Saturday, June 25, 2005

This week

It's been a tiring week.

Apart from being very hot in Edinburgh (which is very unusual in itself), I've been over to Germany for a couple of days on business. It was even hotter there than it was at home.

Lying in my hotel room it was too hot to think about doing anything. The complete lack of air conditioning made it necessary to have all the windows open but that didn't so much provide any fresh air as to just let the noise in.

I switched on the TV and started to flick trough the channels looking for something even mildly titillating. No chance of any hardcore porn as there was no pay-to-view, but I did come across some pretty weird stuff.

Firstly, there was an advert for the local cable channel. This consisted of a quick promo of the normal channels you would expect followed by a 10 minute segment of Playboy TV. I wasn't expecting anything too racy from this but they were showing some nice girl-on-girl action. It's just a pity that most of he girls were your typical Playboy bunny, plastic boobed bimbos.

When these segments were over it was time for some more channel surfing.

This led to a bit of s surprise, every channel that had closed down appeared to be taken over by adverts for phone sex interspersed by a strip show! The phone sex adverts weren't very graphic but they did all contain topless girls, something you would never get over here. The stripping was so-so with the girls being careful to hide themselves whenever they bent over. You could see a bit but not enough to raise a stir.

It just goes to show the different standards between the countries in Europe (and, I suppose the US).

The Janet Jackson incident spring to mind. When she bared her tit at the Super Bowl there were hundreds of thousands of complaints that the youth of America was being corrupted by the sight of a nipple. For gods sake, we all have at least two!! Here in the UK a few months ago, the winner of our entry in the Eurovision Song Contest got so excited to win that the tape holding her dress to he boob came loose and she popped out. This resulted in about 5 complaints to the BBC. The quality of her singing (if you could call it that) generated more comment.

In the UK we are used to seeing nudity on network TV. As long as it' safer 9 o'clock, no-one cares (apart from the prudes that insist that even table legs should be covered up).

Anyway, back to the point of this post. Here is a photograph I took recently of a most gorgeous back. I love the way that the water droplets lie.

Love & Kisses