Friday, July 08, 2005

Is Pornography Racist?

Or maybe the subject should be "Are Pornographers Racist?"

One of the things that really pisses my off is the categorization of some porn as "Inter-racial". Whenever there are pictures of a black guy fucking a white girl or a white guy fucking a black girl then it's "Inter-racial".

I find this fundamentally offensive.

No, don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing against seeing pictures or movies of this sort, it's just their labeling that I object to. It's also true to say that majority of this labeling originates from the US. What does this tell us about society in the US when they still regard sex between blacks and whites as a taboo subject?

Why can't it just be labeled as sex or, as seems to often be the case, huge cock sex :)

Are the white guys just a little bit jealous of the perceived size "advantage" that black guys have? Is that why they attempt to label it such. Are they trying to imply that it's not normal and the white girls who get involved are more slutty that if being fucked by a white guy?

In the 21st Century we shouldn't be worried about this.



Anonymous said...

We live in a society that deals with color all the time. we still live in two nation separated and unequal.

shan webster said...

sorry that this pisses u off---but i think u will find the culpret if u look in a mirror. considering the USA was originally made up of every kind of scum england could send over here i think we've progressed pretty well. get a life

Dana said...

Shan... If all you've got to say is shit like that, why don't you just fuck off?

Anyway, interesting point - have you ever noticed just how seldom Hollywood movies put an "interracial" couple together? If you can stand it, watch a few movies, or even mainstream TV shows, see how many times the black guy has a black wife and they're the ONLY black people in the show.

Owen Emmanuel said...

I agree wholeheartedly that most pornographers use subtle tones of racism toarouse pre existing dogmas in our minds.Black is equal to huge , animal like,unknown quantity,dark mysterious et all.

White is perceived as pure,law abiding,predictable,does not and should not gel with non whites.

And it is their union that assumes a"forbidden fruit"quality that the multitude desire to taste.

Such is the dogma that in an Indian group on sex which has over 25000 members,the persistent demand is for sex pictures of indian men/women having sex with a white man or woman.

Recently I read somewhere

"Dogma vs. Knowledge True in every aspect .........

The earth revolves around the sun, and did so even when the accepted
official doctrine of various self-proclaimed "authorities" said

Even when all of the "learned minds" agreed that the sun goes around
the earth, all of them--every last one--was wrong. When people were being
ridiculed, or even imprisoned (or worse) for disagreeing with the official
dogma, the dogma was still wrong."
Here too,we have to do a lot of soul searching before we find our real identity.

Till then,we have to put up with these "Inter racials".

Nick said...

As much as I hate to say it, mainstream pornography is is considered white on white. For the most part, any departure from that mainstream is considered exotic and "forbidden fruit." There are those in the states who still believe that God has "color-coded" humanity.

This is a contributing factor as to why mixed race couples is almost seen as fetishistic. That really doesn't do anything for me, except the fact that I don't really think of them as an interracial couple, but rather a couple.

JoBob said...

Wow, I hate to throw cold water on this "racist America hate-fest" but you guys are waaaaay off base here. I actually had a friend in the industry, he did films to pay the bills early on in his college career, and later, after he graduated, he stayed in the business as a camera man for nearly three years - he even got to do some work on a few Anabolic projects. We actually talked about this quite a bit, the different types of films that he'd shoot, and I can tell you now that it's not racism that drives the adult film industry, it's money. Labeling helps consumers make a quick decision as to what to rent, that may sound silly but remember that there's still a stigma associated with renting adult films here as well. So if labeling helps consumers get what they want and get out of that room in the back of the vid store, so much the better.

So when they label a film "Interracial" its not because their sexist, it's because they don't want some pudwhacker who has a hang up about black men screwing blonds to get upset. Because that guy won't rent their vids next time if he thinks he might see another black on blond scene, he'll rent someone else's instead. Does that make the consumers who drive the industry wrong? No, not really. I mean we're talking about adult film entertainment, and everyone has their own tastes. Some folks want vanilla, some want rocky road. Who's to judge one right and the other wrong? You? Me? Heck, I'm a straight, white, male and I don't particularly care to watch a black man and a white woman get it on, or vice versa. Not because I'm racist or ashamed of the size of my dick compared to a black mans', but because I like lesbian porn.

Anonymous said...

The producers of "interracial" genre are appealing to a demand that exists in society. This stuff appeals to white females, and black males, too, and the Internet is full of their testimonials to prove this. And get off the America-bashing. Have you noticed how many of England's fair ladies are appearing in interracial sex pix all of a sudden? I'll bet you find it hot, too, but have are in a high-minded, intellectual snit for some reason. Interracial porn has an erotic appeal to everyone but black women, it seems.

Edinburgh Erotica said...

I've got nothing against porn that contains white, black, yellow or polka-dot. My objection is to it's labeling, not it's content.

Anonymous said...

you are all over thinking this. pornographers know their audience, plain and simple. with porn so easily accessibile on the net, films and tv getting more racy every day, and an onslaught of sexual images everywhere one turns, johnny and joanie six pack need more and more stimulation to get their rocks off. some people like black men or women in their men fucking white women has been arousing to folks through the ages. others prefer zoftig women, feet, pantyhose, trannies, etc. it's marketing, plain and simple. pornographers label their product and market it to the people that like fairly specific brands of kink. sex is big business..and not labeling your product is bad business. perhaps you should be more concerned about the misogyny that runs rampant in porn. or the ideas porn gives men and women about sexual performance, behavior and promiscuity. or te fact that sexual addiction is becoming a real problem in our society.

Gavin Adams said...

Shan obviously you stupid because the host of this site is from Scotland not England. And America has progressed When? America is the biggest terrorist going in 60 years America has bombed over 22 nations killing over 8bn people some progress. Now back on topic Men should not be jealous of the size of the member it is fact according to NUTS magazine that women are sensitive to the first 3 inches of the vagina anymore is a waste what do you say girls?

Monty said...

I tend to agree with you that there is a degree of racism in the porn industry. However I do not believe the racism lies with the film makers and producers. The issue is that Racism in the US is existing within the minds of many of our citizens. So in the spirit of true Hollywood. Give the people what they want and perpetuate the income as long as possible. Besides we all get excitement from the percieved taboo or exceptionally naughty. Adds a bit of a rush to the sexual experience knowing that possibly we could be caught or found out. What I see as a bit of good news is that there are Black girls with white men which was really taboo until recently. Unfortunately deep rooted human perspectives change slowly over time and through generations. These attitudes are perpetuated by all the races even regarding themselves. Someday we'll be closer, however there will always be those that are better than the rest of

Wyld said...

I find your little post interesting considering i found this blog via a post you made in a google group titled "BLACK girl get fucked twide" .. why not GIRL gets f..... twice?

Anonymous said...

What this dumb niggers point seems to be is that he's offended by appropriately labeled porn. With his justification, it is racist to type "Spanish girls" if you wanna see some hot Spanish girls. Why cant they just be girls? Matter and fact, why cant they just be People, since men and women are equal? We spend too much time in this country listening to every crying asshole that thinks they have a valid point- go fuck off and stop staining the fabrics of freedom- go over to cuba or africa and try whining over your porn labels.