Sunday, October 23, 2005

Tricky Situation

So, exactly what is the etiquette when you are at a dinner party with your wife, your lover and her husband? This tricky situation is one I'll have to figure out before next Friday as that is exactly what is going to happen.

My wife announced last week that she was going to invite M and her husband round for dinner with a couple of other friends. I didn't have time to speak to M to pre-warn her that this was going to happen. The wife called her and the invite was accepted of course, what alternative did M have. She could hardly say "No, we can't come because I'm fucking your husband", could she?

I think that the most important thing is that we both stay relatively sober, no drunken fumbling in this situation. When it all started, we only realized each others longing due to drink removing our inhibitions. This time, that can't be allowed to happen, we have to act normally as if nothing untoward is going on between us.

I think the best situation would be if we can meet up that day and, basically, fuck each others brains out but, as her husband will be around, I don't see that being possible. Probably the most I can hope for is a cold shower before dinner to make me control my urges.




Anonymous said...

You'll just need to keep a stiff, er, upper lip...

Easily Aroused said...

It should certainly make for a delicately poised evening...


Zeppellina said...

Hey Edinburgh..!!

This sounds like more than just the company of Mrs Palm and her five lovely daughters.......!!!

Tricky situation!

But I`m sure you`ll enjoy it nonetheless!