Monday, March 07, 2005

The best aphrodisiac

I'm very pro porn, I believe it gives a useful release to both men and woman.

I prefer the less extreme side of porn. I find pain, scat etc to be a great turnoff. As I've said in a previous post, I like the gentle, more "couple friendly" stuff (although the other half of my couple isn't interested :()

I've been watching a lot of "Classic" porn over the last couple of months. This tends to be stuff filmed in the 80's and 90's, mainly European but some US based stuff. The think I like most about it is that the girls and boys seem much more real in these. The girls tend to not be augmented and haven't been plucked and waxed bald. I've never understood the desire for a shaved pussy. A nicely trimmed pussy is much nicer. OK, so a pussy that looks like a burst mattress is a turn off, but nature put that hair there for a reason. It holds onto a lot of a girls scent, going down on a girl with hair is much, much nicer than a shaved one. In European, especially Scandinavian movies, you often see girls with that downy armpit hair. This just drives me wild. Again, the scent trapped there, as long as it hasn't been there too long, is a great turn on.

The best aphrodisiac is, without a doubt, a woman's natural smell.

One of the most telling things about these movies, and I'm not sure why, is that the girls and boys seem to be much more lubricated in these films than in more modern ones. Juices seem to flow from the girls pussys and pre-cum drips from the guys cocks. Even in close up shots, girls in modern in modern movies seem to be dry. You can see it when a couple are fucking. On the out stroke there doesn't seem to be any "residue" on a guys cock, in the older movies you can see that his cock is soaked in a girls juices.

That said, if the actors are pleasant and the setting/scenario is right, there s a lot of modern porn that I like. I'll be adding some links to some of my favorites sometime soon.

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