Wednesday, April 06, 2005

She liked them :)

Last night, my partner got a chance to see my freshly shaved balls. Surprisingly, she gave them a lot more attention than she normally does, giving them a good fondling before moving on to stroking me. She still won't give me a blow job though, but I think I'm slowly breaking down that barrier.

There is only about one week a month that she is willing to have sex. The other three weeks are covered by PMS and her actual period. This week is my week and so we did manage to have a quicky. So that was a plus and I have a big smile on my face.



unfurling said...

Glad to hear it - but won't they be a bit grim when the stubble comes in???

Edinburgh Erotica said...

They seem fine so far :)

Christine said...

She won't give you a bj?? Why on earth not? I love giving my husband bjs... maybe she is just too shy...?