Thursday, October 05, 2006

HNT - M's Nipple

M's Nipple

As I've said already, M & I are going through a "dry" period just now due a lack of location for making the beast with two backs.

We are still chatting every day and meet up for a coffee a couple of times a week. We are fortunate in that the coffee shop we choose is not too busy and we are normally able to sit in a reasonably secluded spot, not secluded enough that we can actually do anything but secluded enough.

As we sit across the small table from each other, we are able to touch and kiss. As M tends to sit with her back to the room my hands stray to her lovely boobies, fondling them though her clothes. If she is wearing a loose top, my hand will often slip inside it and her bra to caress her nipples.

The other day I fired up the camera on my phone and managed to take this rather candid shot of her nipple. Yummy.




single gal said...

yummy indeed!

funny sparky said...

Sneaky, but sexy!