Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pubic Survey

A correspondent of mine in the Netherlands sent me this picture. It is supposed to show the results of a recent survey into how woman in the Netherlands style their pubes.

My dutch isn't quite up to translating the labels but I'm glad that only 4.4% have gone for the burst mattress look :)



[edit] Thanks to Roerganger for supplying the translations (see comments).


Roerganger said...

Let me help you out:
29,5% full wax
23,4%: runway
22,5%: triangle
16,7% natural, trimmed
4,4% natural
1,1% other
1,1% dot on the i
0,7% moustache
0,6% shape

AsianRain said...

Check out this one... talk about NATURAL!

Hehe... AR+

rob said...

nice one.
but realistic ?

Sleepy said...

Hah! Sprung mattress, what an apt yet gross way to describe that condition :) Kudos

Danny said...

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