Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hair today, not gone tomorrow

I've mentioned before that I don't like bald woman. Well, here is an example of near perfect grooming.

I love the wispy hairs left on her lips just catching the light. Notice the razor burn on the right hand side, might be a bit itchy. I wonder if she would let me scratch it :)

Now, these next three are all different. The first shows a pretty girl in all her glory, showing off her natural assets.

Her breasts look pretty natural, that slightly lopsided look, and her pussy is trimmed but not too much.

Next we have something a bit more extreme. This girl has realised that shaving under your armpits is not compulsory, and I love that. The feel of hair under there drives me wild. Not too much mind you, I prefer it a bit more downey than that, but every girl has their own feel.

Her bum could do with a bit of a wax though. I can't imagine her in a normal bikini bottom, let alone anything skimpier.

Last, but not least, we have another example of near perfection.

Here we have a girl who seems very proud of her body. She have obviously been to a beautician for some bikini-line waxing but hasn't gone too far. A bit of careful trimming has also allowed here pussy lips to give that cute little pout we love.

Til later.


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