Saturday, April 23, 2005

Second night

My second night in the hotel was a bit more stayed than my first night, probably because I didn't have so much to drink. I still had a very vivid fantasy about my friend who I'd spent the whole day with at a business meeting. She had been wearing a very severe business suit but it's tightness showed off her beautiful bum and, when she removed her jacket, her breasts were very pert in a lovely floral bra just visible through the material of her blouse.

By the time I got back to the hotel I could barely contain myself. I quickly get rid of my own clothes and lay, naked, on the cool white sheets of the bed. My cock was already getting hard at the thought of her. I started to stroke myself as I imagined what it would be like to slowly unzip her skirt and watch it drop to the ground, revealing her cute little bum cheeks. Running my fingers over them, sliding a finger into her pants to feel the wetness of her ready pussy. Turning her round and pulling the panties down so that my mouth could explore the delicate musk of her sex.

Undoing the buttons of her blouse as she grabs hold of my rampant cock and slowly slides her hand up and down the shaft, rubbing her thumb over the wet glans as I pull up her bra and start to nibble on her already erect nipples. Her breasts fit nicely into each of my hands as I squeeze them, hearing her gasp with pleasure as one hand slides down her stomach and starts to toy with her clitoris, feeling her wetness as she squeezes my cock in readiness. She pulls my hands away and pushes my cock into her, sliding down the shaft, rubbing her clit against my pubic bone, grinding herself onto me.

All through this vivid vision I'm sliding my hand up and down my cock. The pre-cum acting lubricating my strokes. I can see the glistening pre-cum oozing out of my cock as I continue, getting faster and faster as I build up to a glorious orgasm. When I cum my semen shoots almost a metre across the bed, pumping out across my stomach and chest, it just keeps on cumming, more and more. I can't believe the amount that shoots out, it seems like gallons of the stuff is shooting out of me. My cock stays semi-rigid for a good few minutes after this, I continue to stroke myself gently as my erection slowly subsides. It's almost a quarter of an hour before I can stand up and go for a shower.

This morning I woke up with another raging hard on. Morning wood it's called. Not wanting to waste a good thing, I let my imagination wander back to my friend, thinking what it would be like to wake up to her with her lips clamped over my cock and her pussy moving to my face. I can almost taste her in my mouth, that muskiness of a women first thing in the morning. A morning wank doesn't last long but its a fantastic way to start the day, not as good as a morning fuck but close.

I'm back home now, life returning to normal with the wife and kids but that was definitely a trip to remember.


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