Monday, October 16, 2006

Braaazil, ta de dum te ta de dum

Ary Barroso's classic tune is running through my head just now. The reason? I've finally plucked (if you'll excuse the pun) up the courage to have a bit of waxing done. More than a bit really, I've booked myself in for the full male Brazilian. This thursday, I'm breaking my waxing cherry!!

As I've mentioned on a couple of occasions, I like to keep the old todger spick and span, ensuring that M doesn't come away with a pube between her teeth after her delightful mouth has been having it's wicked way with me. It's been a slightly uncomfortable few weeks as I've let the hair grow back to the required length.

I'll admit to being a bit terrified at the prospect of having the hairs ripped from my tender regions but a man's gotta do etc.

Single Gal said in a comment to me that "waxing is awesome". Well, we will see.



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