Monday, September 15, 2008

We don't plan to stop.

We both go a long way to ensure that neither of our partners knows what we get up to during those long lunches. I've written a couple of times about M always insisting that we don't get together unless her husband is away, preferably out of the country. However, whenever we go to a party which M & her husband are attending, I have that nagging feeling that her husband knows and will casually ask, "Are you fucking my wife?". M recently said she feels the same way about my wife. I don't really feel any guilt about having an affair with M and neither does she. For the last three years we have been very clear to each other that we are lovers, fuck buddies if you like, not a couple. There is no intention to eventually leave our respective partners and be "together". While we both have issues with our partners, nothing is serious enough to cause an irrevocable split.

That's what it boils down to really, we are into this for the fun of the moment, not a long term "relationship". At the moment, we have every intention to keep this up for as long as we are both capable. We'll both worry about the others partner finding us out, not because we think what we are doing is wrong but because we don't want to hurt anyone. Now you may say that the only way to guarantee this is to stop and that's true. It isn't going to happen though :)

We recently had a little tryst where M brought her camera. She wanted a little souvenir that could "entertain" her when she was alone in bed. I'm still debating whether or not to post any of the photos here, what do you think of this little taster?

This shows why we don't plan to stop seeing each other.




Anonymous said...

Oh that was fantastic, so sensual. Thanks so much. I have been following your blog for a long while and am glad to see you posting more regularly.

Anonymous said...

good to see you back - you should post the photographs

Gordon said...

Like others, glad to see you back.

Why not post the photos? I would like the see them certainly.

Anonymous said...

Did your lover approve of your decision to post the footage of you together? Or was that a unilateral choice on your part?

Edinburgh Erotica said...

She approves, wholeheartedly :)



single gal said...

very saucy photo.

Anonymous said...

lovey video, you are a lucky guy, she's a dream

EmpressNicole said...

Wish I was there even as a fly on the wall!!

Sissy Feminization said...

How exciting, i will certainly take a look at the new blog!