Sunday, July 02, 2006


It has always been a fantasy of mine to watch two girls make out, whether as a prelude to making love to them or just as a voyeur. This is, I assume, a standard male fantasy (and for some females too).

I guess that these thoughts do sink into the subconscious as I had the very erotic dream the other night.

The receptionist in the next office to mine is a cute little blonde girl, C, with the most fantastic slim body. Her breasts are small and pert, her bum, small and tight, usually enclosed in nice tight jeans or nice short skirt. I've sometimes seen her bending over in the kitchen to get to the fridge and seen the beautiful way her thong rides up exposing her lovely bum cleft over her low slung jeans. She as occupied quite a few of my masturbatory fantasies.

In my dream I had arrived at the flat to meet M. I was surprised to hear noises coming from the lounge as I hadn't expected M to be there already. I peaked round the door to see M and C sitting on the couch with their arms around each other, passionately kissing. I watched as their hands started to wander over each others bodies, caressing gently. C started to play with M's full breasts, lifting up her t-shirt to expose her unfettered loveliness, her mouth descending to lick and suck each nipple in turn. M's hand rode up C's bare leg to stroke her pussy through the wet material of her panties, pulling them aside to slip a finger deep inside her, sliding in and out, licking the wetness from her finger tips.

By this time I was sitting in an armchair, naked, my cock slowly hardening in my tight grasp. Both girls were now naked. M was sitting with her legs wide apart; C was kneeling on the floor with her head buried between M's thighs, her tongue gently lapping on her pussy, M holding onto her head pushing C against her, moans of pleasure escaping her open mouth. They changed position so that they could both give oral pleasure to the other. From my vantage point I could see M lapping on C’s lovely pussy, her bum high in the air, M's hands clutching her cheeks, pulling them apart to reveal the most gorgeous little bum hole, M's tongue flicking against it as C moaned and moaned with pleasure. The images in my dream kept flicking to the girls in different positions. One minute they are in the '69', the next they are lying side by side, their legs intertwined, their pussies rubbing against the others thigh. Next they are in the scissors sisters position; their juices mingling and glistening in the light. Finally, C is lying on top of M, rubbing their mounds together, their grinding becomes more and more frantic as they reach another climax. Both girls collapsed against each other as their orgasms exhausted them, gently stroking each others breasts as they get their breath back.

They both glanced over at me, their eyes resting on my rampant cock covered with the pre-cum I had been rubbing with as I'd watched them. C crooked a finger to wave me over, a wicked smile playing on her lips, whispering something in M's ear. I stood up and approached them as they disentangled themselves.

M knelt down before me and placed a hand on my cock, stroking it before she took me full into her mouth. I glanced up to see C bending over the arm of the couch, her pussy wet and inviting. M slipped me out of her mouth and guided my cock into C's waiting slit, her hand cupping my full balls as I slid in and out of the tight pussy.

The image of two girls working on my cock was almost too much to bear and had soon reached the point of no return. My cock started to twitch and M pulled me out of C just as I started to cum; the hot, sticky liquid spurting over C's bum and back.

It must be obvious to any lesbian or bi girl reading this that I don't have a clue as how a real female couple make love. As with most men, it is something outside my realm of experience and the only 'information' on the subject has come from girl-girl porn which is, normally, aimed at men. While I'm sure that this is a fantasy share by many men, the prospect of taking on two women at once is rather scary; one is normally more than enough, especially if they are as demanding as M usually is.



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Anonymous said...

You are right. That is a typical male fantasy... as a male, I can attest to that. However, I disagree that the idea of two is scary. I fantasize about eating pussy and having a woman cum on my face, while another is riding me until I orgasm inside her.



ZigZagMan said...

no disrespect, and hats off to you if you can pull it off...........but fantasizing your mistress, another gal,and addin to your plate........very full plate friend


funny sparky said...

I love to be with another woman while my man watches...this is described very well BTW....

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

HawrHawr I saw yer gallery. God bless you.