Friday, May 13, 2005

London Architecture

I travel to London about once a month for meetings and stuff. My companies head office is down there and they do sometimes actually need my physical presence.

Over the last year or so I've watched the appearance of the Swiss Re Tower in the city. This building, for some reason nicknamed "The Gherkin" always raises a smile. The reason? I don't think that Gherkin is a very apt name. I think it should be nicknamed "The Giant Butt Plug"!!

Just look at this comparison!

Swiss Re (Gherkin) & Butt Plug

Obviously, this sort of comparison is not what you might read about in architecture magazines, but can I be the only person in the world who has made this comparison?


1 comment:

Virgin Slut said...

All skyscrapers are phallic symbols, this one more so than others.

The Gherkin is an ugly name for it though, perhaps because many think it is any ugly building.

I would have called it the Torpedo.