Thursday, May 10, 2007

I really shouldn't drink

Last weekend, I went down to London to attend the leaving do of a colleague. He had been with us for a long time so the event was quite big, lots of the people from our London office were attending, many of who I didn't know very well as our company had expanded a lot over the last year or so.

The drinks flowed very freely that night and everyone was having a great time. I spent the evening chatting with those I know and getting to know those I didn't. One girl in particular, Emma, attracted my interest and as the evening progressed we found ourselves talking more and more. As the event drew to a close she said she was off to meet her partner and invited me to join them in the pub. It was either that or go back to my hotel room so I accepted and we headed to the pub together.

In the pub, we met her partner, Jack, a really nice guy who I immediately hit it off with. He was a bit of a geek himself so we chatted away about this and that. We were all getting a bit drunk and weren't ready to stop when the pub closed. Jack suggested we continue back at their place, he had some weed at home and that's something I can never resist. He helped Emma to her feet and we staggered out of the pub and into a taxi.

We all sobered up a bit by the time we got to their place, and Emma headed into the kitchen to make some coffee and get us all a whisky. Jack and I headed to the sitting room to get a spliff together. We sat there enjoying the coffee and whisky as the spliff was passed between us, the alcohol and the weed mellowing us out. Emma and Jack were sitting together on the couch whispering sweet nothings to each other and I was sitting on the floor just enjoying the atmosphere. Jack popped out to get some more drinks and Emma came and sat beside me. As she knelt beside me and chatted, her hand brushed against my thigh. I didn't think much of this until I felt her hand sliding further and further up my thigh until it was almost resting on my crotch. I asked her if she knew what she was doing and, in reply, she leaned over and kissed me. I gently pushed her away saying that Jack could be back any minute. She said that it wasn't a problem and kissed me again. My resistance wasn't very high and I felt myself responding to her tongue probing against my lips, my own flicking against hers. Then she stopped.

She got back on the couch as Jack came back into the room, he passed out the drinks and sat beside her. I lent back to enjoy the booze, wondering what the hell had just happened. I excused myself to go off to the loo to relieve myself of the evenings booze thinking that it was probably timer to make my excuses and leave. I came back into the room and was confronted with the sight of Jack and Emma cuddling on the couch her blouse unbuttoned down to the waist and one of her quite magnificent boobs released from her bra, her nipple responding to Jacks fingers. I started to say that it was time for me to leave when Emma jumped up and pushed me down on the couch beside her partner. She then knelt down in front of us both and placed a hand on each of our crotches and said those fateful words "I want you both".

I wasn't sure what to do, my mind raced as I tried to decide what to do. Should I say no and leave or should I just go with it. I glanced at Jack and he smiled at me, welcoming me to a new party. Well, I was quite drunk and you can guess what the easiest choice was. In the mean time, she had undone doth of our zips and undone our belts. Her hand slipped into my boxers and pulled out my rapidly hardening cock her other hand doing the same to Jack. Her thumb played over the head of my cock , pulling back my foreskin. Her mouth descended towards my cock, a quick glance towards Jack before her tongue came in contact with me. Her lips wrapped themselves around my cock sucking gently on me, her hand still working on Jack's cock at the same time.

Jack got up and went round behind her. He took off her blouse and then pulled off her skirt. I had a magnificent view of her back and her bum. Jack pulled down her panties and bent down to start licking her pussy. He pulled on a condom and slid himself into her. Her mouth tightened on me as his cock slid deep into her pussy. Her strokes on my cock matching his strokes into her pussy. Jack leaned back, his cock staying in her pussy as she went back with him. I stood up, trying to keep my cock in her mouth without success. She turned over so that she was lying onto of Jack, fucking him slowly. I knelt down beside her and presented my cock for some more pleasure. What happened next was a surprise to say the least. Instead of Emma taking my cock in her mouth, Jack did the honours instead. At the time I was too shocked to do anything but let his mouth envelope my cock while Emma licked my chest. He was almost as good as she was, if anything my cock got larger in his mouth than it did in hers.

Emma climbed off jack lay down on the couch. Jack grabbed my cock and guided me down towards her. I quickly pulled on a condom and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She gasped in pleasure as I penetrated her for, while I was only a little bit longer than Jack, I was quite a bit thicker. Her mouth opened as his cock approached it. Instead he guided it towards mine. I had to make a very quick decision and decided that it would be rude not to return the complement. I opened my mouth and Jack's cock slipped in. Looking back, it was a strange sensation but not an unpleasant one. He tasted mostly of Emma with a salty under taste. I got quite into it if truth be told. I squeezed his balls while I licked the length of his cock, my own cock pounding into Emma. Her gasps were getting heavier as her orgasm approached and finally came. Both Jack and I were close to cumming as well. The three of us stood together kissing each other. She had a cock in each hand wanking us both furiously as we got closer and closer to our own explosions. Jack came first and I came soon afterwards. Our cum splattering over the three of us, Emma rubbing herself against us both, spreading the hot cum over our bodies. We all flopped down onto the couch, the three of us taking turns to kiss, the taste of all our juices intermingling in our mouths.

Eventually, it was time for me to leave them to themselves and head back to my hotel. I kissed them both again at the door and headed off to get a cab.

Later, lying in my hotel room, I had time to ponder on the nights events. Obviously, it was not how I'd intended to spend my time but it was exceptional fun. A threesome was awesome enough, a first for me. It was a dream come true, Emma had a lovely body and was a very enthusiastic love maker and the addition of Jack into that mix was an added bonus. When Jack wrapped his hand around my cock and took me into his mouth the pleasure level rose to a new high. While I love having my cock sucked, it's never been done by a guy. It wasn't any better than a woman but just the fact that it's a guy doing it made it much more exciting. When he presented his cock to me I just couldn't resist taking it. I'd rarely even seen another guys erect cock before, let alone touched it. Taking it in my mouth was an experiment that, fortunately, payed off. The taste was amazing, the taste of Emma's pussy juices mixed with his own pre-cum was an arousing mixture, making my own cock swell even more inside Emma's pussy. Watching as Emma jerked him off, the cum squirting from his cock and then doing the same to me still makes my cock stiffen, even now.

Will the experience be repeated? I just don't know. Emma and I have chatted a couple of times since, mainly to say thank you to each other. She and Jack had enjoyed the experience as much as I had. It wasn't the first time they had done it but wasn't something they did very often. I won't be in London for a while so I won't be tempted by them. Would I want to do it again? I think the answer to that is a resounding yes.




Vanessa said...

Damn. How could you know this is one of my favorite fantasies? STOP getting in my head. No really. Don't MAKE me come up there.

Al Sensu said...

Now, that's really going with the flow.

Kell said...

!!!! *swoon*

LOVED this tale!

Vanessa, same here! Great minds, etc. :)

Her said...

Oh, tres bien. Delectably hot.

Tara Tainton said...

If this happened every time I drank a bit, I'd become a heavy drinker. :)

Great story! Even better scenario. ;)


MM said...

Wonderful story. You lucky b*stard ;-) This is one of my all time fantasies.

Will you discuss it with M? If so I'd love to hear her reaction...

single gal said...

wow, hot.
really, damn hot.

Sydney Anonymous said...

Wow. Incredibly hot story!

WickedBlog said...

This is great-- thanks...

Anonymous said...

You *really* love your cock, don't you?