Monday, July 23, 2007

Tagged: Seven Things

The lovely Juno tagged me so I felt I should oblige. So here are seven random things about me.

  • I prefer to wear reasonably tight shorts during the day but loose boxers at night.
  • I really want to try anal sex but my cock just won't fit in M and there is no way my wife would let me anywhere near there.
  • The longest that I've gone between having an erection and ejaculating is 1 hour 50 minutes. My cock didn't go soft the whole time. This was a a good few years ago. I can still manage that sort of time but do tend to occasionally droop ;)
  • I really am a dot com (or dot co uk) millionaire having co-founded a dot com in the late 90's that survived the crash.
  • I love my wife dearly but I feel no guilt about sex with other people.
  • A darker secret (there has to be one), my younger brother once caught me masturbating when I was fifteen. Neither of us have mentioned it since, and I don't intend to.
  • I really wish I'd discovered anal play years and years ago. It's such a wonderful complement to masturbation and sex. Lots of fun if someone is helping.




Juno Henry said...

A dot com millionaire...? Hmmm. You're suddenly even more irresistible than you already were... lol...

I jest. How could you be *more* irresistible?

Btw, some tips in re anal sex and thickness:
1. You can never use too much lube.
2. Relaxation, and de-stressing are essential.
3. Even more essential -- if possible -- is arousal. Check out Always Aroused Girl's more recent posts for some tips M might like to follow in order to smooth things along, anally. If you follow me.. ahem..

You did great, EE.

Juno x

Bunny said...

I so totally agree with your last one. I also wish I had discovered anal play sooner. I'm 39 and only started playing this year (with my partner-in-crime [PIC], my husband would never go there) and wow, oh wow, do I like it. It's a first for PIC and me and we're like kids with a new toy! We're hesitantly approaching anal sex, but planning to use lots and lots of lube. He's rather thick, but I think the apprehension is part of what makes it so hot. Getting horny just thinking about this . . .

Rae said...

I'm still fairly young still, but anal completely intrigues me too--I haven't tried it much, because I'm sometimes a bit ambiguous about it, but I look forward to it greatly! :-)

love the blog by the way...i'm new to it