Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fun is difficult

Texting has now moved onto email. I set M up with a Gmail account so that we can email each other without any trail being left on our corporate email networks and without the expense of text messages (which also appear on my work phone bill).

I've seen her quite a bit this week but always in situations where there are other people around who know us so we have had to be very careful not to act any differently than normal. This is getting to be very hard for us both, we are desperate to meet alone in a private place where we can talk without fear of being disturbed or discovered.

This has proven to be extraordinarily difficult. My place is out as my partner is in most of the day, her place is out as her partner works from home. We both have children who are liable to come home from school at random times. What do we do?

luckily, my brother has a flat (apartment) in the centre of town that is empty. He lives abroad and is only back for a few weekends a year. I have the keys as I'm supposed to check on the flat every week or so to make sure everything is OK.

Perfect solution. I, nervously, suggested to M the possibility that we could meet up there and I was very pleased when she immediately said "Yes!!".

So, tomorrow is the day. I popped into the flat today to turn on the heating, make sure that the spare room was made up, bought some chocolates and champagne. I finally made sure that the shutters were closed enough so that we can't be seen by anyone passing by.

We are both quite nervous about the whole thing. Seeing someone naked for the first time can be quite daunting. Being seen naked for the first time is very daunting. Making love with someone else without the excuse of being drunk is a big step to take and there is no guarantee that either of us will b able to "perform" at the time but I intend to give it my best shot.



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Easily Aroused said...

Good luck with your adventure...