Monday, April 18, 2005

Afternoon Delight

It's not only one of my favorite songs it's also one of my favorite pastimes.

My partner and I often go to bed at different times, she early me late. This is mainly due to her being pretty tired by the evening having to look after our kids (and me). It means that we rarely have a chance to make love at night.

This has lead to us both being quite keen on an a bit of afternoon delight. Often I'll take the day off work to go shopping with her. We will then have lunch in our favorite watering hole, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. We then head home and if we have time before having to pick up the kids from school we'll jump into bed for some fun.

By necessity, this does normally have to be a quick one, unless we have an early lunch after which we can spend a bit more time enjoying each other. There is something quite decadent about having sex while it's still daylight outside. We both have a knowing smile on our lips as we meet up with the other parents at school who have no idea that a few minutes previously we were naked in each others arms making the beast with two backs.

We do have to be careful though, on Sunday we thought the two youngest kids were busy playing on their computer and the elder two were out. We started kissing and cuddling in the kitchen and I suggested we nip upstairs. I was quite surprised when she said yes so I picked her up and carried her up to our bedroom. We quickly got our clothes off and started playing with each other. She was very wet and I was rock hard as we indulged in a little foreplay. Next thing we know one of the kids stuck his head round our door to ask a question. Luckily he's a bit too young to wonder why mum and dad were in bed on a Sunday afternoon!! After he left we were still in the mood but had to hurry just in case.

I liked the extra spiciness of almost being discovered, it added an extra something to our love making but it's not something I want to make a habit of.



unfurling said...

excellent, I thought you werent getting much sex, but this all sounds great!

Edinburgh Erotica said...

This month has been good!!