Monday, September 18, 2006


Pixie Blue Nipple

I've always been a huge fan of small breasted women, especially those with big nipples. I love watching and feeling a nipple slowly growing erect as a women gets more and more turned on.

leto Nipple

Watching a nipple harden while you feel the other with fingers or tongue really turns me on. I love the feel of a woman's breast as I gently squeeze it, the nipple being rubbed between my fingers, the softness of the skin, the softness of the flesh.

Nadine Jansen

I don't like large breasts. A D-cup is probably about as big as I find arousing. Huge pendulous breasts do nothing for me.

Huge fake ones actually turn me right off, I really don't understand why a woman would want to mutilate her body in that way. OK, it may do wonders for her self-image to go from an A- or B-cup up to a C or D but why go so over the top. It just doesn't look right. I just don't see the point of breasts that are so big they are practically dragging on the ground. Surely they must just get in the way.

Obviously, this is a very personal preference. I was talking with a friend recently who was telling me that his 13 year-old son is currently totally obsessed with breasts, the bigger the better.

Katie Price/Jordan

He actually thinks that Jordon, a.k.a Katie Price, is attractive. He still has to learn the difference between quantity and quality. While she has quantity, she most certainly isn't quality.

Girl on bed

No, give me a nice pair of sub-D cup boobs and I'll be a happy bunny.




ian said...

Agreed: I adore small breasts and the feeling of a pert nipple hardening against my tongue.

single gal said...

i think the most important thing for all women is to enjoy what you have, regardless of size.

Anonymous said...

more than breast size, i love pert and responsive nipples. thanks for the great post.

Anonymous said...

Am glad there r still men out there who dont buy the whole big boobs nonsence !
ps: whos the girl with short hair on the top ?

Edinburgh Erotica said...

The girl in the top 2 pictures is the delectable Andrea Spinks. She is also known as Pixie, Nadia, Nadia Spinks etc.

I think she is one of the cutest porn stars (unfortunatly now retired).


Edinburgh Erotica said...

Actually, top right iosn't Pixie. No idea who she is.


Shay said...

Yay small boobies!! ^_^ and YAY small boobie lovers!
Mine look similar to the one overlooking the lake above

Edinburgh Erotica said...

They're my favorite (after Pixie)!!

ultrafeel said...

I guess it's more important whether the size of the breasts fits the general appearance of the woman!

ultrafeel said...

Like here:
Very erotic art - where all the sizes perfectly fit...!

Anonymous said...

Katie Price had a very pretty face and was very attractive; why she ruined her body with those ridiculous implants is beyond me. Give me the girl in the lower picture any day, she's gorgeous.