Monday, May 15, 2006


The previous post has left me thinking a bit about food and sex (while I should be working). A couple of times in the past I've played around with ice cream while naked in bed with a girl but not to the extent of making it an actual part of foreplay or lovemaking.

The use of phallic food as part of tryst seems like an interesting experiment to try but the most important question is what to use.

No doubt you will have heard the apocryphal tale of Marianne Faithfull, Mick Jagger and a Mars Bar. There is also the banana featured in the photo below. I've seen pictures of a girl using a pear but it didn't look very comfortable.

The problem with a Mars Bar, or indeed any phallic chocolate covered confectionery, is that the thing is liable to melt and make a pretty terrible mess :) Not only is this an issue for the bed clothes that will have to cleaned up afterwards but also for the couple in question. For the girl having chocolate running out of her pussy (or other orifices) may not be the best post-coital experience she may have. For the guy, having a chocolate coated cock may not be as much of an issue (especially if it is swapping between a pussy and a mouth), but may be a problem later on if his wife asks what the brown stains in his underwear are caused by!!

While bananas may not pose such an issue, there is the problem of disintegration. In the set of photos from which this one was taken there seemed to be no obvious sign of fruit coming apart but there may be a hidden pile behind the camera ready for such a scenario. What would happen if the banana breaks off half way in? How, exactly can you comfortably remove such an obstacle? I suppose that I could just insert a suitable bit of my anatomy to try to get it out but I suspect that trying this would either just push it further in or result in its destruction and resultant gooey escape in the same fashion as the aforementioned chocolate.

The above is, at this stage, just conjecture. It will have to await a further meeting between myself and the beautiful M to determine what is best.

Any advise on what may be best is quite welcome.



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Tony said...

mmm understand your problem, we faced a similar dilemar with a cream egg only recently... inserting a bit of anatamy seemed to work... but there was choc around for hours..