Saturday, May 06, 2006

Anal Fun

As I've mentioned before, M likes to have her bum played with both as part of extensive foreplay and during sex. I'd slip my finger out of her, wet from her juices and then rub it around her pretty little rosebud. I'd slowly push the finger into her tight sphincter, sliding it in and out as she moans with the pleasure of the sensations coursing through her. I'd slip the finger out and back into her pussy to gather some more of her juices before sliding it back into her bum. Sliding the finger in and out of her I soon slip a second finger in alongside the first. Next, my thumb would slip into her pussy and I'd press it down against the fingers in her bum, slipping them all in and out together, her thighs quivering from the impending orgasm which finally wracks her body with waves of pleasure.

The other day I decided that it was time to take things a little bit further. We weren't able to meet up at lunchtime so had arranged to meet up late afternoon instead. I'd arrived first as usual and had a wash. I'm quite fastidious about this, I like to be clean before sex so I always try to make sure that I've given my cock a wash before sex, nothing turns a woman off more than a smelly cock!! When M arrived she decided that she was a bit sweaty from being out shopping in town so she decided to nip to the bathroom for a little clean up herself. As she was doing this I took off my clothes and jumped into bed. M re-appeared in just her sexy black bra and panties, her erect nipples plainly visible through the lacy material. She sat down on the side of the bed and leant over to kiss me, her arms slipping round my neck to pull me closer to her, her breasts pressing against my chest, my hands caressing her back and thighs as we kissed passionately. My hand moved down to her bottom, squeezing her flesh through her panties.

She lay down by my side, pushing the duvet off me so that she could see my body and my semi-erect cock waiting for her ministrations. Her hand took hold of me and with slow strokes soon had fully erect and ready. She pulled back the foreskin and planted a gentle kiss on the head, running her tongue around the glistening tip. She lifts her mouth back up to mine, the taste of me on her lips. Her tongue flits in and out of my mouth, her lips press against mine.

My hands explore her body, slipping under the soft material of her bra, teasing her nipples, squeezing her breasts. I pull it off over her head and start to kiss and suck them as she rubs herself against my thigh and cums for the first time. M has very sensitive boobs and loves having them played with. My hands now start to concentrate on her pussy, stroking it through the, by now, soaking material. My finger pull them aside and sip easily into her wet pussy. She presses her body against mine and guides my cock into her. It slides easily into her sweetness and we are soon rocking against each other as I get deeper and deeper inside her. Soon, she reaches orgasm again, not stopping to rest she rolls me onto my back and starts to ride me to another orgasm until finally she collapses against me, temporarily sated.

We spend the next 15 or so minutes just cuddling each other, licking each other and generally having a good time. This is a very important part of our lovemaking and involves quite a lot of intimate contact. My favorite position in this situation is for us both to be lying on our sides, her hand gently wrapped around my cock as my hand reaches around behind her to fondle her pussy and her ass. There was plenty of this going as well as a repeat of the probing I described above. Eventually we got to the state where some more fucking was called for. I rolled her onto her front and opened her legs. I slid my, by now rampant, cock into her pussy rubbing the head over her g-spot, feeling it's slight roughness as M moaned and moaned in pleasure. I lifted her up until she was on all fours and continued to thrust away at her as she came again and again before she arms collapsed and her little rosebud was just peering up at me just above where my cock was still embedded in her pussy.

I reached over for some KY lubricant and started to pour some down her bum crack. I started to massage the lubricant into her with my finger, just running it around her at first before slipping my finger inside her. I then slid a second finger into her, gently stretching her hole. I started to slide my cock in and out of her pussy again, the lube running down onto it, mixing with her juices to thoroughly lubricate my cock as it slid, gently in and out of her. I pulled out and ran my cock down her crack, pausing for a second over her little hole before slipping it back into her pussy.

I leant over and whispered "Shall I?". She let out a quite moan and said "Yes, please". I poured a bit more lube over her and slipped my cock out of her pussy. I placed it gently against her virgin opening and pushed gently in. As the head of my cock pushed into her she let out a gasp of pain. Naturally, I stopped immediately and withdrew. I lay down beside her and she said that I felt just too big for her to take. I said that it was OK, which it was, and just started to stroke her again. I had no problem inserting three of my fingers into her bum, she was so wet. I moved them in and out almost bringing her to another orgasm. She said she wanted to try again and who am I to refuse. Up she went again on all fours and I positioned my cock at her hole. I added a bit mode lube and slowly pushed against her until, with a gasp of pain/pleasure, the head of my cock slipped inside her.

I didn't want to do too much this time so I just gently moved the head of my cock in and out of her while I reached around and rubbed her pussy. There was just no way I was going to get any deeper into her without causing her too much discomfort. Her moans became more and more intense as she climbed to another orgasm but didn't quite get there. I gently pulled out of her and moved my cock down to her pussy, thrusting deep inside her again and again until, finally, I felt her muscles clamp down on me as she came again and again. We lay there for a short time while M caught her breath, my hard cock still inside her. M moved away from me, my cock coming out of her pussy with a distintinly squelchy sound. She took me in both hands and started stroking my length as her mouth enveloped the organ that had, until recently, been giving her so much pleasure. Her hand cupped my balls as they constricted just before I shot my load into her mouth.




Sabine said...

A lovely rendition of an afternoon, I'm a bit prudish and nervous about pain around anything anal,although I know there is an intensity of pleasure, so Iloved this probing exploration.

Adam said...
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Anonymous said...

u will read in many many places that going from anal to vaginal is a very good way (I mean, a very bad way) to spread bacteria and cause an infection. dont do it.

Edinburgh Erotica said...

Fully aware of that but describing how I paused to clean my cock woud have broken the narrative :)

Sex Blogger said...

good stuff!

marriedwithsex said...

Awesome!!!! I can so relate! This is where my hubby and I were earlier this year....all I can say is keep trying, it is so worth it!

Other than the cleaning thing, which sounds like you have under hint would be: KY or other slick/slippery lubricants never did work for us...we had to use too much to get G's cock once he was in it was too slippery...if that makes sense, not enough friction. I finally found one called elbow grease and that stuff rocks also a couple of varing size but plugs really help.

Will be reading to see how you and M progress ;)

Anonymous said...

delighted to read your progress...

My wife and I had been married for years. We put the children to bed and started watching some porn while we made love. Watching the anal she decided it was time to try it.

Lots of lube was demanded as was a gentle soft push just inside. I was so keen but went slowly just as instructed. Well before long I was slowly sliding in all the way to my balls and she was groaning with delight. As I slid deep in and out she even said "why did I wait so long"

While not done every time, it is now a nice addition to our variety of things to do. mmm I'm getting excited just writing this :)

Anonymous said...

i was dubious about anal sex, but after some gentle coaching by my partner. I trust him completely not to hurt me and now i love anal, hard as possible, it gives me fantastic orgasms. in turn my partner cant control himself either.

funny sparky said...

Its a wonderful always needs lube, lube and more lube....I certainly have never regretted stepping into that zone....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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