Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ho Hum

Following on from that Friday night adventure I detailed here I met up with girl in question this week for a coffee. We both live in the same area of Edinburgh, know the same people and our kids go to the same schools. Any sort of illicit liaison would be very difficult for us to keep under wraps and this is nub of the matter. We decided that it was best if we didn't continue.

We fancy each other like mad but we are both (reasonably) happy with our current domestic arrangements. There is an old saying that you shouldn't shit in your own back yard and starting an affair would be just that.

There would be too much risk of someone finding out and the word getting back to our respective spouses, something that neither of us want to happen.

Playing away from home where there is no chance of being found out is fine but it's just too risky otherwise. So, with a short but passionate kiss, we ended our "relationship". That isn't to say that I don't still have feelings for her or she for me. If the opportunity arose where we were placed in a private situation with little or no chance of being discovered then it's pretty clear that a bit of rumpy pumpy would be on the cards.

She is, without a doubt, an incredibly sexy woman. I can still feel her lips encircling my cock that night in the garden, I can still feel her finger probing my ass, I can still feel my fingers in her pussy as she came and, it goes without saying, that I would really, really love to fuck her.

She is probably one of the few women that I could fall head over heels in love with, enough so that I would leave my partner. There have been very few of these. Apart from her, I can only think of one other, but that's a tale for another time.




Easily Aroused said...

Evidently, your marriage doesn't give you all that you desire, and the encounter with this woman at the party seems to have highlighted the insufficiency.

As I read your post, the real danger to me wasn't that of potential discovery. It was that you appear to have emotional as well as sexual longings for her. If you were both committed to the concept of a solely physical relationship, it would be pretty easy to say: "Life's too short to waste time feeling like you're missing out. Find a discreet way to fuck each other's brains out." But the combination of "...we are both (reasonably) happy with our current domestic arrangements" and "She is probably one of the few women that I could fall head over heels in love with, enough so that I would leave my partner" suggests more fundamental longings than the merely sexual.

In any event, I do empathise with you. Good luck.

Edinburgh Erotica said...

Thanks for that.


PussyTalk said...

If there is any way NOT to feel emotional attraction, or to turn it off once you do, I'd love to hear about it.

DTG xxoo