Friday, March 20, 2009

Dildo double butt fuck

I like the title I've chosen almost as much as I like this picture.

One of these days I'll find someone to do this with. Any volunteers?



Monday, March 09, 2009

It happened last Summer

We decided that we would bite the bullet, so to speak, and both take the afternoon off. I had a look online and found an apart-hotel in town that seemed reasonable. The main reason I choose it was the description of the apartment. There was a sitting room and kitchen, as well as a bedroom. Somewhere to sit and relax as well as somewhere to get sweaty. What really sold me was the picture of the bed. The headboard was made of bars. M didn't know it but she was in for a fun time. I'd also made a couple of purchases in preparation for the day. As well as a long thin vibrator and some lube, I bought some nice restraints. M had mentioned the idea of being restrained once, in passing, but we hadn't had the opportunity to try anything before now. She was in for a surprise!

I arrived first. I quickly checked in and made my way up to the room. The Champagne went into the fridge and the chocolates on the sitting room table. In the bedroom I stashed the 'supplies' in the bedside table, sent a quick text with the room number and settled down to wait for my lover to arrive. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find M standing there with a delightful smile on her lips. I looked her up and down. She was wearing a light, loose summer dress and a buttoned jacket. She let her jacket fall open and I was presented with the sight of her unrestrained breasts, her hard nipples poking through the thin material. "Room Service?", she said. A cliché, I know, but who was I to complain. I reached out and pulled her inside. "Oh, yes please" I replied, pulling her towards me. It was so wonderful to feel her in my arms again. Her full lips against mine, her firm breasts pressed against my chest, her groin rubbing against mine. As my hands came up to cup her breasts, hers dropped down to squeeze my cock. It was rapidly hardening in her grip as she stuffed her hands into the top of my trousers and stated to slowly squeeze me, her thumb rubbing the moistening head. I had to, reluctantly, pull her hands out so that I could shut the door! She had a slightly disappointed look on her face but I just smiled and, taking her hand, lead her into the bedroom.

I stood in front of her and started to take off my clothes. In a few seconds I stood in front of her in just my shorts, my semi plainly visible through them. She started to reach for it greedily but I pushed her hands away; this was to be her time. I reached for the buttons on the front of her dress and started to unbutton them, one by one. The material hugged her breasts. displaying her beautiful cleavage, then her stomach and finally her little white panties. I turned her around and pulled the jacket and dress from her shoulders, letting them fall to her feet. I stepped back to enjoy the view of her back and, lower down, the way her panties hugged the globes of her magnificent bottom. I stepped forward and reached round to cup her breasts in my hands, lightly kissing her neck and ears. She let out a low moan as I dropped one hand to her stomach and then slid it down to rub the front of her panties. Her breath started coming in those little pants that I knew meant she was approaching orgasm. I pressed a little bit harder and, as I squeezed her nipple between my fingers, she shuddered and came. Her first orgasm of many. "Now for some fun" I said and led her to the bed.

I lowered her onto it and reached for the bedside drawer. She gasped and clapped her hands in delight as I took out the blindfold and restraints. She held her hands out in front of her and I attached a cuff to each wrist. She lay back on the bed and I tied each one to the headboard. Then I took her ankles and tied them to the other end, her legs apart. I checked that she couldn't move much but wasn't uncomfortable, then slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

I knelt beside her and ran my hands over her body. She squirmed under my touch as I gently stroked her, taking care to avoid both her boobs and her pussy. She tried to move herself so that my fingers touched her but I avoided her with ease. I could see her nipples pointing straight up at me, I could see a damp patch of her cum on her panties and, when I got closer, I could smell her sweet lubrication as she got more and more excited. I bent over and flicked my tongue over first one nipple and then the other. She moaned with pleasure and arched her back trying to get more of her into my mouth. I wasn't about to allow that and kept my mouth just above them, licking each at random, sometimes lingering on one for a few moments, sometimes flicking rapidly between them. Then, I reached down and touched the damp patch on her panties. It was as if she had received an electric shot. She pushed herself up against my hand as I cupped her mound and stroked her clitoris with my palm. She groaned incoherently as she came again, sinking back into the bed as her whole body first tensed and then relaxed.

I sat between her legs, watching as she caught her breath, the flush slowly disappearing from her face and chest. I reached over and ran a finger along the, now soaking, material covering her pussy. M squirmed as I ran my finger slowly up and down her then, reaching with my other hand, I pulled her panties aside and slid a finger slowly into her unresisting wetness. M has never had a problem with lubrication but this time she was positively dripping. I turned my hand round and my finger tip sought that little bit of heaven inside her pussy. I started to stroke it lightly, at first, then with a little more pressure, my thumb rubbing her clitoris at the same time. I listened to her moans and gasps as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her body twisted one way then the other, unable to escape my fingers, her body bucking up, pressing herself harder against me, my whole hand was soaked by the juices streaming out of her pussy. She orgasmed again and again until it was if they would never stop. But then eventually they did and I slipped my finger gently out as her shuddering and panting slowly subsided. She lay there, glistening with sweat, the sheets rucked up beneath her, soaked in her sweat and juices.

I lay down beside her and touched her lips with my sodden fingers. She slowly but eagerly licked them, sucking them clean, I kissed her lips, picking up her scent. She strained towards me, kissing me greedily, murmuring 'please, please, give me your cock. Fuck me now!'.

Who am I to deny a lady what she wants? I pulled off my boxers and knelt in front of her, lowering myself down so that the tip of my cock just bumped against her pussy, rubbing it slowly up and down her, wetting the tip. But I wasn't going to give her that kind of satisfaction yet. I quickly got up and moved to the side of her head. I placed my cock against her lips and as she opened her mouth, placed it onto her waiting tongue. I held my cock just far enough away from her that she could tickle the tip then moved slowly forward to allow her lips to take the head inside. She greedily sucked it, flicking me with her tongue. I pulled out and slowly ran its length over her mouth, her tongue wetting the shaft as it went up and down. I lowered my balls into her waiting mouth. She sucked hard on them, causing my cock to jerk against her forehead as the skin was pulled taught, leaving a line of her saliva and my pre-cum on her blindfold. She released her hold on my balls and I moved a bit further forward, her tongue flicking out again, this time licking against my perineum and then against my ass. She pushed her head up, kissing me, rimming me with her stiff tongue, licking from the root of my cock to my arse. I moved back down and slid my cock back into her mouth, rocking slowly backwards and forwards as it slid in and out of her.

I pulled back and stretched out beside her. I lifted her blindfold off and kissed her all over her face, kissing her passionately, tasting my cum on her. I reached down and released the ties on her ankles, then released her arms. She wrapped herself around me smothering with kisses, then squeezed me tightly to her as she let out a contented sigh. "I still want your cock" she said as she reached down to grab me. "Not quite yet", I said.

After a few minutes, I got up and went off to the kitchen to grab the champers and a couple of glasses. When I came back in, M was sitting cross legged on the bed. I bent over to kiss her and passed her a glass of bubbly. We sat there for a while, drinking and chatting, just relaxing and enjoying each others company. I lay down on my front, M gently stroking my back. Her hands went down to rub my bum and my thighs, slowly pushing them open, her fingers gently tickling my balls as they passed. She giggled, and I gasped, as I felt the sensation of icy champagne dribbling down my bum, running over my balls, making them shrink with the cold. Still giggling, she bent down to kiss me, her hand rubbing the cold liquid over my bum. I returned her kiss passionately as her hand ran down my crack, over my bum and onto my balls. "Look what I found", she said. I looked up to see her holding the vibe I brought. "What am I going to do with this?" she asked, smiling wickedly. I had been planning on using it on her in a few minutes but instead it looked like she would get first go. I smiled up at her as she pressed the vibe against my balls. I could feel the gently vibrations having the expected affect on my cock. I raised myself up into a more comfortable position as M moved a bit further down the bed. She took hold of my cock and started to stroke me up and down as she played the vibrator over my balls. Occasionally she would pause and dribble some more champagne over them and quickly lick it off. She bent my cock down and back until it was almost pointing backwards and bent down to lick it, she nibbled her way up it's length then started on my balls. More cold champagne was dribbled onto them, mixing with the heat from her mouth. Then I felt the tip of the vibe touching against my bum hole! She rubbed her finger over it, lubricating it with champagne and saliva as she slowly pushed the vibrating phallus into my ass, softly fucking my butt.

The sensation was exquisite, the vibration against my p-spot making my cock twitch and swell. I had expected her to eventually pull it out but instead she left it in and pulled me upright. I sat there with the gently vibrating plastic in my ass and my rampant cock standing out in front. She climbed straight on to me, sliding all the way down the shaft, the first time I'd been inside her that day. Her muscles tightened against me as she pulled up, fucking me instead of the other way around. After a couple of minutes of this the vibe dropped out of me allowing me to concentrate on fucking my wonderful lover. She moved up and down on my cock, her boobs bouncing in front of my face. I took her nipple into my mouth eliciting a short scream as I bit down on it, her pussy muscles clenching hard. It was almost painful for me as she shoved down, bringing all of my cock inside her, my head feeling like it was bouncing of her cervix with each downward stroke. Again she came, her cum dribbling out over my cock to soak my balls and inner thighs. She smothered me with kisses, pulling off me and running her head down my sweaty chest to lick my still hard cock, savouring our taste.

She jumped up and grabbed my cock. She started moving towards the door and I had no choice but to slide off the bed and follow. Still holding me tight, she led me towards the sitting room where she lay back on the couch and pulled me and my cock down towards her.

Her legs rose into the air, her ankles rested on my shoulders and my cock slid into her. I fucked her until she came yet again. But this time the sensation of her orgasm was too much for me and I felt my balls ride up and my cock head grow. My cum squirted out of my balls and splashed inside her. She moaned in pleasure again and again as she felt each spurt. I slowly continued to fuck her as my cock grew gradually softer and softer, eventually popping out of her. I bent over and rested my head on her chest, feeling the beat of her heart slowly returning to normal as she stroked my head, bending down to occasionally kiss me.

The bliss continued for a while until we both realised that it would soon be time to go, it was almost 5 and our respective families would soon be expecting us home from work. Most romantic movies fail to mention having to do the post-coital cleanup and this is no exception. Half an hour later we'd both cleaned up and made ourselves presentable.

M was, disappointedly, now wearing a bra under her dress and looked every bit the relaxed business woman. We kissed at the doorway, our hands tightly clasped. We had to part but this time just for a few hours. We had the apartment for the night and were determined to make the most of it. We had both invented a business meeting in the evening, not the same one of course, and arranged to meet up in nearby restaurant later. That made parting easier, but only a little.



Monday, September 15, 2008

We don't plan to stop.

We both go a long way to ensure that neither of our partners knows what we get up to during those long lunches. I've written a couple of times about M always insisting that we don't get together unless her husband is away, preferably out of the country. However, whenever we go to a party which M & her husband are attending, I have that nagging feeling that her husband knows and will casually ask, "Are you fucking my wife?". M recently said she feels the same way about my wife. I don't really feel any guilt about having an affair with M and neither does she. For the last three years we have been very clear to each other that we are lovers, fuck buddies if you like, not a couple. There is no intention to eventually leave our respective partners and be "together". While we both have issues with our partners, nothing is serious enough to cause an irrevocable split.

That's what it boils down to really, we are into this for the fun of the moment, not a long term "relationship". At the moment, we have every intention to keep this up for as long as we are both capable. We'll both worry about the others partner finding us out, not because we think what we are doing is wrong but because we don't want to hurt anyone. Now you may say that the only way to guarantee this is to stop and that's true. It isn't going to happen though :)

We recently had a little tryst where M brought her camera. She wanted a little souvenir that could "entertain" her when she was alone in bed. I'm still debating whether or not to post any of the photos here, what do you think of this little taster?

This shows why we don't plan to stop seeing each other.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I spent most of the April and May this year jetting backwards and forwards between Scotland and Germany. My company was looking at buying a German one and I have been involved in the due diligence process. This has mainly involved talking to their people, looking into their systems and procedures and making sure that they are right fit. I won't bore you with the details of these things but I'd like to share one of the extra-curricular activities that took place.

Despite what it seems, staying in hotels for extended periods isn't that much fun. After a few days you get a bit stir crazy and just want to get out of the box they call a room, no matter how luxurious it is. So, most evenings I was out eating and drinking with a bunch of people from the German office. German beer is very, very nice and this lead to a very friendly atmosphere as more and more was consumed.

One evening I found myself (well, more accurately I contrived to be) talking with a one of the office supervisors. She is a thirtyish, petite, brunette who I'd been chatting to on and off for a few days, not exactly flirting but paying her a lot of attention whenever I was with her. The crush of people in the busy bar meant that we were being pushed closer and closer to each other until we couldn't avoid occasionally touching. I was deliberately not making any overt moves but she was getting more and more touchy/feely as time went on until I found her hand was resting on my arm and her lovely little breasts were brushing up against my shirt.

I could feel the obvious reaction in my nether regions as she brushed against me. I felt quite hot and she asked me if I was OK. I must have looked a bit flushed :) She said that we could do with some fresh air and headed for the door. I followed her outside into the night and we just stood around looking at the night sky. Unfortunately for me, the cool air outside had an interesting affect on her nipples and my eyes kept being drawn to them. It was pretty obvious to her what I was looking at and, thankfully, she didn't seem to mind, indeed a very playful smile started to come to her lips and she started to stroke my arm again and pulled me closer to her.

I could feel her little points pressing against me and they were showing no sign of losing their pertness. I could have sworn that they felt like little daggers digging into my chest. I looked up and suddenly her lips brushed softly against mine as she pressed herself tighter against me and the bulge in my chinos pressed against her. She pressed herself harder against me as she kissed me again, rubbing her crotch gently against mine.

I hadn't hidden from her the fact that I am married and I knew that she was too but this wasn't the first time that I'd strayed in a moment of weakness and, as I soon gathered, it wasn't for her either. My hotel was just round the corner from the bar that we had been in and she proceeded to drag me kicking and screaming (that's my excuse :)) back to the hotel. I opened the door to my room and lead her inside. The maid had already been in to turn down the bed and the lights of the city provided a romantic glow. Having drunk a reasonable amount I really needed to pee so I quickly kissed her and nipped into the loo. I took the opportunity to quickly use the bidet to 'freshen up'. When I came out she decided to do the same thing.

When she came out a few minutes later she was naked. She stood in the doorway as I made appreciative murmurs. She had a fantastic body. Her pert little breasts milky white against her tanned body, her neatly trimmed, jet black pubic hair a delightful contrast to the surrounding untanned triangle. She walked towards me and I took her into my arms and pressed my mouth against hers, our tongues flicking against each others, our lips touching gently, her teeth gently nibbling my lower lip.

I felt her hands drop to my belt and slowly undo it. She undid the top button and then the rest. She pushed down my chinos, lowering herself in the process. She knelt before me and slid her hand inside the leg of my boxers. Her fingertips felt electric as they brushed against my balls, her fingernails scratching a path from their base up to the root of my cock. The sensation was incredible. My cock strained to be released and she didn't disappoint. She slipped her hand out and slowly lowered my shorts down. My cock was pulled down by the material and then sprung up as it was finally released, the glistening head peeking out from my foreskin. She leaned forward and just touched her tongue to its tip, running it slowly along the slit. Her mouth gently kissed it then opened to envelope the head, her teeth pushing back my foreskin. Her mouth started working an my cock without any intervention from her hands. Her tongue pushing my head against the roughness on the roof of her mouth, the ridges rubbing my sensitive head. She took me further and further in. I could feel myself swell as she sucked her mouth tightly around me. As she released me her hands came up to take hold of my shaft, her thumbs stroking the wet head. This was almost getting too much for me and I was afraid I was about to cum so I took her hands off me and lifted her up, kissing her, tasting my scent on her breath.

I lifted her on to the bed and, grabbing her ankles, raised her legs into the air exposing her cute little pussy glistening with her juices. Without waiting, I pushed my cock against her wet entrance, pushing it slowly into her, feeling no resistance. She gasped as I slowly penetrated her, the first thrust going all the way into the hilt. I withdrew almost all the way and then started moving just the head of my cock over her G-spot. Her moaning turned into a scream as she came from this phallic massage, her pussy convulsing around my cock.

I pulled my cock out and bent down to kiss her dripping lips, nibbling them gently. I slid up the bed and cuddled her for a few minutes to allow us to catch our breath, her hand gently stroking my cock. I rolled her over onto her front and reached down to stroke her delightful bum. As I slid my fingers between her thighs and into her pussy, she slowly eased herself up onto her knees. I moved behind and pressed my face against her, the sweet, musky taste of her juice running into my mouth as she pushed herself against me. My tongue alternated between running up and down her and slipping between those pink lips. It slipped passed her lips, over her perineum and flicked against her little starfish. She moaned louder at this and I added it to the stroke, running my tongue from her clitoris to her bum.

I knelt up and slipped my cock deep into her pussy, fucking her deeply and fast. Every few strokes I pulled out and rubbed our mixed lubrication over her ass. My middle finger pressed against her and she let out a little scream as it slid into her tight hole. I started to slide my finger into her in time with my cock thrusting. Not only was this driving her wild but it was an amazing sensation for me. Feeling my cock through her thin internal membrane, experiencing the same feelings as her was an incredible turn on. She could feel the same thing and increased the pressure as she pushed against me, my cock thrusting deep inside her pussy, my finger deep in her bum. She came as I pulled my finger out, and flopped forward, pulling me down with her grip on my engorged cock. In that position I was again pressed hard against her G-spot. I could feel the slight roughness of it against the underside of my cock as I slowly rubbed my length over her, my position causing increased pressure and pleasure for us both. Her body shuddered as she orgasmed again.

I pulled out of her and sat back, admiring the view of her slightly open pussy lips, a few drops of her cum running down her pussy to wet the sheets.

She rolled over, a satisfied smile lighting up her face. My cock was slowly softening as I sat back. She laughed as she spun round to face me, crawling up the bed towards me. Her hands stroked my inner thighs, working their way up to my cock. Her fingers encircled my balls, squeezing them, lowering her mouth onto my rapidly hardening member. She ran her tongue all over it, licking off the juices that still coated it, quickly raising herself to kiss me, letting me taste her. She slipped back down, enveloping almost half my cock in her mouth. I felt myself grow bigger and bigger until I was almost too much for her to take. She pulled away with a popping sound and climbed back up to straddle me, my cock slipping into her soaking loveliness. I wasn't going to last long as she gripped me tight and bounced up and down on my lap and I soon felt the pressure building up inside me. This time I wasn't going to stop and as she thrust herself down onto me, I felt the fountain of cum swell up in my balls and explode into her hot, tight pussy. My cum mixed with hers, soaking both our crotches as she continued to ride me. I slowly deflated inside her and lay back. She kissed me tenderly on the chest, then slipped herself off me, lowering herself to kiss my, now almost flaccid, cock. Liking off the mixture of our cum before bringing herself back up to kiss me passionately.

We then just lay there with our arms around each other, our legs entwined, basking in the post-coital glow that only comes after a really fantastic, no holds barred, fuck.



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Check-In Times

What is it with hotels in this country? Don't they have a section of their clientèle that doesn't want to wait until 2pm before they can check in?

I've been looking for somewhere that M & I can meet for a while now and every single place I've tried has this really late (at least I think it's late) check in time. It's not even as if I don't want the room for the night, I do. It's just that I'd like the opportunity to fuck her without us both having to take the afternoon off work. We want to fuck through lunch, freshen up, go back to work and then meet up again in the evening for some more rumpy pumpy (hey, I'm getting older, I need a few hours to recover :).

But no; no lunchtime fuck unless I take the room for two days! It looks like we're going to have to bite the bullet, use up a little vacation time and go for some afternoon delight. Hopefully, I'll manage the evening tryst as well, probably late evening.



Friday, May 30, 2008

You make me quiver with anticipation...

One of the many issues that M & I have is the inability to be sure when we can meet.

A couple of weeks ago we had the perfect opportunity. At short notice my wife had taken the kids over to see her parents while some work was done on the house and I wasn't to join them for a couple of days; I would be home alone (at least for a night). Perfect opportunity thought I.

I sent M a text letting her know what was happening and to find out if she was free. I immediately got a text back saying yes! and we started to make arrangements for her to come round.

All day I looked forward to the evening, M and I would be alone, no lunchtime rush to get back to work, just time to relax, fuck, eat, drink, relax and fuck some more.

I left work early to make sure everything was just right at home. I tidied up the spare room, made sure that there were clean sheets on the bed (which I'd have to take off and wash before the trouble and strife got back), made sure that the champagne was chilling, the ice cream was soft and the chocolate sauce was warm.

I was just stepping out of the shower when the phone rang. It was M. My heart started racing and my cock started rising as I answered. And flopped as I heard her tone of voice. Hubby had decided to cut his trip short and would be arriving back any minute.

That evening of debauchery became reduced to one of solo fun.

That was not the first time such a thing has happened nor, I'm sure, will it be the last. On too many occasions one or the other of us has had to call things off at the last minute for reasons as diverse as having a partner or child return home expectantly to finding out that your work colleagues are going to use the company flat after all. I suppose we have been quite luck not to have been caught. I was even in M's house once when her husband came home. Fortunately we hadn't started to get busy so my "just popped round" excuse worked.

I really shouldn't complain about this. It's one of the (many) restrictions you have to impose on yourself when having an affair that you must keep secret. Even if there only a small chance of being discovered, you have to be prepared to cancel. This is one of the main reasons that M nearly always waits until her husband is out of the country before she'll arrange an intimate meeting.

We sometimes wonder about the excitement that the danger of discovery may bring to an encounter. Discovery either by one of our partners or just general discovery. This can be quiet a turn on as we found out last summer when out for a lunchtime walk in Holyrood Park. Finding a reasonably secluded spot amongst the gorse bushes, M proceeded to give me a very pleasant hand job under the blanket we were wrapped in (this was a Scottish summer!!). A couple of times we heard other people walking past not that far from us, some just out of sight. Whenever this occurred, M stopped her stroking so as not to be too obvious but continued to squeeze.

The thought of strangers passing by only a few feet away was an incredible turn on for us both and my cock swelled between her tight fingers and her nipples swelled between mine. I could feel the heat of her pussy through the thin material of her dress as she pressed herself hard against my thigh (she was quite emphatic that she wouldn't let me fuck her in such a public place but she just couldn't resist a bit of gratification). Quite a few times on that occasion I was just about ready to cum when M had to stop. As you can imagine, this caused quite a build up. When I could just wait no longer, M quickly dived under the blanket and took me in her mouth just as my cum spurted out of my cock. She slipped back out just as we heard someone else going past.

It did seem that the whole of Edinburgh was walking past that day but it must of only have been a handful of people and none of them paid us any attention, they were probably looking for their own secluded spot. But, the though of getting caught did turn us both on. One day, maybe, we'll find some secluded enough to fuck but then we wouldn't have the thrill of the danger.

On another note, you'll notice that it's been a while since I've posted. While I may not be posting as often as I was, I'll try to be a bit more regular.



Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sugasm #94

Sugasm #94

Mon 27th Aug, 07

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“And it was lovely, because the movements made by his fist inside me were so different to a cock.”

The Razor, the Tape and the Man
“He’s never known this lack of control, this unstoppable surge of orgasm, this wave of ecstasy soldiers crossing his territory.”

Sex Work And Religion: Monotone Man
“Religion comes up during calls more than I anticipated when I started doing sex work.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Masterlock Street Cuffs

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Watching my girl’s caning

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I was having a protracted email conversation with a friend the other day and we were bemoaning the fact that she was in US and I was in the UK. The main problem was not the physical distance but the time difference. Here was I just about to finish work and she had just arrived. By the time I was at home, relaxing, it was only lunchtime for her.

Its even worse when you try to communicate with someone in Australia. Then it's the opposite. When my Ozzie friends are up and about, I'm asleep or starting work.

Occasionally, our times do get into sync, normally because one or the other of us isn't at work and is able to be at home, and more importantly, online at a time when we are both reasonably awake.

I like to chat to people and find out what the think and feel. In this persona (and I do have a non-anonymous online life too) I must admit that online conversations are of a slightly sexual nature. Face it, with a nym like EdinErotica what do you expect. I'm a very sensual creature, I like to be aroused, I like to be stimulated, I like to fuck and be fucked.

I quite like "cybersex" but only if their is a visual element involved. I like to see who I'm turning on and who is turning me on. Obviously, having a webcam running at work is a bit tricky but at home it's much more convenient ;)

Chatting without visuals can be very stimulating, you can let your imagination run wild as your partner describes what they are doing and what they want to do but you have to be careful though and be sure that you know who you're chatting with. The t-shirt slogan of "I'm the 18 year old you had cyber with" worn by a fat 30 year old nerd is very true. I always make every effort to see who I'm having sex with. Not that a web cam is always on, but I like to know that the other person is at least of the same sex as they claim to be.

Only on very rare occasions have I found someone in the same timezone as me and that I have felt enough of a connection to get down and dirty online. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think exclusively with my cock. Just because someone flashes their tits at me on a web cam doesn't mean I'll necessary get my cock out and start wanking to their instructions. I have to actually fancy the person I'm chatting to, there has to be a level of mental connection before that will happen and, believe me, it makes an encounter much more exciting.

It's been a couple of months since this last happened. A girl that I'd been exchanging the odd email with pinged me late one night just as I was about to go and have a shower. She was just back from a night out with some friends and, while not drunk, was in the mood for some fun.

We flirted for a bit, just chatting. She was telling me about a guy she'd met in the pub but failed to get off with. She told me how she'd bruised her arm on the way home and I offered my sympathy. She switched on her web cam to let me see it. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. She re-positioned the camera so that I could see her face, she was no super model (I know she'll read this and those were her words) but she was a very pretty brunette.

She had changed after getting in and was sitting there in a t-shirt and sweats and I could see she had a very nice body. Of course, I complemented her on her appearance saying how nice she looked, even with the bruised arm. She asked me to put on my camera so, after a bit of fiddling around, I managed to get it switched on and, much to my surprise, working. We had sound and vision. It had been a while since I'd actually talked to someone online and I was surprised at how good the quality was and the video was pretty good as well.

As I was said, when she'd pinged me, I had been heading off to the shower so I was only wearing my robe and pair of boxers. She made a couple of jokes about how sexy I looked wrapped up in the big robe and I said it wasn't as bad as her old sweats!! I did notice that her nipples were starting to rise to prominence under her t-shirt and asked her if she was a bit cold. At first she didn't understand what I meant until she glanced down. Her hands instinctively went up to cover herself as I giggled with her. Instead of letting go of herself, she glanced at the camera and started to rub her boobs. Her nipples seemed to swell even more and, as she pulled her t-shirt tight, looked as if they would burst through the material. I gasped at the sight and said how wonderful they were and, half jokingly, asked if I could see more.

Now I was expecting her to maybe flash a boob or two at me but instead she stood up, turned round and dropped her sweats! The sight of her lovely round cheeks almost filled my monitor screen as she bent over, her purple lace shorts hugging tightly to every contour.

She turned back round and sat down again. She asked if I liked what I'd seen. Of course, I said yes and complemented her on a magnificent sight. She pushed her chair back a bit so that I had a view of her whole body from her bare feet to her dark brown hair. She said that I was obviously enjoying the sight. I asked her what she meant and saw her eyes glance down. I looked down and saw that my robe has slipped open a bit and my cock was bulging in my boxers. I covered myself quickly and started to apologize but she stopped me, insisting that it was OK. She said that that was the whole point. She'd seen the pictures of my cock online and wanted to see it for herself. She said she wanted to see me poking out from my shorts, she wanted to see it getting hard, she wanted to see me cum.

As she was saying this, she lifted her legs, sitting cross legged on the chair. Her hand stroked her thighs. Her hand slowly rubbed the front of her panties. She was looking slightly off camera as her eyes focused on what I assume was my image on her monitor. Her fingers slowly pulled aside her panties and I could just see a finger slip inside her. Of course, this was having the desired affect on my manhood and I leaned back in my chair to display it poking through the fly of my boxers. I quickly slipped them off so that I was sitting with my legs apart and my cock lying against my stomach.

She smiled at me as she slipped off her t-shirt to display her gorgeous, firm boobs, her nipples as lovely and large as I'd imagined. As she continued to stare at the screen, I could see her stroking herself harder and harder. She stood up and pulled her panties down. As she was quite close to the camera, her pussy filled the whole screen. It was covered in very dark, short, curly hair, her lips just visible. A hand appeared in the frame and slid down over her. A finger disappeared inside her, re-appeared and then slid inside again. She sat down again and started to play with herself some more. She asked me to start on myself.

I took myself in hand and started to stroke, pulling back my foreskin to expose the glistening glans beneath. We sat there for a few minutes just admiring the sight of the other playing with themselves. I watched as she slid two finger into herself, curled upwards so that she could rub against her g-spot. She watched as I stroked myself with one hand and rubbed my cock-head with the other.

I could see by her face when she was ready to cum. She was flushed, the redness spreading down her neck to her breasts. Her breath was coming in gasps, her hand clamped over her pussy just her fingers twitching as she brought herself to a climax. Her eyes hardly left the screen, watching as I wanked to the sight of her wanking to the sight of me wanking. I had both hands clasped around my cock, rubbing up and down, one hand occasionally squeezing my balls.

When she came, her knees came together and her feet rose into the air. Her thighs were clasped around the hand covering her pussy, squeezing every last bit of pleasure out of her orgasm. It's an incredibly beautiful sight, seeing a woman cum. It doesn't matter what they physically look like, every woman is beautiful when they cum and she was no exception.

She looked at me and started to say how she would have much preferred to have my cock inside her as she came instead of just her fingers. I was in no mood to talk, my own release fast approaching, I just nodded as my hands worked on my cock.

She was licking her lips and sucking her fingers as she gave me encouragement, telling me to go faster, then slower. Telling me to rub a hand over myself, to pull back my foreskin as far as it would go. Soon, I couldn't hold out any longer and paused on the final down stroke as I came. My cum spurted out, covering my chest with the hot sticky liquid, one drop even reaching my chin, the rest oozing through my fingers and running down over my balls.

We chatted a little bit more, both of us sitting naked in front of our screens. We both find the situation a bit funny, but it beats looking at porn any day. A real, live partner is better than a porn star any day, even if you can't physically touch them. That mental link is all important, and makes the experience worthwhile.

So, back to the point of this post.

Anyone want to chat?



Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagged: Seven Things

The lovely Juno tagged me so I felt I should oblige. So here are seven random things about me.

  • I prefer to wear reasonably tight shorts during the day but loose boxers at night.
  • I really want to try anal sex but my cock just won't fit in M and there is no way my wife would let me anywhere near there.
  • The longest that I've gone between having an erection and ejaculating is 1 hour 50 minutes. My cock didn't go soft the whole time. This was a a good few years ago. I can still manage that sort of time but do tend to occasionally droop ;)
  • I really am a dot com (or dot co uk) millionaire having co-founded a dot com in the late 90's that survived the crash.
  • I love my wife dearly but I feel no guilt about sex with other people.
  • A darker secret (there has to be one), my younger brother once caught me masturbating when I was fifteen. Neither of us have mentioned it since, and I don't intend to.
  • I really wish I'd discovered anal play years and years ago. It's such a wonderful complement to masturbation and sex. Lots of fun if someone is helping.



Monday, June 25, 2007

Is it in yet?

I saw this picture and it tickled my fancy. I suppose that one of the worst things that can happen to a guy in the bedroom is to have his partner laugh at the size of his cock. This is almost as bad as hearing the words "is it in yet"?

Thanks be to all that is holy, I can honestly say that I have never had a girl laugh at my size.

I did once have a girl ask me "is it in yet". Thankfully, it wasn't and she soon knew what the difference was. She didn't have to ask a second time.



Monday, May 21, 2007

Anybody know Cape Town?

OK, a bit of a cry for help here ;)

I'm off to Cape Town (South Africa) on business for a week from next weekend (26th May -> 1st June).

I'm going to be stuck in a lonely hotel room for 5-6 nights and I'm looking for some fun. I don't know the city at all but I'll be staying in the Century City area.

So, if anyone would like to contact me with some recommendations or, especially, invites, please, please do so. You never know, I might even write about my adventures here (assuming I have any!!).

Failing that, it will be just a laptop, a broadband connection, some lube and Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters ;(

It would probably be best to contact me direct at:



Sugasm #79

Mon 14th May, 07

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“Gently, I bit his earlobe, as his hands wandered lower to where i was primed, slick and ready for them.”

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Whore Sex Vs. Not Whore Sex, Episode 2 (…)”I push him down again and have what I want.”

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

I really shouldn't drink

Last weekend, I went down to London to attend the leaving do of a colleague. He had been with us for a long time so the event was quite big, lots of the people from our London office were attending, many of who I didn't know very well as our company had expanded a lot over the last year or so.

The drinks flowed very freely that night and everyone was having a great time. I spent the evening chatting with those I know and getting to know those I didn't. One girl in particular, Emma, attracted my interest and as the evening progressed we found ourselves talking more and more. As the event drew to a close she said she was off to meet her partner and invited me to join them in the pub. It was either that or go back to my hotel room so I accepted and we headed to the pub together.

In the pub, we met her partner, Jack, a really nice guy who I immediately hit it off with. He was a bit of a geek himself so we chatted away about this and that. We were all getting a bit drunk and weren't ready to stop when the pub closed. Jack suggested we continue back at their place, he had some weed at home and that's something I can never resist. He helped Emma to her feet and we staggered out of the pub and into a taxi.

We all sobered up a bit by the time we got to their place, and Emma headed into the kitchen to make some coffee and get us all a whisky. Jack and I headed to the sitting room to get a spliff together. We sat there enjoying the coffee and whisky as the spliff was passed between us, the alcohol and the weed mellowing us out. Emma and Jack were sitting together on the couch whispering sweet nothings to each other and I was sitting on the floor just enjoying the atmosphere. Jack popped out to get some more drinks and Emma came and sat beside me. As she knelt beside me and chatted, her hand brushed against my thigh. I didn't think much of this until I felt her hand sliding further and further up my thigh until it was almost resting on my crotch. I asked her if she knew what she was doing and, in reply, she leaned over and kissed me. I gently pushed her away saying that Jack could be back any minute. She said that it wasn't a problem and kissed me again. My resistance wasn't very high and I felt myself responding to her tongue probing against my lips, my own flicking against hers. Then she stopped.

She got back on the couch as Jack came back into the room, he passed out the drinks and sat beside her. I lent back to enjoy the booze, wondering what the hell had just happened. I excused myself to go off to the loo to relieve myself of the evenings booze thinking that it was probably timer to make my excuses and leave. I came back into the room and was confronted with the sight of Jack and Emma cuddling on the couch her blouse unbuttoned down to the waist and one of her quite magnificent boobs released from her bra, her nipple responding to Jacks fingers. I started to say that it was time for me to leave when Emma jumped up and pushed me down on the couch beside her partner. She then knelt down in front of us both and placed a hand on each of our crotches and said those fateful words "I want you both".

I wasn't sure what to do, my mind raced as I tried to decide what to do. Should I say no and leave or should I just go with it. I glanced at Jack and he smiled at me, welcoming me to a new party. Well, I was quite drunk and you can guess what the easiest choice was. In the mean time, she had undone doth of our zips and undone our belts. Her hand slipped into my boxers and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock her other hand doing the same to Jack. Her thumb played over the head of my cock , pulling back my foreskin. Her mouth descended towards my cock, a quick glance towards Jack before her tongue came in contact with me. Her lips wrapped themselves around my cock sucking gently on me, her hand still working on Jack's cock at the same time.

Jack got up and went round behind her. He took off her blouse and then pulled off her skirt. I had a magnificent view of her back and her bum. Jack pulled down her panties and bent down to start licking her pussy. He pulled on a condom and slid himself into her. Her mouth tightened on me as his cock slid deep into her pussy. Her strokes on my cock matching his strokes into her pussy. Jack leaned back, his cock staying in her pussy as she went back with him. I stood up, trying to keep my cock in her mouth without success. She turned over so that she was lying onto of Jack, fucking him slowly. I knelt down beside her and presented my cock for some more pleasure. What happened next was a surprise to say the least. Instead of Emma taking my cock in her mouth, Jack did the honours instead. At the time I was too shocked to do anything but let his mouth envelope my cock while Emma licked my chest. He was almost as good as she was, if anything my cock got larger in his mouth than it did in hers.

Emma climbed off jack lay down on the couch. Jack grabbed my cock and guided me down towards her. I quickly pulled on a condom and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She gasped in pleasure as I penetrated her for, while I was only a little bit longer than Jack, I was quite a bit thicker. Her mouth opened as his cock approached it. Instead he guided it towards mine. I had to make a very quick decision and decided that it would be rude not to return the complement. I opened my mouth and Jack's cock slipped in. Looking back, it was a strange sensation but not an unpleasant one. He tasted mostly of Emma with a salty under taste. I got quite into it if truth be told. I squeezed his balls while I licked the length of his cock, my own cock pounding into Emma. Her gasps were getting heavier as her orgasm approached and finally came. Both Jack and I were close to cumming as well. The three of us stood together kissing each other. She had a cock in each hand wanking us both furiously as we got closer and closer to our own explosions. Jack came first and I came soon afterwards. Our cum splattering over the three of us, Emma rubbing herself against us both, spreading the hot cum over our bodies. We all flopped down onto the couch, the three of us taking turns to kiss, the taste of all our juices intermingling in our mouths.

Eventually, it was time for me to leave them to themselves and head back to my hotel. I kissed them both again at the door and headed off to get a cab.

Later, lying in my hotel room, I had time to ponder on the nights events. Obviously, it was not how I'd intended to spend my time but it was exceptional fun. A threesome was awesome enough, a first for me. It was a dream come true, Emma had a lovely body and was a very enthusiastic love maker and the addition of Jack into that mix was an added bonus. When Jack wrapped his hand around my cock and took me into his mouth the pleasure level rose to a new high. While I love having my cock sucked, it's never been done by a guy. It wasn't any better than a woman but just the fact that it's a guy doing it made it much more exciting. When he presented his cock to me I just couldn't resist taking it. I'd rarely even seen another guys erect cock before, let alone touched it. Taking it in my mouth was an experiment that, fortunately, payed off. The taste was amazing, the taste of Emma's pussy juices mixed with his own pre-cum was an arousing mixture, making my own cock swell even more inside Emma's pussy. Watching as Emma jerked him off, the cum squirting from his cock and then doing the same to me still makes my cock stiffen, even now.

Will the experience be repeated? I just don't know. Emma and I have chatted a couple of times since, mainly to say thank you to each other. She and Jack had enjoyed the experience as much as I had. It wasn't the first time they had done it but wasn't something they did very often. I won't be in London for a while so I won't be tempted by them. Would I want to do it again? I think the answer to that is a resounding yes.



Tuesday, April 10, 2007


"Can you pick me up at 8:45" said the text message I received as I was having breakfast. It was the signal I was waiting for to tell me that M's husband had caught his flight and her daughter had gone to school.

We had been looking forward to this day for weeks, if not months. M has a bit of a hang-up about fucking another man while her husband is in the same city! We have to wait until he's gone off on a trip before we can get together for some illicit nookie. This morning was the first time since December that our three diaries were in sync enough that we had a chance.

I arrived at her door just after the appointed time. As soon as the door was closed, she was in my arms. Just being able to feel her warm body next to mine was enough to cause my cock to stir and, when she started to grind her crotch against mine, the bulge in my jeans became even more pronounced. We climbed the stairs to the spare room, my eyes fixed on the undulating globes of her bottom as she lead me up. As we were standing in front of the mirrors, M started pawing at my clothes pulling off my shirt rubbing her hands over my chest, pulling at my belt to free the throbbing object of her desire.

As she sought to free my straining cock from my trousers, I pulled her own t-shirt off and undid her bra. Her nipples hard and perky. She pushed me back onto the bed and pulled off my trousers, my legs dangling over the edge meant that my cock stood up erect, waiting for her. She ran her hands up my thighs, taking my balls in one hand and the shaft of my cock in the other. She had that delightful naughty look on her face as she ran her tongue up my cock, pulling back the foreskin to tickle my head with the tip of her tongue, her hands stroking up and down. I could just lay back and enjoy the sensations coursing through my body.

She ran her tongue up me body, kissing my stomach, chest and nipples. As her mouth met mine I could feel her pressing by cock against her panties, pushing them aside to rub me against her hot, wet lips. With one quick thrust, she plunged herself down my length, her clitoris slamming against my pubic bone, grinding herself against me, her breath coming in short gasps and then a sudden long moan as her body shuddered with an orgasm. She lent over and wrapped her arms around my neck, smothering me with kisses. My own hands ran down her back to pull up her skirt, stroking her bottom and feeling the wetness oozing out from between her cheeks.

I turned her over onto her back and dropped to the floor. I pulled off her skirt and her soaking panties exposing her pretty little pussy glistening with her juices, the delightful musky smell assaulting my senses, demanding the attention of my tongue, fingers and cock. First one finger, then two and finally three slid inside her. Her pussy juices were running down my hand, soaking the sheets, covering her pubes. My thumb started playing with her little starfish, using her own lubrication to ease it's entry into her. Her moans grew louder as my thumb slipped in and out of her, my hand curling round so they the tips of my finger and my thumb were almost meeting. I slid my head up her chest, taking her nipples into my mouth, teasing them with my tongue as they hardened even further. I could feel her pussy squeezing on my fingers and her ass squeezing on my thumb as she came closer and closer to orgasm. I increased the speed at which my digits were frigging her. Then she came, squeezing almost painfully tight on my hand. Her hands grasping my head, pulling my mouth to hers.

As she slowly recovered, wrapped in my arms, she slowly stroked my clock back to it's customary hardness. She lifted a leg and I slid my cock slowly into her waiting pussy. This was to be gentle, the sensuous part of our lovemaking. My gentle stokes delighting her pussy as each stoke brought my cock into contact with her g-spot, her little gasps as I varied the timing and the pressure against her, sometimes just holding my hardness against her, pressing myself against her, feeling the difference in texture between that magic spot and the rest of her. She came again, not as forcefully as before but with a quite intensity that hid the strength of her passion.

My cock had lost none of it's hardness as she came, nor as she rested for a few moments afterwards. I slid it out of her, the whole length covered in her cum, her eyes lit as she saw it and her mouth opened to accept it. I lay back as she sucked every last drop of her cum from my cock and then started stroking it harder and harder. She wanted my cum as well.

But I wasn't quite ready for that yet. I pulled my cock from her mouth (always a very difficult thing to do) and kissed her gently. I rolled her onto her front and spread her legs as she raised her bum in the air. As I slid my cock into her waiting pussy, I grabbed the tube of lube that I'd left on the bedside table. This was a new lube, this was thicker and stronger, this lube would let my cock just slide into her ass and we would break our anal cherry. I let some of the lube trickle out and down her ass crack. First I gently rubbed it around her hole and then started probing with my fingers, feeling my cock as it slid in and out of her pussy. I easily got three of my well lubed fingers into her arse but, when I slipped my cock out of her tried to fit in in, it just wouldn't go. I smeared a pile of lube onto my cock to see if that would help, but no, her ass just wouldn't open up wide enough, no matter how much we both pushed. Only the first inch or so of my cock would go in, there was no way that that the entire head was going to fit.

I finally gave up and slumped down beside her, stroking and caressing her. She took me in her hand again, the lube meaning she had to grip quite tight. Her hand moved up and down it. She could feel the pressure growing in my balls as she quickly took me back into her mouth just as I came, my hot cum mixing with the lube in her mouth, her tongue lapping up my cum as it dribbled from the corners of her mouth.



I've been away

Sorry folks for not keeping you updated.

I've been very, very busy with work and even managed a trip to India in the last few weeks.

More soon.



Wednesday, February 14, 2007

10 Reasons to Masturbate (as if you needed any)

  1. Masturbation lets us explore our body and discover the sensations and caresses that excite us the most. We learn more about our sexual needs and the way to satisfy them. Of course, we can then share this knowledge with our lovers...
  2. Masturbation procures a real relief, physical and emotional. It relieves the tensions born from our sex impulses and helps us go to sleep. No more need for sleeping pills!!
  3. It makes us more realistic by teaching us to separate sex from love. Having an orgasm does not mean being in love!
  4. If you are lonely, you might still not resist that chocolate bar, but if you masturbate regularly, you (probably) won't crave sex so much that you go and have it with just anyone.
  5. Masturbation gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your own pleasure without being too worried about your partner's.
  6. Masturbation helps fight certain sexual dysfunctions: great difficulty reaching an orgasm for some woman, premature ejaculation for some men. For a man suffering from premature ejaculation, it is sometimes advisable to masturbate and ejaculate at least an hour before having sex, this will help delay the next ejaculation.
  7. Masturbation will increase the frequency of orgasms, with or without your partner. Young woman who are used to reaching orgasm through masturbation will more easily reach orgasm with their lover.
  8. It is good for your health: orgasms lead to an increase in blood flow, render the skin more brilliant and fight the effects of stress. For woman, orgasms strengthen and, at the same time, soften the vaginal muscles, handy when making love.
  9. The Kinsey report proved it; people who masturbate early in life lead a more active and fulfilling sex life, and for a longer time.
  10. There is nothing wrong with feeling good.



Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pubic Survey

A correspondent of mine in the Netherlands sent me this picture. It is supposed to show the results of a recent survey into how woman in the Netherlands style their pubes.

My dutch isn't quite up to translating the labels but I'm glad that only 4.4% have gone for the burst mattress look :)



[edit] Thanks to Roerganger for supplying the translations (see comments).

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sugasm #64

Sugasm #64

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This Week’s Picks
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“When I start to relax, adrift in the warm comfy seas of a powerful orgasm, my body slackening (and lord knows how my face looks), aware of nothing but how fabulous this is and ready to ride the waves into slumber, he doesn’t stop.”

Bewitch Me! (
“I’m big enough to pin you down while I move my hands up and down the sides of your body, feeling its contours beneath the black fabrics you so favor.”

Unicorn Sighting, Part II (
“There was one man in the very front of the theatre who didn’t give a damn who heard him moan as he came.”

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The Two-Client Day (

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I've never re-posted an old post of mine before but I was reading through some old entries and came across this posting "In praise of older women".

It's great to think that the excitement expressed in this post still exists in our relationship. We may not be getting the same opportunities to make love to each other as we did before but we still crave each others bodies.

There is a cliché that older men always seek younger women. I've been guilty of this myself over the years. I'm now coming to the opinion that the ideal partner is not the young "trophy" girlfriend but instead the ideal partner is the more mature woman.

It's all well and good to look for the lithe young body, the pert breasts, the tight bum, the long legs but what these women tend to lack is experience both sexually and socially. It might boost the ego of the older man to fuck a younger woman but are they really getting the best experience?

M is older than I am but just by a year or so and she is the most exciting woman I have ever been to bed with. She has a body to die for; full breasts with perky nipples, a wonderful firm bum and a gorgeous, nicely trimmed pussy. Not only that but she loves sex, she loves to cum over and over again, moaning in pleasure as her body shudders with each orgasm.

I had arrived at my brothers flat a little bit before her, just to check that everything was OK and that the heating was on. She was a bit late and I was beginning to wonder if she has lost her nerve. Then the doorbell went. I strolled to the door, not wanting to seem too eager, and there she was. She threw her arms round me and kissed me hard, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, her teeth nibbling mine. She ground her groin into mine, pressing down on me as hard as she could. She was moaning with pleasure already as her gyrations brought her close to climax.

She shirked off her jacket and started pawing at my clothes, running her hands over my chest. I picked her up and carried her through to the bedroom. Taking off her clothes I was amazed at the body that lay beneath them. For a woman in her early forties, her body was superb. Her full breasts with those wonderful full nipples, her flat stomach and, below that, a beautiful pussy that oozed wetness as I ran my tongue over it. She tasted so sweet that I felt I'd died and gone to heaven. I started to lick her clitoris any slid my fingers deep inside her, she gasped in pleasure and moaned my name as her hips came up, forcing herself harder against my face. When she came I could feel the muscles in her thighs judder. I slid up her body and kissed her but left my fingers gently stoking her as she slowly recovered. My hand slowly stroked her, spreading her juices over her pussy and stomach. I slid finger down to stroke her perineum and started to stroke her little bum hole. Now, I wasn't sure how she would take this as it's one thing to let a finger in your ass in the heat of a drunken assignation, but it's another to have it when you are more aware of what's going on. As my finger started to circle her ass she started to moan again, softly kissing me and pressing herself against my hand.

She reached down and took hold of my cock, gently rubbing her hand up and down the shaft, making it harder and harder. She pulled my over her and guided my cock into her waiting wet pussy. A little while later her body was wracked by another orgasm. She slumped in my arms as I slid off her. She lay by my side as I stroked her back, caressing her cheeks, sliding my hand between them and rubbing my finger over her. Her juices had spread all over her and her little hole was well lubricated as I gently slid my finger into her. She gave a sigh of pleasure as I slowly moved my finger tip in and out of her, her hand gently squeezing my balls. She then lowered her head down and started to suck on my, taking me deeply into her mouth, running her teeth over the tip of my cock. Her hand stroked me as she licked my balls and I finally came, squirting cum all over her hand and my legs.

We had both lost count of the number orgasms she had had, but she was definitely well ahead of me. She was well and truly sated, a very satisfied girl. I was amazed that I'd had the chance to experience her exuberance for sex. I was blessed.

Our time soon came to an end and I had to go back to work. We didn't even have a chance to drink much of the champagne nor eat many of the chocolates. We kissed and left, I headed for the gym to have a shower before going to the office, I suspect I smelt of nothing but her.

We met again the next day for more but her husband has now returned from a trip away so I don't know when we can get together again. As to our relationship, we are both very clear on the whys and wherefores. We are just very good friends who quite like to fuck each other. It's not meant to be serious, neither of us intends to leave the partners we love but we can use one another to satisfy a craving. Whether we will ever go back to bed remains to be seen but we both hope so. No matter what, we will remain special friends.

Thankfully, the answer to the second last sentence was a yes and we do still remain special friends.



Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sugasm #62

The best of this weeks blogs by the bloggers who blog them.

Sugasm #62

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“I fucked one man at the request of another, in exactly the way asked for. Then I reported what happened to the one who requested it.”

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“I walked out the door, saw a man standing there and almost puked.”

Low Class Stripper? Classism and society’s view of adult entertainment
“For a lot of women sex work is a last-ditch option, something we all consider in the back of our minds when we’re growing up; we ask ourselves once or twice, if we needed the money, would we strip?”
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