmented and haven't been plucked and waxed bald. I've never understood the desire for a shaved pussy. A nicely trimmed pussy is much nicer. OK, so a pussy that looks like a burst mattress is a turn off, but nature put that hair there for a reason. It holds onto a lot of a girls scent, going down on a girl with hair is much, much nicer than a shaved one. In European, especially Scandinavian movies, you often see girls with that downy armpit hair. This just drives me wild. Again, the scent trapped there, as long as it hasn't been there too long, is a great turn on.

The best aphrodisiac is, without a doubt, a woman's natural smell.

One of the most telling things about these movies, and I'm not sure why, is that the girls and boys seem to be much more lubricated in these films than in more modern ones. Juices seem to flow from the girls pussys and pre-cum drips from the guys cocks. Even in close up shots, girls in modern in modern movies seem to be dry. You can see it when a couple are fucking. On the out stroke there doesn't seem to be any "residue" on a guys cock, in the older movies you can see that his cock is soaked in a girls juices.

That said, if the actors are pleasant and the setting/scenario is right, there s a lot of modern porn that I like. I'll be adding some links to some of my favorites sometime soon.

L & X

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hi there and welcome

Hi there and welcome.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some of my erotic writing. I welcome comments and fan mail :)

This site is about my thoughts and views on erotica and pornography. I'm very pro porn, I believe it gives a useful release to both men and woman. I prefer the less extreme side of porn. I find pain, scat etc to be a great turnoff.

I especially like what I suppose is known as "couple friendly" porn. Movies and pictures that could appeal to women as well as men. Saying that, there are some things that I feel are missing from most mainstream porn flicks.

My particular bugbear is that you don't see enough female on male anal play. You often see a guy lick and caress a girls bum but rarely do you see the opposite. Surely I'm not alone in liking having my anus stroked. Sometimes, when I masturbate, I rub a well lubricated finger around my anus. If I'm feeling particularly aroused, I'll slip a finger gently inside myself. This heightens the pleasure immensely and leads to a fantastic orgasm. I especially like to to this when I'm away from home, staying in a hotel as I can be a lot more adventurous. Maybe I'll describe this in more detail in a later post.

Enough for now.

Love + Kisses