Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Time of the month

Some men (and some woman) like to have sex while their partner is:

connoisseurs of this particular activity. Not that I think a girl is "unclean" or anything like that, I just don't fancy "eating the red carpet".

That's not to say that there is no sexual activity between M and myself during this week of the month (or sometime more as she approaches the menopause). Like most women, M suffers from PMS although, thankfully, not the murderous kind. Her libido does increase as her period gets nearer and we find that a vigorous workout can help to relieve the cramps. She also finds that, once she has started, a good orgasm makes her feel much, much better even if it's not caused by penetrative sex.

While we don't always get a chance to see each other every time she is "unavailable", when we do I'm guaranteed to get the most fantastic blow-job as my teat for making her feel better :) This week was a typical example of what we get up (down) to.

As usual, as soon as I open the door to her she leaps into my arms. Her mouth devours mine, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth, running over my lips, probing between my teeth to caress my tongue. She presses her breasts against my chest and her crotch against mine, feeling my rapidly hardening cock swelling in my jeans, rubbing herself more and more vigorously against me. Just in those first few minutes of our embrace she reaches her first orgasm, her arms around my neck holding me tight, my hands on her bum gently pushing her against me.

She slides her hands down to my jeans and slides it inside to feel my head wet with pre-cum, she undoes the buttons and pushes them down as she slips down my body to take my rampantness into her mouth, she undoes her blouse and shirks it off onto the floor, I pull her bra over her head revealing her beautiful breasts and nipples, hard and aroused. She trails her tongue up my body and we kiss again, passionately, my hands caressing her breasts, twisting and tweaking her nipples as she moans with pleasure.

She pulled away from me and grabs my cock in her hand. She pulls me through to the sitting room, not letting go for an instant (if a girl is pulling you by your cock, believe me, you follow :) until she pushes me down onto the couch. She pulls of my trousers so I'm sitting there naked, my cock pointing straight up, M standing in front of topless with wicked look in her eyes. She kneels down between my legs, takes my cock in her hand, pulls back the foreskin and begins to lick me from base to head, her hand gently wanking me as her mouth slips over me, taking the engorged head into her lovely soft mouth, her teeth gently nipping at me as she bobs up and down. M doesn't do "deep throat" (at least, not yet) but she more than makes up for it in the way her mouth, tongue, teeth and hands play with me. One second her hand is cupping my balls, the next she is squeezing hard on my shaft, the next she is gently rubbing her saliva into my perineum and ass.

While doing all this my lower leg and foot are rubbing against her, her gasps of passion getting more and more frequent as she builds up to yet another orgasm. I reach down and pull her skirt up to her waist, my hand slips down the inside of her panties, her bum cheeks spread wide, my finger slipping down to rest against her cute little rosebud. She thrusts her backside up almost forcing my finger into her. She gasps as my finger slips into her ass and I do the same as her hand tightens around my shaft. My finger slips in and out of her, following the thrusting of her bum against my hand. As you can imagine, this isn't a particularly comfortable position for me, my leg stretched out so that M can rub herself against me, my arm stretched sown so that I can finger her ass while making sure that her mouth can still envelope my cock. I can feel her thighs quaking as she builds up to another orgasm, this one heightened by my anal probing, my cock swelling in her mouth as I approach release. I cum first, my jism spurting into her mouth, then she cums, that quivering, moaning release of a satisfied woman. I flop backwards onto the couch, satisfied as well. M climbs onto the couch beside me and we kiss, my cum salty on her tongue, caressing each other in the warm, post-orgasm afterglow of good sex.


Shay said...

I usually opt for shower sex when I'm on my period - that way i never have to worry about making a mess and it's super easy for us both to clean up afterwards! ^_^

funny sparky said...

It is indeed, still one of the great taboo subjects, nice to see someone actually acknowledging it! I always ensure my man is well looked after in the same way M does for you at this time, but towards the end of the time, I find masturbation a great help, yes, the orgasm induced does relieve cramps and why should we miss out too?! But it did take a lot of nerve on my part to even consider the matrubation option for myself....