Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Off on my travels

I'm off to London tonight for a couple of days. This has a couple of good points and a couple of bad points.

Bad Points

  • I miss having someone to sleep beside.
  • I have to present a paper to 100 of my companies customers.
  • I hate traveling.
It's only a 1 hour flight but the total traveling time is more like 5 hours. It will take 30 minutes to get to the airport, another hour hanging around waiting for the plane, the getting the train from Heathrow into Paddington then a cab ride to the hotel. By the time I get there I'll be tired and will be in no mood to go out. I don't mind the presentations too much but I get really nervous. While it's nice to have a nice big bed to sleep in but I'd rather I wasn't alone in it.

Good Points
  • I get to stay in a five star hotel in the centre of London.
  • I get to drink and eat at the companies expense.
  • I'm alone in a hotel room and I can watch porn and masturbate in peace.
I did all my packing last night. I'm always afraid that I've forgotten something vital like a decent shirt and tie (I normally dress casually at work but have to wear a suit for my presentation). I packed all the usual stuff but this time I've decided to take along my vibrator.

This is a lovely little thing called a Power Pod that I've only used a couple of times now but never while I'm away. One of the few good things about being away is that there is no chance that I'll be disturbed when I'm enjoying myself (the down side is that I'm by myself). I get to lie naked on a clean sheets while I run the Pod over my balls and cock before lubbing it up and slowly push it into my bum. This generates an incredible feeling and combined with some gentle (or not so gentle) masturbation should produce a fantastic orgasm. The other advantage of doing this in a hotel room is that I don't mind how much I spurt or where it goes. At home I have to grab a tissue pretty quickly but in a hotel room I can lie and enjoy that post-cum sensation for as long as I like.

If I'm up to it I'll post another entry in a couple of days with some more information on what I got up to :)



unfurling said...

Wow - you use a vibrator on yourself on your own. In my mini little mind I thought only women did this!

is it fun?

Edinburgh Erotica said...

It's great fun!!

I'd prefer it if a girl was dong it to me but self pleasure is definetly the next best thing.


giaccomo said...

You know there are even better things to do if you are alone for anight in London (or in Edinburgh come to that!) Happy to provide details!

Edinburgh Erotica said...

Do tell :)