Friday, March 11, 2005

After Dinner

We finish our dinner and head out to get a cab home. I
hold your hand in mine as we wait, caressing your palm
with my finger. In the cab we cuddle up close and I
let my hand rest on your thigh. You lean over and kiss
me gently on the lips getting more and more passionate
as we drive along. My hand slides further and further
up your thigh until I can feel your heat through your

You press yourself up against my hand, I feel the
contours of mound against my fingers, one finger
gently caresses you, your tongue slips between my lips
and touches mine.

When we get home, I take off your jacket...pulling the
hair away from your neck, I place long wet kisses
along your jaw line and down your neck, my hand begins
to unbutton your blouse - slowly kissing the skin as
it gets exposed. When I get to last button I'm on my
knees in front of you. I run my hands up your legs and
inside your skirt, rucking it up as my hands move
slowly higher exposing your panties which show a small
damp patch on the front. I caress your bum as I move
closer and you can feel my breath on your pussy. I
slowly pull down your panties exposing the joy of your
sex. You unzip your skirt and let it fall to the
ground. You push my head closer to you and I run my
tongue over you, stopping to kiss the swollen clit
peaking out from its hiding place. I slowly suck it,
you press yourself hard against my lips, my mouth
slips down and my tongue slowly enters you, lapping up
the juices streaming down your thigh.

I run my tongue up your belly, past your breasts, past
your neck to your mouth. You taste yourself on me,
your hands reach up and touch my chest, and you feel
my nipple between your fingers getting harder as you
tease it. My hand drops down between your thighs and
my fingers start to work, slipping into your soaking
pussy, first one, then two, then three fingers moving
in and out.

I turn you around, my wet hand moves up your body
squeezing your firm breast, wetting them with your
juices. I run my tongue down your spine bending you
over to expose your red lips glistening in the
moonlight. I kneel down again and run my tongue along
the willing slit. You press back trying to get my
tongue as far inside you as possible, my tongue moves
up, running around your beautiful starfish while my
finger again slips inside you and my thumb plays with
your clit.

Suddenly, you scream with ecstasy as your orgasm hits
you, you rock back on your heals smearing my face with
your juices, I keep my fingers inside you as you cum
again and again until you knees give way and you
collapse beside me. I cradle your head in my lap, bend
down and gently kiss you on the lips.

I smile at you. Now it's my turn.

L & X

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