Monday, September 25, 2006

English speaking, lesbian, graduate managers have more orgasms

According to this academic report, a woman is more likely to have an orgasm during sex if she is a graduate who speaks English at home (especially if they are Australian) according to "Sexual Practices at Last Heterosexual Encounter and Occurrence of Orgasm in a National Survey", carried out by researchers from the UK's Sussex University and the universities of Sydney and Melbourne. It also helps if you speak English at home, have a "higher household income" and "a managerial/professional occupation".

Those women who'd "used a sex toy in the last year" and "had sex more than twice a week in the four weeks before being interviewed" were similarly "significantly more likely" to have cum. The likelihood of female orgasm was not, however, affected by:

"whether [women] had become sexually active before age 16, the length of time they had been sexually active, the number of sexual partners over the lifetime, whether they had masturbated in the last month, had deliberately visited an internet sex site in the last year, had watched an X-rated video or film in the last year, or their attitudes toward sex".
The principal reason for female frustration is, however, not due to socio-economic factors. Yup, you guessed it: lack of proper attention considerably reduced a woman's likelihood to orgasm. Specifically:

"orgasm was least likely (50 per cent) among the group whose only reported practice was vaginal intercourse. Rates were higher (around 70 per cent) among those who had intercourse plus manual stimulation, or intercourse plus cunnilingus".
Which explains why:
"women having sex with women were more likely to reach orgasm at their last encounter (76 per cent)"
I took some time to glance through the report and some of the stuff was quite interesting as well as having some significant items missing.

While there was plenty of mention of cunnilingus as an aid to orgasm, there was no mention of analingus. There was mention of "Did he stimulate your clitoris or vaginal area with his hand?" there was no question such as "Did he stimulate your anus with his hand?" I don't know about other girls but M is quite capable of having an orgasm from anal stimulation alone (although she does prefer for some fucking to be thrown into the mix ;)

Another interesting quote goes:

It was more common for men to report manual stimulation of their female partner and cunnilingus than for women to report receiving such stimulation
Does this mean the guy went down on the woman but she didn't notice??

There is a table that shows the 64 possible combination of sexual practices covered by the survey. I was a bit shocked to discover that my normal encounters with M falls into the far end of the curve. Our encounters normally cover "vaginal + anal + fellatio + cunnilingus + manual (man) + manual (woman)" plus a few more things thrown in for good measure.

Mind you, M & I have yet to be in the situation where she hasn't had an orgasm when we have made love. Indeed, we haven't had a situation where she hasn't failed to orgasm again and again.
I love multi-orgasmic woman.



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