Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ho Hum

Following on from that Friday night adventure I detailed here I met up with girl in question this week for a coffee. We both live in the same area of Edinburgh, know the same people and our kids go to the same schools. Any sort of illicit liaison would be very difficult for us to keep under wraps and this is nub of the matter. We decided that it was best if we didn't continue.

We fancy each other like mad but we are both (reasonably) happy with our current domestic arrangements. There is an old saying that you shouldn't shit in your own back yard and starting an affair would be just that.

There would be too much risk of someone finding out and the word getting back to our respective spouses, something that neither of us want to happen.

Playing away from home where there is no chance of being found out is fine but it's just too risky otherwise. So, with a short but passionate kiss, we ended our "relationship". That isn't to say that I don't still have feelings for her or she for me. If the opportunity arose where we were placed in a private situation with little or no chance of being discovered then it's pretty clear that a bit of rumpy pumpy would be on the cards.

She is, without a doubt, an incredibly sexy woman. I can still feel her lips encircling my cock that night in the garden, I can still feel her finger probing my ass, I can still feel my fingers in her pussy as she came and, it goes without saying, that I would really, really love to fuck her.

She is probably one of the few women that I could fall head over heels in love with, enough so that I would leave my partner. There have been very few of these. Apart from her, I can only think of one other, but that's a tale for another time.



Friday, August 19, 2005

Cold Water

Somehow I think the water is really cold !!

What a fantastic concept

What a fantastic concept :)

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Friday Night

Last Friday, we had a party at our house to celebrate the end of the summer holidays. Most of the guests were friends of the kids who will be returning to school next week.

Needless to say, quite a lot of good wine was consumed and quite a lot of good food. Unfortunately, as I was spending most of time serving I didn't get that much to eat so the booze started to go for my head. It seemed that I wasn't the only one in this predicament and there were some very drunk people around by the end of the evening.

Later on, I was out in the garden having a cigarette when I was joined by a women friend who wanted a quick smoke to. She was very, very drunk as well and before I knew what was happening we had our arms around each other and she was trying to suck tongue out of my mouth.

She was a little bit taller than me and so started rubbing her pussy against my hip, slowly grinding herself against me, harder and harder. Her breath was coming in gasps as our mouths kissed. My hand slid down her back and pulled her dress up. I could feel the coolness of her bum as I slid aside her panties and started rubbing my finger over her little hole which was soaking as her juices leaked out of her. I soon had one finger deep in her pussy from behind and my thumb pushed against her ass. She came with a shuddering orgasm just as I pushed a finger deep into her ass, her legs almost gave out and she put her arm round my neck kissing me deeply.

She slid down my body onto her knees and fumbled with my belt and buttons to pull my jeans down. My cock was rampant, poking out over the top of my shorts, glistening with pre-cum. She pulled it out and sank her mouth onto the shaft in one quick movement. She pulled down my shorts and squeezed my balls as her mouth worked its way up and down me. Her hands cupped my buttocks, pulling them apart and her fingers started to return the favour to my ass. Her tongue flicked the head of my cock as her finger pushed deeper and deeper into my ass. I felt myself building up to an earth shattering orgasm as the tip of her finger played against my prostrate. I pushed my cock deep into her mouth as finally I couldn't hold on any longer and I shot stream after stream of cum down her throat. She swallowed every drop, licking my glans to get the last of my load as she squeezed it out.

She stood up again and I kissed her mouth, tasting the salty taste of my cum on her lips and tongue. After a few minutes we made sure that we were both presentable, making sure that the few traces of leaves and earth were brushed off her knees and we re-joined the party. Both of us taking a quick strong drink to get he taste of each other off our mouths before our respective partners got suspicious.

That was definitely a party to remember and I'm going to make sure that we see each other again for seconds (and thirds).



Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm back

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that my postings have been a bit on the thin side recently, or non-existent for the last month.

I've got an excuse for this. My dog ate them. Luckily, that's a lie. Not only don't I have a dog but I haven't had time to produce anything worth eating, let alone posting.

I've been really, really busy for the last couple of months out in the real world and have had to sadly neglected all my friends and readers in this virtual world. The company that I helped found about 10 years ago and which I still work for, has been going through an acquisition phase and I've been involved in this to the extent that I've not been able to think about anything else. The up side to this is that I've made a bit of money but the down side is that I've been knackered.

So, I went on holiday with my family to sunny Portugal and I'm now refreshed and ready to go with more tales of my (sometimes) erotic adventures.

Watch this space over the next few days and weeks. Jack hasn't been all play and hopefully you will enjoy some of the postings I'm going to be doing.