Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I was having a protracted email conversation with a friend the other day and we were bemoaning the fact that she was in US and I was in the UK. The main problem was not the physical distance but the time difference. Here was I just about to finish work and she had just arrived. By the time I was at home, relaxing, it was only lunchtime for her.

Its even worse when you try to communicate with someone in Australia. Then it's the opposite. When my Ozzie friends are up and about, I'm asleep or starting work.

Occasionally, our times do get into sync, normally because one or the other of us isn't at work and is able to be at home, and more importantly, online at a time when we are both reasonably awake.

I like to chat to people and find out what the think and feel. In this persona (and I do have a non-anonymous online life too) I must admit that online conversations are of a slightly sexual nature. Face it, with a nym like EdinErotica what do you expect. I'm a very sensual creature, I like to be aroused, I like to be stimulated, I like to fuck and be fucked.

I quite like "cybersex" but only if their is a visual element involved. I like to see who I'm turning on and who is turning me on. Obviously, having a webcam running at work is a bit tricky but at home it's much more convenient ;)

Chatting without visuals can be very stimulating, you can let your imagination run wild as your partner describes what they are doing and what they want to do but you have to be careful though and be sure that you know who you're chatting with. The t-shirt slogan of "I'm the 18 year old you had cyber with" worn by a fat 30 year old nerd is very true. I always make every effort to see who I'm having sex with. Not that a web cam is always on, but I like to know that the other person is at least of the same sex as they claim to be.

Only on very rare occasions have I found someone in the same timezone as me and that I have felt enough of a connection to get down and dirty online. Contrary to popular opinion, I don't think exclusively with my cock. Just because someone flashes their tits at me on a web cam doesn't mean I'll necessary get my cock out and start wanking to their instructions. I have to actually fancy the person I'm chatting to, there has to be a level of mental connection before that will happen and, believe me, it makes an encounter much more exciting.

It's been a couple of months since this last happened. A girl that I'd been exchanging the odd email with pinged me late one night just as I was about to go and have a shower. She was just back from a night out with some friends and, while not drunk, was in the mood for some fun.

We flirted for a bit, just chatting. She was telling me about a guy she'd met in the pub but failed to get off with. She told me how she'd bruised her arm on the way home and I offered my sympathy. She switched on her web cam to let me see it. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. She re-positioned the camera so that I could see her face, she was no super model (I know she'll read this and those were her words) but she was a very pretty brunette.

She had changed after getting in and was sitting there in a t-shirt and sweats and I could see she had a very nice body. Of course, I complemented her on her appearance saying how nice she looked, even with the bruised arm. She asked me to put on my camera so, after a bit of fiddling around, I managed to get it switched on and, much to my surprise, working. We had sound and vision. It had been a while since I'd actually talked to someone online and I was surprised at how good the quality was and the video was pretty good as well.

As I was said, when she'd pinged me, I had been heading off to the shower so I was only wearing my robe and pair of boxers. She made a couple of jokes about how sexy I looked wrapped up in the big robe and I said it wasn't as bad as her old sweats!! I did notice that her nipples were starting to rise to prominence under her t-shirt and asked her if she was a bit cold. At first she didn't understand what I meant until she glanced down. Her hands instinctively went up to cover herself as I giggled with her. Instead of letting go of herself, she glanced at the camera and started to rub her boobs. Her nipples seemed to swell even more and, as she pulled her t-shirt tight, looked as if they would burst through the material. I gasped at the sight and said how wonderful they were and, half jokingly, asked if I could see more.

Now I was expecting her to maybe flash a boob or two at me but instead she stood up, turned round and dropped her sweats! The sight of her lovely round cheeks almost filled my monitor screen as she bent over, her purple lace shorts hugging tightly to every contour.

She turned back round and sat down again. She asked if I liked what I'd seen. Of course, I said yes and complemented her on a magnificent sight. She pushed her chair back a bit so that I had a view of her whole body from her bare feet to her dark brown hair. She said that I was obviously enjoying the sight. I asked her what she meant and saw her eyes glance down. I looked down and saw that my robe has slipped open a bit and my cock was bulging in my boxers. I covered myself quickly and started to apologize but she stopped me, insisting that it was OK. She said that that was the whole point. She'd seen the pictures of my cock online and wanted to see it for herself. She said she wanted to see me poking out from my shorts, she wanted to see it getting hard, she wanted to see me cum.

As she was saying this, she lifted her legs, sitting cross legged on the chair. Her hand stroked her thighs. Her hand slowly rubbed the front of her panties. She was looking slightly off camera as her eyes focused on what I assume was my image on her monitor. Her fingers slowly pulled aside her panties and I could just see a finger slip inside her. Of course, this was having the desired affect on my manhood and I leaned back in my chair to display it poking through the fly of my boxers. I quickly slipped them off so that I was sitting with my legs apart and my cock lying against my stomach.

She smiled at me as she slipped off her t-shirt to display her gorgeous, firm boobs, her nipples as lovely and large as I'd imagined. As she continued to stare at the screen, I could see her stroking herself harder and harder. She stood up and pulled her panties down. As she was quite close to the camera, her pussy filled the whole screen. It was covered in very dark, short, curly hair, her lips just visible. A hand appeared in the frame and slid down over her. A finger disappeared inside her, re-appeared and then slid inside again. She sat down again and started to play with herself some more. She asked me to start on myself.

I took myself in hand and started to stroke, pulling back my foreskin to expose the glistening glans beneath. We sat there for a few minutes just admiring the sight of the other playing with themselves. I watched as she slid two finger into herself, curled upwards so that she could rub against her g-spot. She watched as I stroked myself with one hand and rubbed my cock-head with the other.

I could see by her face when she was ready to cum. She was flushed, the redness spreading down her neck to her breasts. Her breath was coming in gasps, her hand clamped over her pussy just her fingers twitching as she brought herself to a climax. Her eyes hardly left the screen, watching as I wanked to the sight of her wanking to the sight of me wanking. I had both hands clasped around my cock, rubbing up and down, one hand occasionally squeezing my balls.

When she came, her knees came together and her feet rose into the air. Her thighs were clasped around the hand covering her pussy, squeezing every last bit of pleasure out of her orgasm. It's an incredibly beautiful sight, seeing a woman cum. It doesn't matter what they physically look like, every woman is beautiful when they cum and she was no exception.

She looked at me and started to say how she would have much preferred to have my cock inside her as she came instead of just her fingers. I was in no mood to talk, my own release fast approaching, I just nodded as my hands worked on my cock.

She was licking her lips and sucking her fingers as she gave me encouragement, telling me to go faster, then slower. Telling me to rub a hand over myself, to pull back my foreskin as far as it would go. Soon, I couldn't hold out any longer and paused on the final down stroke as I came. My cum spurted out, covering my chest with the hot sticky liquid, one drop even reaching my chin, the rest oozing through my fingers and running down over my balls.

We chatted a little bit more, both of us sitting naked in front of our screens. We both find the situation a bit funny, but it beats looking at porn any day. A real, live partner is better than a porn star any day, even if you can't physically touch them. That mental link is all important, and makes the experience worthwhile.

So, back to the point of this post.

Anyone want to chat?




MM said...

Glad to hear from you again!! Enjoyed this post very much, and agree it entirely... Very horny story too.

Bunny said...

Oh wow. That got me pretty worked up and I wasn't even there!

It's the connection, whether mental or physical (or preferably both), that makes it work.

single gal said...

What a cheeky boy!

Shay said...


That's so true, it is so much sexier cybering with a real person rather than just watching/reading porn.
... unless their typing is atrocious, but I'm sure your partners never have that problem with you ^_~

Richard said...

A very cool and erotic story!

Anonymous said...

check out the website www.imvu.com Still need imagination, but it makes it better!

Miss Honey said...

It is a sexy thing to connect with someone. The hearing of a voice, the visual, and the mind is so very powerful can make that sexual exchange wonderful.

Love reading of this.