Monday, September 15, 2008

We don't plan to stop.

We both go a long way to ensure that neither of our partners knows what we get up to during those long lunches. I've written a couple of times about M always insisting that we don't get together unless her husband is away, preferably out of the country. However, whenever we go to a party which M & her husband are attending, I have that nagging feeling that her husband knows and will casually ask, "Are you fucking my wife?". M recently said she feels the same way about my wife. I don't really feel any guilt about having an affair with M and neither does she. For the last three years we have been very clear to each other that we are lovers, fuck buddies if you like, not a couple. There is no intention to eventually leave our respective partners and be "together". While we both have issues with our partners, nothing is serious enough to cause an irrevocable split.

That's what it boils down to really, we are into this for the fun of the moment, not a long term "relationship". At the moment, we have every intention to keep this up for as long as we are both capable. We'll both worry about the others partner finding us out, not because we think what we are doing is wrong but because we don't want to hurt anyone. Now you may say that the only way to guarantee this is to stop and that's true. It isn't going to happen though :)

We recently had a little tryst where M brought her camera. She wanted a little souvenir that could "entertain" her when she was alone in bed. I'm still debating whether or not to post any of the photos here, what do you think of this little taster?

This shows why we don't plan to stop seeing each other.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I spent most of the April and May this year jetting backwards and forwards between Scotland and Germany. My company was looking at buying a German one and I have been involved in the due diligence process. This has mainly involved talking to their people, looking into their systems and procedures and making sure that they are right fit. I won't bore you with the details of these things but I'd like to share one of the extra-curricular activities that took place.

Despite what it seems, staying in hotels for extended periods isn't that much fun. After a few days you get a bit stir crazy and just want to get out of the box they call a room, no matter how luxurious it is. So, most evenings I was out eating and drinking with a bunch of people from the German office. German beer is very, very nice and this lead to a very friendly atmosphere as more and more was consumed.

One evening I found myself (well, more accurately I contrived to be) talking with a one of the office supervisors. She is a thirtyish, petite, brunette who I'd been chatting to on and off for a few days, not exactly flirting but paying her a lot of attention whenever I was with her. The crush of people in the busy bar meant that we were being pushed closer and closer to each other until we couldn't avoid occasionally touching. I was deliberately not making any overt moves but she was getting more and more touchy/feely as time went on until I found her hand was resting on my arm and her lovely little breasts were brushing up against my shirt.

I could feel the obvious reaction in my nether regions as she brushed against me. I felt quite hot and she asked me if I was OK. I must have looked a bit flushed :) She said that we could do with some fresh air and headed for the door. I followed her outside into the night and we just stood around looking at the night sky. Unfortunately for me, the cool air outside had an interesting affect on her nipples and my eyes kept being drawn to them. It was pretty obvious to her what I was looking at and, thankfully, she didn't seem to mind, indeed a very playful smile started to come to her lips and she started to stroke my arm again and pulled me closer to her.

I could feel her little points pressing against me and they were showing no sign of losing their pertness. I could have sworn that they felt like little daggers digging into my chest. I looked up and suddenly her lips brushed softly against mine as she pressed herself tighter against me and the bulge in my chinos pressed against her. She pressed herself harder against me as she kissed me again, rubbing her crotch gently against mine.

I hadn't hidden from her the fact that I am married and I knew that she was too but this wasn't the first time that I'd strayed in a moment of weakness and, as I soon gathered, it wasn't for her either. My hotel was just round the corner from the bar that we had been in and she proceeded to drag me kicking and screaming (that's my excuse :)) back to the hotel. I opened the door to my room and lead her inside. The maid had already been in to turn down the bed and the lights of the city provided a romantic glow. Having drunk a reasonable amount I really needed to pee so I quickly kissed her and nipped into the loo. I took the opportunity to quickly use the bidet to 'freshen up'. When I came out she decided to do the same thing.

When she came out a few minutes later she was naked. She stood in the doorway as I made appreciative murmurs. She had a fantastic body. Her pert little breasts milky white against her tanned body, her neatly trimmed, jet black pubic hair a delightful contrast to the surrounding untanned triangle. She walked towards me and I took her into my arms and pressed my mouth against hers, our tongues flicking against each others, our lips touching gently, her teeth gently nibbling my lower lip.

I felt her hands drop to my belt and slowly undo it. She undid the top button and then the rest. She pushed down my chinos, lowering herself in the process. She knelt before me and slid her hand inside the leg of my boxers. Her fingertips felt electric as they brushed against my balls, her fingernails scratching a path from their base up to the root of my cock. The sensation was incredible. My cock strained to be released and she didn't disappoint. She slipped her hand out and slowly lowered my shorts down. My cock was pulled down by the material and then sprung up as it was finally released, the glistening head peeking out from my foreskin. She leaned forward and just touched her tongue to its tip, running it slowly along the slit. Her mouth gently kissed it then opened to envelope the head, her teeth pushing back my foreskin. Her mouth started working an my cock without any intervention from her hands. Her tongue pushing my head against the roughness on the roof of her mouth, the ridges rubbing my sensitive head. She took me further and further in. I could feel myself swell as she sucked her mouth tightly around me. As she released me her hands came up to take hold of my shaft, her thumbs stroking the wet head. This was almost getting too much for me and I was afraid I was about to cum so I took her hands off me and lifted her up, kissing her, tasting my scent on her breath.

I lifted her on to the bed and, grabbing her ankles, raised her legs into the air exposing her cute little pussy glistening with her juices. Without waiting, I pushed my cock against her wet entrance, pushing it slowly into her, feeling no resistance. She gasped as I slowly penetrated her, the first thrust going all the way into the hilt. I withdrew almost all the way and then started moving just the head of my cock over her G-spot. Her moaning turned into a scream as she came from this phallic massage, her pussy convulsing around my cock.

I pulled my cock out and bent down to kiss her dripping lips, nibbling them gently. I slid up the bed and cuddled her for a few minutes to allow us to catch our breath, her hand gently stroking my cock. I rolled her over onto her front and reached down to stroke her delightful bum. As I slid my fingers between her thighs and into her pussy, she slowly eased herself up onto her knees. I moved behind and pressed my face against her, the sweet, musky taste of her juice running into my mouth as she pushed herself against me. My tongue alternated between running up and down her and slipping between those pink lips. It slipped passed her lips, over her perineum and flicked against her little starfish. She moaned louder at this and I added it to the stroke, running my tongue from her clitoris to her bum.

I knelt up and slipped my cock deep into her pussy, fucking her deeply and fast. Every few strokes I pulled out and rubbed our mixed lubrication over her ass. My middle finger pressed against her and she let out a little scream as it slid into her tight hole. I started to slide my finger into her in time with my cock thrusting. Not only was this driving her wild but it was an amazing sensation for me. Feeling my cock through her thin internal membrane, experiencing the same feelings as her was an incredible turn on. She could feel the same thing and increased the pressure as she pushed against me, my cock thrusting deep inside her pussy, my finger deep in her bum. She came as I pulled my finger out, and flopped forward, pulling me down with her grip on my engorged cock. In that position I was again pressed hard against her G-spot. I could feel the slight roughness of it against the underside of my cock as I slowly rubbed my length over her, my position causing increased pressure and pleasure for us both. Her body shuddered as she orgasmed again.

I pulled out of her and sat back, admiring the view of her slightly open pussy lips, a few drops of her cum running down her pussy to wet the sheets.

She rolled over, a satisfied smile lighting up her face. My cock was slowly softening as I sat back. She laughed as she spun round to face me, crawling up the bed towards me. Her hands stroked my inner thighs, working their way up to my cock. Her fingers encircled my balls, squeezing them, lowering her mouth onto my rapidly hardening member. She ran her tongue all over it, licking off the juices that still coated it, quickly raising herself to kiss me, letting me taste her. She slipped back down, enveloping almost half my cock in her mouth. I felt myself grow bigger and bigger until I was almost too much for her to take. She pulled away with a popping sound and climbed back up to straddle me, my cock slipping into her soaking loveliness. I wasn't going to last long as she gripped me tight and bounced up and down on my lap and I soon felt the pressure building up inside me. This time I wasn't going to stop and as she thrust herself down onto me, I felt the fountain of cum swell up in my balls and explode into her hot, tight pussy. My cum mixed with hers, soaking both our crotches as she continued to ride me. I slowly deflated inside her and lay back. She kissed me tenderly on the chest, then slipped herself off me, lowering herself to kiss my, now almost flaccid, cock. Liking off the mixture of our cum before bringing herself back up to kiss me passionately.

We then just lay there with our arms around each other, our legs entwined, basking in the post-coital glow that only comes after a really fantastic, no holds barred, fuck.



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Check-In Times

What is it with hotels in this country? Don't they have a section of their clientèle that doesn't want to wait until 2pm before they can check in?

I've been looking for somewhere that M & I can meet for a while now and every single place I've tried has this really late (at least I think it's late) check in time. It's not even as if I don't want the room for the night, I do. It's just that I'd like the opportunity to fuck her without us both having to take the afternoon off work. We want to fuck through lunch, freshen up, go back to work and then meet up again in the evening for some more rumpy pumpy (hey, I'm getting older, I need a few hours to recover :).

But no; no lunchtime fuck unless I take the room for two days! It looks like we're going to have to bite the bullet, use up a little vacation time and go for some afternoon delight. Hopefully, I'll manage the evening tryst as well, probably late evening.



Friday, May 30, 2008

You make me quiver with anticipation...

One of the many issues that M & I have is the inability to be sure when we can meet.

A couple of weeks ago we had the perfect opportunity. At short notice my wife had taken the kids over to see her parents while some work was done on the house and I wasn't to join them for a couple of days; I would be home alone (at least for a night). Perfect opportunity thought I.

I sent M a text letting her know what was happening and to find out if she was free. I immediately got a text back saying yes! and we started to make arrangements for her to come round.

All day I looked forward to the evening, M and I would be alone, no lunchtime rush to get back to work, just time to relax, fuck, eat, drink, relax and fuck some more.

I left work early to make sure everything was just right at home. I tidied up the spare room, made sure that there were clean sheets on the bed (which I'd have to take off and wash before the trouble and strife got back), made sure that the champagne was chilling, the ice cream was soft and the chocolate sauce was warm.

I was just stepping out of the shower when the phone rang. It was M. My heart started racing and my cock started rising as I answered. And flopped as I heard her tone of voice. Hubby had decided to cut his trip short and would be arriving back any minute.

That evening of debauchery became reduced to one of solo fun.

That was not the first time such a thing has happened nor, I'm sure, will it be the last. On too many occasions one or the other of us has had to call things off at the last minute for reasons as diverse as having a partner or child return home expectantly to finding out that your work colleagues are going to use the company flat after all. I suppose we have been quite luck not to have been caught. I was even in M's house once when her husband came home. Fortunately we hadn't started to get busy so my "just popped round" excuse worked.

I really shouldn't complain about this. It's one of the (many) restrictions you have to impose on yourself when having an affair that you must keep secret. Even if there only a small chance of being discovered, you have to be prepared to cancel. This is one of the main reasons that M nearly always waits until her husband is out of the country before she'll arrange an intimate meeting.

We sometimes wonder about the excitement that the danger of discovery may bring to an encounter. Discovery either by one of our partners or just general discovery. This can be quiet a turn on as we found out last summer when out for a lunchtime walk in Holyrood Park. Finding a reasonably secluded spot amongst the gorse bushes, M proceeded to give me a very pleasant hand job under the blanket we were wrapped in (this was a Scottish summer!!). A couple of times we heard other people walking past not that far from us, some just out of sight. Whenever this occurred, M stopped her stroking so as not to be too obvious but continued to squeeze.

The thought of strangers passing by only a few feet away was an incredible turn on for us both and my cock swelled between her tight fingers and her nipples swelled between mine. I could feel the heat of her pussy through the thin material of her dress as she pressed herself hard against my thigh (she was quite emphatic that she wouldn't let me fuck her in such a public place but she just couldn't resist a bit of gratification). Quite a few times on that occasion I was just about ready to cum when M had to stop. As you can imagine, this caused quite a build up. When I could just wait no longer, M quickly dived under the blanket and took me in her mouth just as my cum spurted out of my cock. She slipped back out just as we heard someone else going past.

It did seem that the whole of Edinburgh was walking past that day but it must of only have been a handful of people and none of them paid us any attention, they were probably looking for their own secluded spot. But, the though of getting caught did turn us both on. One day, maybe, we'll find some secluded enough to fuck but then we wouldn't have the thrill of the danger.

On another note, you'll notice that it's been a while since I've posted. While I may not be posting as often as I was, I'll try to be a bit more regular.