Saturday, April 15, 2006

Shooting Blanks

Yesterday, I received some really good news in the mail. It was a letter stating that my second sperm test had come up negative and, therefore, my vasectomy was successful. From now on I will, officially, be shooting blanks.

At my age, this is very important. I already have all the children I want and the thought of an accidental pregnancy fills me with dread. On those rare occasions when I make love to my wife, we use condoms. M has a coil fitted so with her it's the wonderful feeling of going bareback. Neither is 100% proof though. In the last six months M has had two scares where she has been late. Thankfully these have both been just scares, and anyway, that should be a thing of the past.

I must say though that one of the best things about our lovemaking has been the fact that we don't have to use condoms. Obviously, we were both 100% sure that there was no reason to use them before we started on the exploration of each other bodies. This turned out to be a great boon to our style of lovemaking.

One of the problems I've always found with condoms is that once they are on you feel you've got to use it, especially if you only have the one. I like to take my time when I fuck. I like to bring a girl to orgasm many times during an assignation. From first kiss to when I come can take up to an hour if we are feeling energetic. I like to break off for a cuddle, or to stroke her breasts, or finger her pussy and her bum while passionately kissing her. During these "rest" periods my cock will soften a little, a situation that M soon resolves with her hand or her mouth. I can tell when she is about to take me in her mouth. She ties her hair back so that I can see her soft mouth slide over the head of my cock, her tongue running over the head, licking my juices. Her finger squeezing and stroking my balls. No matter how flacid I may have been before this my cock is soon back in erect, throbbing state, ready and willing to plunge inside her to bring M to another thigh quivering orgasm. You can see why a condom is impractical in this sort of situation. Unless you are willing to use three, four or more then they are a bit of a hindrance.

I should stress here the importance of using condoms if you are going to fuck someone you are not completely and absolutely positive is not going to give you some nasty disease or get pregnant. Having green smelly ooze dripping out of the end of your cock is not a pleasant thing to contemplate, neither is the unexpected arrival of a sprog.

On that pleasant note...



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