Monday, October 23, 2006


Well, I actually went ahead with it. I was incredibly nervous on Thursday knowing what was going to happen that lunchtime. I was very busy at work that morning which helped to take my mind off it but eventually the time came for me to go to the appointment. I did remember to take a couple of Ibuprofen about an hour before hand, having read that pre-waxing self-medication was a good idea. Being fully aware of the areas that would be on display, I also made sure I had really good wash before I headed off.

The only beautician that I'd been able to find in Edinburgh who advertised this kind of male waxing was Sin Waxing. Instead of a salon, the woman ran this operation from her home. Traffic on the way there was a nightmare and finding a parking space almost made me late for the appointment but I managed to get there pretty much on time.

When I arrived I was shown into her treatment room. Sam, the beautician, left the room as I took off my clothes having left me with a small flannel to cover myself with. When Sam came back in, she explained what she would be doing and I lay back as she prepared the hot wax.

I held the flannel to cover my cock and my left ball as she got to work on the hairs on my right ball. The feeling of the hot wax as she smoothed a small amount onto me was quite pleasant, until the time came for the first strip to be applied and ripped off.

I was expecting excruciating pain as the hairs were ripped from my skin and was steeling myself for the feeling of each individual hair crying out in pain as it departed this mortal coil. Thankfully, this didn't happen and, other than a slight tugging sensation the initial part of the waxing was reasonably pain free.

After polishing off my testicles and perineum, Sam started on the area above and around my cock. With me holding the offending article out of the way she proceeded to apply the hot wax to my skin. Expecting a similar experience to the other hair I was ever so slightly shocked when my worst nightmares happened and I felt as if my skin was being torn off with red-hot pincers!!! Sam said that the hair here was particularly thick as I'd been shaving for so long and that was why it was so painful. Next time it wouldn't be as bad. The next few minutes were a bit of a blur but soon the area was nice and hair free.

Next it was time to clear up the hair on the lower part of my cock. At this point the flannel was only being used to cover the very tip of my cock, I couldn't quite see the point but that's how it was. Soon my whole front was hair free and Sam rubbed some anti-septic Germaline cream over me.

Now it was time for the bit that I was dreading the most, the "crack". I was half expecting to be asked to go up on all fours with my arse sticking in the air but thankfully that's not how Sam wanted me. She had me lie on my side with my upper leg forward. I then had to reach behind and pull my butt cheek up to allow her access. Again, the actual waxing wasn't too unpleasant and I rather enjoyed the feeling of the wax. After flipping over to get the other side stripped, we were almost done.

Sam finished off by giving my chest a quick wax. Unfortunately, we had run out of time, so I couldn't get my legs done. I'll save that for the next time.

So, what do I now feel like? I can only say that I'm wonderfully smooth, more so than I was ever able to achieve by shaving alone. Even after 4 days, no stubble has yet appeared. My balls, especially, feel like silk they are so smooth and soft. What a wonderful feeling. I really wish that I'd done this ages ago and saved myself the pain of shaving cuts and nicks.

My only regret is that M is away on vacation just now and hasn't had a chance to give her opinion of the venture. I can't wait for her to run her tongue over my hairless balls, taking my hairless cock into her mouth as she slides a finger into my naked bum. Those pleasures will have to wait for a little while yet, hopefully before things start to grow back.




Anonymous said...

I'd actually been considering going to Sam, but wasn't sure what she was like. I'll definitely think about it more strongly now!


single gal said...

waxing is fabulous! i love it so much!

Edinburgh Erotica said...

At last, someone else from Edinburgh reads my blog!!

And thanks SG, I do so agree :)

Anonymous said...

Haha, I just started uni here. What a terrific city...

Al Sensu said...

Still seems scary to me. I just shaved for the first time and I do like the extra sensitivity on my balls.

Anne Elizabeth said...

You are very brave to do that ! I bet your girlfriend will love licking your balls !

It is much the same pleasure for us to have a man hair-free for oral sex -- as it is for a man to have a woman's pussy cleanly bare...

Thanks for writing !

I'm going to vote for you for this for Sugasm ! People ought to know about waxing -- and you shared the truth !

Anne Elizabeth of Make My Cop Come

Tara Tainton said...

Fascinating! I've never been waxed myself, so the play-by-play definitely satisfies my curiosity about it all. Glad it wasn't too painful of an experience for you!


Paige said...

I prefer cocks with hair. Just push it back and suck. :)

tendernfine said...

I had my first and only professional brazilian wax a few years ago, and I must say that is has a strange, erotic quality to it. I felt turned on when I left.

But having someone else do it was more painful than doing it myself. I find I'm more careful with it than someone else... funny that!

Anonymous said...

Have you kept going, and has she been similarly good?

funny sparky said...

I'm with Paige on this, I prefer hair, but this was interesting to read...but please don;t refer to your cock as 'the offending article' there's very few of them I've seen up close and personal I would ever describe as offending! lol!

Anonymous said...

im from glasgow and i read your blog... im not getting my balls waxed tho.

Porno Spark said...

Well even I didn't waxed my hairs of my balls but i do trim!! Is there a difference in pleasure with hairy and hairless balls?I said u before i trim it! so never tried with hair!!

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