Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I placed an ad on the notice board of the local students union. It's near the end of term and I thought there may be someone out there who would fancy earning a few quid doing some modeling for me.

I was quite open about what I wanted and I got a couple of replies which, after discussing things by email, didn't pan out.

However, one girl did agree to meet me to have a chat about what we could do. We met in a pub in the Grassmarket and over a couple of drinks I talked about my interest in photography, how I wanted to expand my portfolio and how I needed some studies of flesh tones. Luckily we hit it off right away, she liked my ideas, realised I wasn't just some perv out to take photos of girls to get my jollies (she had friends of friends who were doing the course I'm planning on doing after the summer) and we agreed to meet up the next evening.

At this initial session I just wanted to take a few shots of her, see what the light was like in her flat and see how she took instruction, the idea being that a future session would involve a bit more. I turned up at her place with my cameras and after a drink and a chat we started the shoot. At first I took a few portrait shots of her, just to see what results I could get with natural light, the cameras built in flash and an external flash unit.

The light coming in her window was lovely and the net curtain gave it a lovely hazy quality and the resultant photos were good.

I wanted to get a few more flesh tones in the next few shots and, as I have a thing about girls backs, I asked her to remover her top and turn her back to me. She had a wonderfully beautiful back with that slight mound at the base of the spine that drives me wild, but I controlled myself. I then had her turn around and raise her arms above her head lifting her breasts and pointing her nipples. Again, wonderful and the photos looked lovely.

And that was it. She seemed a bit disappointed that I wanted to call a stop there but I'd gotten what I wanted for now. We have agreed to meet up again next week to do some more and I got the feeling that she really enjoyed being photographed (especially if the aroused state of her nipples was anything to go by!!)

She put a gown on and we chatted for a bit more before I left. I was quite pleased that I'd resisted the temptation to take thing further at that point, I got the feeling that she would have gone much further (in her posing I mean) but I'm going to leave that for another time.



unfurling said...

Wow - sounds exciting to say the least.

OK now level with me - Do you have a sneaking hope you will sleep with this woman?

Virgin Slut said...

If a non-professional girl (i.e. not a model) takes her top off for you, she wants things to go further.

QTHotflash said...

First off. Whether the girl is a paid professional or a local who is OK with the idea of getting nude for you to photograph the one time honored oath professional photographers use is... HANDS (and everything else) OFF. I speak from experience not heresay. Any girl who is nude in front of your camera should expect more than reasonable degree of safety. She is not there for sex, oral or any other form of mutual gratification.
If it even remotely appears it is going that way, pack your equipment, pay her or thank her and LEAVE. If she seeks you out later then all is fair and have fun.
I take professional photographs on what is called a "fill" basis know what happens or could happen in front of and behind the lens. Write me if you want

sergie yes said...

Hello Edinburgh Erotica:
Just surfed into this paradise. Thanks a lot, will stay tuned to Edinburg's own Eden. Keep it up, a fan lives in the NW of USA is is watching with love what you do!