Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Spanish Delight

A couple of years ago I was on holiday with my partner in Southern Spain. We had rented a villa in a secluded spot amongst groves of olive trees.

One evening, my partner and I had a huge row over something quite stupid. I decided to cool off by going for a walk in the olive groves, just to get my head back together before I said something I'd regret. The olive groves looked like they hadn't been tended for a few years. The undergrowth was thick and, apart from a couple of paths, you couldn't see very far. It was still very warm that evening and I could hear insects doing insect things and birds dong birdie

I was walking for about 20 minutes, just enjoying the evening when I heard some noises coming from through the trees. I was intrigued by what I heard and decided to wander over to have a look. Pushing back some of the undergrowth I found myself looking into a small grove containing a girl and a guy lying together on a rug.

They looked like a lot of the other tourists in the area, slightly red from a bit too much sun and wearing rather skimpy clothes. He was wearing a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt, she was wearing what looked like a sarong and a camisole. She was a reasonably pretty brunette with a nice body. Her back was to me and I could see the outline of a lovely rounded bum through the material of her sarong. The sarong had fallen open showing her long slim leg right up to her

The guy was lying on his back with one arm around the girl, they had obviously been there for a while as it was plain that he was about to burst out of his shorts. The girl was slowly rubbing her hand up and down the bulge at his waist, a large wet patch was plainly visible at the head where his pre-cum had leaked out.

This continued for another few minutes as I watched, trying to make no sound that might disturb the vision I saw before me. The girl straightened up and knelt over his legs. This gave me a view of her breasts, barley held in check by her silky top. Her nipples were pressing against the material trying to escape, as she bent over him I caught a glimpse of her breast as the camisole parted from her body, the wonderful tan lines showing, just slightly lighter than the
rest of her body showing that she had been sunbathing topless (at least).

I looked on as she undid the zipper on his shorts, freeing up the swollen cock that they had held in check. She pulled down the shorts and his underwear and bent down to kiss the shaft. The cock looked magnificent, at least 7 inches long, the foreskin glistening with his pre-cum. She took the shaft in both hands and started to slide her hands up and down it's length, pausing every few strokes to rub her thumbs over his glans. I could see his back arching as shedid this, his balls starting to retract up into him as if he was about to cum.

The girl then placed a finger in her mouth, licking the pre-cum off. She kept her finger there for a little while, getting it very wet from her saliva. I was amazed as she slid the finger down between her legs and started to pla with herself in time to her had job. Every stroke on that guys dick was matched by a thrust of her finger into her glistening pussy.

She lifted up her hand to his face and I could see her juices glistening in the late afternoon sun. She pulled her camisole off over her head, her pert breasts standing up with no need for support, the nipples standing up like large raisins. Her sarong and panties soon followed and she knelt over her friend naked and ready. From the angle I was watching from I could see the line of her pussy from behind going up to her wonderful puckered starfish. Her juices were practically running down the inside of her thighs as she placed her finger back inside herself. She then withdrew the finger and slowly started to massage her friends perineum. Then the finger was slid slowly into his ass, gently at first then more rapidly as his cock stated to visibly throb in her other hand. Her prostate massage was having an incredible affect on him. He was bucking up and down with one of her hands fondling his ass and the other stroking his cock.

The girl moved round allowing the guy to get his hand on her bum from behind, he slid two fingers into her pussy and another forced it's was into her ass. She gasped as the fingers went in and she bore down on his hand again and again.

I watched this spectacle for another couple of minutes, this orgy of mutual masturbation, the filling of holes with available digits. Suddenly the girl let out a gasp as she came, arching her back and forcing her friend to pull his hand out quickly to avoid a nasty sprain. His own orgasm was obviously on its way. His cock was soaked with his own juices, she bent be head down and took the had in her mouth. I could see her cheeks muscles sucking hard on the head and see her finger push far into his ass. She raised her head just as he came, the torrent of ejaculate falling on her hand and his chest. She lay down by his side and gently kissed his lips, running her hand over his chest, massaging the cum into him, gently stoking his deflating cock.

By this time my own cock was aching for some action so I slowly moved away from the couple to head back to my villa, determined to make it up to my partner in the nicest possible way.

My partner was really turned on later when I told her what I had seen in the woods and the next night she came with me to see what we could see, but that's another story....

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