Monday, October 17, 2005

Anatomy of an affair

I've been thinking a lot of why I am having such a good time with M. Apart from the really good sex that is.

And the sex really is that good. It's the best I've ever had in my life. We are doing things to please each other that neither of us has done on a regular basis with a partner before. Oh, there were a few occasions in the dim and distant past where some experimentation took place, but never this all encompassing freedom to explore each others bodies in ways that we never imagined we would enjoy.

Last week, we managed to meet up for most of an evening and just enjoyed one another for a couple of hours with no need to rush back home. I had some nice arousing massage oil which I took great pleasure in rubbing all over M's body leading to some seriously slippery coupling :)

She returned the favour to me as I felt the tensions of the days work just melt away under her gentle caress. She slowly caressed my cock with her hands as her nimble tongue flicked over the tip and started to slip her finger into my ass. This sensation was incredible although it would have been better if she didn't have such long fingernails!!

When, towards the end of the evening, I finally came inside her, the release was incredible. With my cock deep inside her sweet pussy, her pert nipple in my mouth, my finger in her ass, her finger stroking mine, our orgasms coming at nearly the same time.

A few minutes later, as we were recovering, her phone rang. It was her husband calling to let her know he'd reached Paris OK. It was really weird to watch her standing there naked, our cum glistening on her scant pubic hair, talking to her husband as if nothing unusual was happening. I was tempted to go over to her and start licking her out but I decided that would probably not be a good idea.

This brings me to the point of this post, why is an affair so different from sex with ones regular partner or spouse?

In my opinion its mainly to do with the fact that you are leaving all the normal baggage of life behind you. You aren't concerned about the shopping, the bills, the mortgage, how the kids are doing in school or any of that other day-to-day crap that clutters up your life.

In our situation, we do talk about these things (as they relate to our "real" lives) but they don't create hang-ups or tension. In fact the opposite is true. We can go from talking about my wife's eating problems or her husbands financial problems to giving each other head in about 30 seconds or less. It's sex and pleasure that are the two most over riding aspects of our relationship. And it is a relationship now, it's not a fling or a one-night stand. As someone commented, the emotional side is fully there, I don't think we could enjoy ourselves so much if we didn't care a lot about each other. We both love each other but we also both still love our partners. I'm not sure if we are "in love" in the accepted sense of the phrase but even if we were that doesn't mean either of us is going to jump ship. We both have too much invested in our other relationships to do that.

We'll continue to meet, fuck, suck, finger, fellate, probe, stroke, caress and generally enjoy our bodies.



peter said...

What I find interesting about your situation is the willingness to be in another relationship rather than seeking more partners to heighten the experience. Personally I have taken the route of using an escort service (i.e. girls from the same agency) to add variety but consistency. Your writing is always entertaining however so don't let me get in the way!

CorporateSlaveMonkey999 said...

I wouldn't know, but I suppose what makes affairs exciting is that it's something new. I can't help but remember in past relationships with other girls, the first time we would have sex. It was the greatest because we were both so new to each other. Maybe that has something to do with it, who knows? Good story, though.