Saturday, March 05, 2005

Hi there and welcome

Hi there and welcome.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting some of my erotic writing. I welcome comments and fan mail :)

This site is about my thoughts and views on erotica and pornography. I'm very pro porn, I believe it gives a useful release to both men and woman. I prefer the less extreme side of porn. I find pain, scat etc to be a great turnoff.

I especially like what I suppose is known as "couple friendly" porn. Movies and pictures that could appeal to women as well as men. Saying that, there are some things that I feel are missing from most mainstream porn flicks.

My particular bugbear is that you don't see enough female on male anal play. You often see a guy lick and caress a girls bum but rarely do you see the opposite. Surely I'm not alone in liking having my anus stroked. Sometimes, when I masturbate, I rub a well lubricated finger around my anus. If I'm feeling particularly aroused, I'll slip a finger gently inside myself. This heightens the pleasure immensely and leads to a fantastic orgasm. I especially like to to this when I'm away from home, staying in a hotel as I can be a lot more adventurous. Maybe I'll describe this in more detail in a later post.

Enough for now.

Love + Kisses

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