Friday, March 20, 2009

Dildo double butt fuck

I like the title I've chosen almost as much as I like this picture.

One of these days I'll find someone to do this with. Any volunteers?



Monday, March 09, 2009

It happened last Summer

We decided that we would bite the bullet, so to speak, and both take the afternoon off. I had a look online and found an apart-hotel in town that seemed reasonable. The main reason I choose it was the description of the apartment. There was a sitting room and kitchen, as well as a bedroom. Somewhere to sit and relax as well as somewhere to get sweaty. What really sold me was the picture of the bed. The headboard was made of bars. M didn't know it but she was in for a fun time. I'd also made a couple of purchases in preparation for the day. As well as a long thin vibrator and some lube, I bought some nice restraints. M had mentioned the idea of being restrained once, in passing, but we hadn't had the opportunity to try anything before now. She was in for a surprise!

I arrived first. I quickly checked in and made my way up to the room. The Champagne went into the fridge and the chocolates on the sitting room table. In the bedroom I stashed the 'supplies' in the bedside table, sent a quick text with the room number and settled down to wait for my lover to arrive. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. I opened it to find M standing there with a delightful smile on her lips. I looked her up and down. She was wearing a light, loose summer dress and a buttoned jacket. She let her jacket fall open and I was presented with the sight of her unrestrained breasts, her hard nipples poking through the thin material. "Room Service?", she said. A cliché, I know, but who was I to complain. I reached out and pulled her inside. "Oh, yes please" I replied, pulling her towards me. It was so wonderful to feel her in my arms again. Her full lips against mine, her firm breasts pressed against my chest, her groin rubbing against mine. As my hands came up to cup her breasts, hers dropped down to squeeze my cock. It was rapidly hardening in her grip as she stuffed her hands into the top of my trousers and stated to slowly squeeze me, her thumb rubbing the moistening head. I had to, reluctantly, pull her hands out so that I could shut the door! She had a slightly disappointed look on her face but I just smiled and, taking her hand, lead her into the bedroom.

I stood in front of her and started to take off my clothes. In a few seconds I stood in front of her in just my shorts, my semi plainly visible through them. She started to reach for it greedily but I pushed her hands away; this was to be her time. I reached for the buttons on the front of her dress and started to unbutton them, one by one. The material hugged her breasts. displaying her beautiful cleavage, then her stomach and finally her little white panties. I turned her around and pulled the jacket and dress from her shoulders, letting them fall to her feet. I stepped back to enjoy the view of her back and, lower down, the way her panties hugged the globes of her magnificent bottom. I stepped forward and reached round to cup her breasts in my hands, lightly kissing her neck and ears. She let out a low moan as I dropped one hand to her stomach and then slid it down to rub the front of her panties. Her breath started coming in those little pants that I knew meant she was approaching orgasm. I pressed a little bit harder and, as I squeezed her nipple between my fingers, she shuddered and came. Her first orgasm of many. "Now for some fun" I said and led her to the bed.

I lowered her onto it and reached for the bedside drawer. She gasped and clapped her hands in delight as I took out the blindfold and restraints. She held her hands out in front of her and I attached a cuff to each wrist. She lay back on the bed and I tied each one to the headboard. Then I took her ankles and tied them to the other end, her legs apart. I checked that she couldn't move much but wasn't uncomfortable, then slipped the blindfold over her eyes.

I knelt beside her and ran my hands over her body. She squirmed under my touch as I gently stroked her, taking care to avoid both her boobs and her pussy. She tried to move herself so that my fingers touched her but I avoided her with ease. I could see her nipples pointing straight up at me, I could see a damp patch of her cum on her panties and, when I got closer, I could smell her sweet lubrication as she got more and more excited. I bent over and flicked my tongue over first one nipple and then the other. She moaned with pleasure and arched her back trying to get more of her into my mouth. I wasn't about to allow that and kept my mouth just above them, licking each at random, sometimes lingering on one for a few moments, sometimes flicking rapidly between them. Then, I reached down and touched the damp patch on her panties. It was as if she had received an electric shot. She pushed herself up against my hand as I cupped her mound and stroked her clitoris with my palm. She groaned incoherently as she came again, sinking back into the bed as her whole body first tensed and then relaxed.

I sat between her legs, watching as she caught her breath, the flush slowly disappearing from her face and chest. I reached over and ran a finger along the, now soaking, material covering her pussy. M squirmed as I ran my finger slowly up and down her then, reaching with my other hand, I pulled her panties aside and slid a finger slowly into her unresisting wetness. M has never had a problem with lubrication but this time she was positively dripping. I turned my hand round and my finger tip sought that little bit of heaven inside her pussy. I started to stroke it lightly, at first, then with a little more pressure, my thumb rubbing her clitoris at the same time. I listened to her moans and gasps as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Her body twisted one way then the other, unable to escape my fingers, her body bucking up, pressing herself harder against me, my whole hand was soaked by the juices streaming out of her pussy. She orgasmed again and again until it was if they would never stop. But then eventually they did and I slipped my finger gently out as her shuddering and panting slowly subsided. She lay there, glistening with sweat, the sheets rucked up beneath her, soaked in her sweat and juices.

I lay down beside her and touched her lips with my sodden fingers. She slowly but eagerly licked them, sucking them clean, I kissed her lips, picking up her scent. She strained towards me, kissing me greedily, murmuring 'please, please, give me your cock. Fuck me now!'.

Who am I to deny a lady what she wants? I pulled off my boxers and knelt in front of her, lowering myself down so that the tip of my cock just bumped against her pussy, rubbing it slowly up and down her, wetting the tip. But I wasn't going to give her that kind of satisfaction yet. I quickly got up and moved to the side of her head. I placed my cock against her lips and as she opened her mouth, placed it onto her waiting tongue. I held my cock just far enough away from her that she could tickle the tip then moved slowly forward to allow her lips to take the head inside. She greedily sucked it, flicking me with her tongue. I pulled out and slowly ran its length over her mouth, her tongue wetting the shaft as it went up and down. I lowered my balls into her waiting mouth. She sucked hard on them, causing my cock to jerk against her forehead as the skin was pulled taught, leaving a line of her saliva and my pre-cum on her blindfold. She released her hold on my balls and I moved a bit further forward, her tongue flicking out again, this time licking against my perineum and then against my ass. She pushed her head up, kissing me, rimming me with her stiff tongue, licking from the root of my cock to my arse. I moved back down and slid my cock back into her mouth, rocking slowly backwards and forwards as it slid in and out of her.

I pulled back and stretched out beside her. I lifted her blindfold off and kissed her all over her face, kissing her passionately, tasting my cum on her. I reached down and released the ties on her ankles, then released her arms. She wrapped herself around me smothering with kisses, then squeezed me tightly to her as she let out a contented sigh. "I still want your cock" she said as she reached down to grab me. "Not quite yet", I said.

After a few minutes, I got up and went off to the kitchen to grab the champers and a couple of glasses. When I came back in, M was sitting cross legged on the bed. I bent over to kiss her and passed her a glass of bubbly. We sat there for a while, drinking and chatting, just relaxing and enjoying each others company. I lay down on my front, M gently stroking my back. Her hands went down to rub my bum and my thighs, slowly pushing them open, her fingers gently tickling my balls as they passed. She giggled, and I gasped, as I felt the sensation of icy champagne dribbling down my bum, running over my balls, making them shrink with the cold. Still giggling, she bent down to kiss me, her hand rubbing the cold liquid over my bum. I returned her kiss passionately as her hand ran down my crack, over my bum and onto my balls. "Look what I found", she said. I looked up to see her holding the vibe I brought. "What am I going to do with this?" she asked, smiling wickedly. I had been planning on using it on her in a few minutes but instead it looked like she would get first go. I smiled up at her as she pressed the vibe against my balls. I could feel the gently vibrations having the expected affect on my cock. I raised myself up into a more comfortable position as M moved a bit further down the bed. She took hold of my cock and started to stroke me up and down as she played the vibrator over my balls. Occasionally she would pause and dribble some more champagne over them and quickly lick it off. She bent my cock down and back until it was almost pointing backwards and bent down to lick it, she nibbled her way up it's length then started on my balls. More cold champagne was dribbled onto them, mixing with the heat from her mouth. Then I felt the tip of the vibe touching against my bum hole! She rubbed her finger over it, lubricating it with champagne and saliva as she slowly pushed the vibrating phallus into my ass, softly fucking my butt.

The sensation was exquisite, the vibration against my p-spot making my cock twitch and swell. I had expected her to eventually pull it out but instead she left it in and pulled me upright. I sat there with the gently vibrating plastic in my ass and my rampant cock standing out in front. She climbed straight on to me, sliding all the way down the shaft, the first time I'd been inside her that day. Her muscles tightened against me as she pulled up, fucking me instead of the other way around. After a couple of minutes of this the vibe dropped out of me allowing me to concentrate on fucking my wonderful lover. She moved up and down on my cock, her boobs bouncing in front of my face. I took her nipple into my mouth eliciting a short scream as I bit down on it, her pussy muscles clenching hard. It was almost painful for me as she shoved down, bringing all of my cock inside her, my head feeling like it was bouncing of her cervix with each downward stroke. Again she came, her cum dribbling out over my cock to soak my balls and inner thighs. She smothered me with kisses, pulling off me and running her head down my sweaty chest to lick my still hard cock, savouring our taste.

She jumped up and grabbed my cock. She started moving towards the door and I had no choice but to slide off the bed and follow. Still holding me tight, she led me towards the sitting room where she lay back on the couch and pulled me and my cock down towards her.

Her legs rose into the air, her ankles rested on my shoulders and my cock slid into her. I fucked her until she came yet again. But this time the sensation of her orgasm was too much for me and I felt my balls ride up and my cock head grow. My cum squirted out of my balls and splashed inside her. She moaned in pleasure again and again as she felt each spurt. I slowly continued to fuck her as my cock grew gradually softer and softer, eventually popping out of her. I bent over and rested my head on her chest, feeling the beat of her heart slowly returning to normal as she stroked my head, bending down to occasionally kiss me.

The bliss continued for a while until we both realised that it would soon be time to go, it was almost 5 and our respective families would soon be expecting us home from work. Most romantic movies fail to mention having to do the post-coital cleanup and this is no exception. Half an hour later we'd both cleaned up and made ourselves presentable.

M was, disappointedly, now wearing a bra under her dress and looked every bit the relaxed business woman. We kissed at the doorway, our hands tightly clasped. We had to part but this time just for a few hours. We had the apartment for the night and were determined to make the most of it. We had both invented a business meeting in the evening, not the same one of course, and arranged to meet up in nearby restaurant later. That made parting easier, but only a little.